Gratituesday: Healthy Marriage

You know you’ve been married for almost 18 years when you pull into your driveway and your heart melts at the sight of your husband dripping with sweat, with dirt under his nails, and wearing mis-matched work clothes. Hey, what could possibly be more awesome than the sight of a hard working husband, taking such good care of his family? He could be dressed all spiffy like, bringing me flowers, and I guess I’d be okay with that too. But I’m telling you – give the guy a shovel or a paint brush and my heart starts to thump.

This proves I’m an oldie-wed, but I don’t care. I love how Matt shows his care for me by doing all the “little” things that need to be done around here.

Matt and I feel very strongly that God has called us to encourage others in their marriage. We are so thankful for the marriage God has given us and would love for others to experience the same. (We also pray often for protection in our marriage and for others who are striving for a healthy marriage. Satan would love to destroy strong marriages. We’ve got to fight, friends!)

As a reminder, since we haven’t shared it here for a while, we’ve got a FREE Healthy Marriage From A to Z eBook in our Shop. We’d love for you to go download it (no strings attached!) and read through it. Feel free to share it with anyone you wish. We don’t claim to be experts. We just enjoyed sharing our hearts on the subject and put it into a free resource for you. (We finally put a link to the book on our sidebar too, for easy access!)

Praise God for marriage! He is good.

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  1. says

    Well, I’m well on my way! we’ve been wed 13 years now. Just this last week, my hubby took a day off mid-week and got some things done around the house I had merely mentioned off and on. I never begged or pressed urgency to get them done. But he was listening and wanted to show me! I can’t even tell you what cloud that put me on ;)

    Thank you for the eBook! I’ll make sure to spread the word!!


  2. says

    My husband and I will be married 20 years in September. I agree that it’s the simple yet so meaningful things that make my heart happy when I think of my husband. I’m so thankful for the hardworking, Godly man that God has placed in my life.




  3. says

    How funny… I have only been married five years and I feel the exact same way when my hard-working, carpenter, hunk of a husband comes strolling in from work! I am so thankful for my man and I am glad we have some great marriage examples in our lives! :)


  4. says

    I really enjoyed that series when you did it last year Laura. I’ve been married for 7 years and I loved learning from you and Matt. What an awesome example you both are. :)


  5. says

    I am grateful that my husband of 13 years and I began our marriage with a a strong friendship, but mostly grateful to God for slowly (slowly, because I resisted) showing me how to be a godly wife. Ten years ago I thought I had it all figured out! I’ve since learned about the beauty of submission (which was not at all what I originally thought it was) and it has strengthened our marriage immensely. I am still growing and learning and I fail (daily), but I am grateful that God has opened my eyes to His plan for marriage.


  6. says

    I know exactly what you mean : ) My husband is so diligent to mow the lawn and keep the yard looking nice. I really appreciate his hard work and willingness to do it without even being asked : )


  7. says

    Love to hear how God is working in your marriage and in your life, Laura. god has used your blog time and time again to encourage me! Thank you!


  8. says

    You guys are wonderful! You created a book for everyone, for FREE!! Thanks, now if I could just figure out how to do this on my computer….


  9. says

    Thank you for sharing this resource! I always love learning from what works in others’ marriages. Your blog is always so encouraging.


  10. says

    Blessings to you for sharing what the Lord has taught you over the years of your marriage, Laura!

    We’re almost finished with lessons for the year and are looking forward to the ease of the schedule that comes with summer (which is almost here!).

    Blessings, ~Lisa


  11. says

    I know exactly what you mean, Laura. I am more attracted to my husband of 24 years (next week!) when he’s on the tractor clearing snow from the driveway, or chopping firewood, than I am when he’s all dolled up to take me to dinner once in a blue moon. I was very lucky to find my soul mate. It takes work sometimes, but it is a worthy work.


  12. Ronnie Condron says

    I have been married for 31 years and we too try to encourage younger couples in their marriages. I followed your series on marriage last year and it was and encouragement to both me and my husband. The tenents in them are for those new married and like me married for over 30 years. I would encourage everyone to download and read that ebook. I did. Blessings to you Laura and Matt and all you do. For His Glory!


  13. says

    My husband and I will celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary this August. Looking back we have come such a long way. We have a very strong marriage now and we realize that if we do not make God the center of our marriage we will fail. God is so good!


  14. says

    With my views on marriage, I sometimes feel like I was born in the wrong era. :) I am only 24 and I often get made fun of for being a “housewife” and a stay at home mom. At the same time, many moms I know long to be able to stay at home with their babies and feel like they can’t. I am also thankful for my husband and the provider that he is. Thanks for the ebook!


  15. Pat Hoffmeister says

    I am grateful for my husband of 54+ years and the fact that he is on his 7th year Cancer free. Truly, God has blessed us.


  16. Brooke says

    Amen sister!
    I am so thankful to God for my wonderful husband! I am so thankful to God for blessing me with a husband who is spiritually and emotionally mature. I’m thankful that he works so hard for our family. I love watching him work around the house ;) We’ve been married for 8 years and I love that our love continues to grow.


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