Gratituesday: Green Grass, Wildflowers and Kisses


After a long, long, (long) winter…I really do think spring is here. 

I love being able to walk outside and breathe in the air (and not gasp because the air is so cold that it hurts)!

The grass has been yellow and asleep. After a few rains…I’m seeing more and more green grass all the time! It is as if God is painting it green with His rain!

There are blossoms on the trees!

And yesterday, Justus found two lavendar wild flowers in our yard (and picked them and brought them to me with a kiss!)!

It won’t be long now until I can get my hands into the soil and start planting my seeds!

Spring is refreshing, exciting and energizing!

I’m so grateful for the changing of seasons so that we can again be reminded (in case we have forgotten) of God’s mighty hand over nature.

(And just in case it snows again before summer…and it probably will…because I live in Nebraska…I will try to continue to be grateful!)  :)

What are you grateful for?! What’s God been doing in your life? 

Share with us here….or blog about it yourself and come back and leave a comment to let us know to come and read your Gratituesday post!

Happy Springtime!


  1. says

    YAY! I’m glad you are finally seeing some spring around there. Spring is VERY short around here – I expect it to feel like summer soon!

    Oh, and I blogged over at, but I’m not sure if it is coming across as thankful as it should! I may re-read and edit it later…


  2. Kari says

    I can’t ever seem to make it to Gratituesday on Tuesday but… I guess no one minds if I’m grateful on another day than Tuesday!

    I’m also grateful Justus’ finger cut wasn’t worse. And I’m grateful his cousin Seth didn’t crack his head open when he launched himself out of my arms while standing over concrete. I’m grateful that God, who didn’t make me with quick reflexes for sports, did make me have quick reflexes as a mom. I’m grateful that the outfit Seth was wearing was something that had a little give in it and that I grabbed him by his outfit before his head hit the concrete.


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