Gratituesday: Gardening Season Begins

I know it doesn’t look like it yet, but there will soon be lettuce and spinach in this garden plot you see here…

Talk about exciting! I didn’t even know Matt was planning to get started on our garden until he already had this space dug up and some seeds planted. With the weather being unseasonably warm for days on end, we are starting a little earlier this year.

We’ve begun making plans for the rest of our garden. Matt even found some asparagus to plant, which will be a fun new addition this year. Now we just have to work on not getting too hungry for the fresh produce while we wait for it to grow!

I’m so thankful that we have space to plant a garden – and that we were able to get started with our growing season already. Bring on the fresh salads!

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  1. Tiffani says

    Us too! I already have cucumbers coming up and we just purchased our other seed and plants today. So exciting!


  2. says

    I am working on our first garden this week! I am very excited about it, but the hubby…. well… he’s wondering where I’ll find the time. It will be nice to have something to work on while the kiddos want outdoor time!


  3. Samantha says

    We started our plants on 3/16 and my sunflowers and pea plants are already over a foot tall!! My cucumbers are about 3 inches, marigolds are about an inch, my daisies are still sprouts along with my lettuce and tomatos… I think my lettuce died since it’s been about 80 every day since then =[

    Happy Gardening!!


  4. says

    We just moved from our home into a little condo (with our three boys) and now it’s planting time! I have my seeds germinating on my kitchen counter. Wonder if we’ll have a piece of property for me to transplant them to in the near future! Ha.


  5. says

    I just planted a cucumber plant, a red pepper plant, a tomato plant and 9 romaine lettuce plants in my half barrel containers yesterday! It’s my first attempt at growing veggies and I’m super excited! I hope the squirrels leave my plants alone! :).


  6. Kellie says

    I have 2 little boxes that I’m itching to get started planting in! I have to say that I am sooo envious of that black dirt you have there! I have red, mucky clay and lots of rock. Oh, the things I could grow in that beautiful soil of yours!


  7. says

    We had most of our seeds planted and were seeing the seedlings sprout…then…the cat decided to make our square foot garden boxes his litter box! Poor seedlings! We are having to start over with plants this time. I guess when you get a new cat, you have to modify your gardening a bit. :)


  8. says

    Thanks for sharing. I love the start of a new gardening season. So much hope and expectation! I had to move my garden to the deck this year because of our huge abundance of deer.


  9. says

    I’m hoping to plant a few tomato plants and maybe some iceberg lettuce. It will be our first year, and I’m not really sure where to start, but I’ll give it my best.
    I love spring time and watching things grow, seeing baby animals born, flowers blooming and all of God’s handy work this time of year.


  10. says

    Thank you for keeping my spirit light. Every Gratituesday I am called to remember all that is good in my life. I post on FB what I am grateful for. This will be the first time that I blog it.


  11. says

    Thank you for keeping my spirit light. Every Gratituesday I am called to remember all that is good in my life. I post on FB what I am grateful for. This will be the first time that I blog it.


  12. says

    That’s awesome you will have veggies growing. We got, what I think, is our last snowfall so no planting until this weekend. :o) Thank you for the link up.


  13. mckinsey says

    For three weeks I’ve had lettuce, spinach, kale, broccoli, cabbage and onions growing. I think I’m ready to start summer veggies already! It’s so warm here in tn (already been in the 80’s several days) that I think I can start my summer garden a month early!!! Woo hoo! I love putting out a huge garden and then canning like crazy in August and September :) Makes me so so happy!


  14. says

    Just got our potato bins built. I’m a new gardener and it’s very overwhelming. Hopefully, I’ll get better. Linked up with you today.


  15. says

    I’m heading out to buy some plants today. We don’t have the sun or room for a real garden but I’m going to try shade loving herbs and see how it goes.


  16. Brooke says

    Ditto ditto ditto!
    I”m grateful to have land to plant on. We’ve got about 1/2 of our garden going so hopefully this weekend we’ll get the other 1/2 planted. :) So excited!!!


  17. says

    We’re just getting our garden going, too, but our weather hasn’t been very cooperative. Sharing about trying to keep a tradition we enjoy every year as the weather warms up.

    Thanks for hosting, Laura!



  18. says

    I’ve never been much of a gardner. I tend to have a brown thumb. But I’ve been wanting to try growing tomatoes. Have fun planting!


  19. says

    Laura, that’s great news about your garden. My husband and I are excited to get started on ours! We move the weekend after Easter and, Lord willing, will be starting a garden at our new home! I know you have probably gardened for a while now- I recently saw a documentary called “Back to Eden” and thought it was wonderful how this man gardens (! Just wanted to share :) And I am so thankful for my husband who blesses me and my goal of dressing more modestly. I felt it laid on my heart by the Lord to work on this area and my husband was fully supportive of this! – Nicole


  20. Suzanne says

    I found two asparagus coming up today. Yea!!!
    The previous owner planted our asparagus 3 years before they moved and we have been gathering it for the last six years. I understand that it lasts at least 20 years. Something truly to be thankful for :)


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