Gratituesday: First Podcast!


Yes, this is the announcement I promised was coming. We have been working very hard for the past several weeks to set up several brand new features here at Heavenly Homemakers (the  Homeschool Curriculum Share Forum and the Healthy Grocery Discount Page) but what we’ve really, really been working hard on is preparing our brand new Heavenly Homemakers Q and A Podcasts!!

It was Matt’s idea. He totally rocks.  Not only is he brilliant for coming up with the idea, but he’s spent HOURS of his (spare?) time researching software, learning software, editing and putting together our very first podcast. And by editing, I mean that beyond all of the regular cutting and pasting and splicing work it takes to put a podcast together to make it flow nicely…I say “um” way too much and he has been trying to cut as many “um”s out as possible. I love him.  Here’s hoping I (um) get better at talking into the air and recording myself so that his (um) editing work becomes much easier.

Our goal with these podcasts is to offer all of you an opportunity to hear the answers to my email questions. My inbox is always overflowing and I appreciate so much the wonderful emails you all send and the questions that come with them. If we were to make a “pie graph” of all the different areas of work it takes to make this blog run smoothly, I would say that answering emails would probably be the largest slice of pie on the graph. We figured that if I’m going to take that much time to answer questions…why don’t I answer them so that ALL of you can hear it and make my time more efficient and productive!!

I can not tell you how grateful I am that all of our dreaming and planning and work has finally come together so that today, we are able to debut our very first podcast!! God is good and we hope that this can be the first of many (weekly? biweekly?) podcasts that will be an encouragement to all of you.

And now, I am excited to introduce to you…Heavenly Homemakers Podcast One! It lasts around 12 minutes – grab some laundry to fold while you listen, or simply kick back and relax. Be sure to ignore the imperfections…we’re still in the process of getting it all figured out!

Heavenly Homemakers Podcast One

As mentioned in the podcast:  Download your free Healthy Lunch Ideas cheat sheet, print it out and keep it in a handy location in your kitchen for lunchtime help!

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  1. Dana says

    Looking forward to listening to this! Any chance it’ll be available for download on iTunes?


    Laura Reply:

    This is on our list of things to look into!


  2. Rhonda says

    Loved your pod cast Laura! What a great idea. I appreciate all the work you and Matt have put into this resource for Homemakers!


  3. Lee Ann says

    Thank you for what you do. The podcast is quite a surprise and ever so helpful for someone like me. I need to read and hear things before I get it! Thank you again.


  4. Sarah Sanders says

    I really enjoyed listening to your podcast -it made the time pass quickly as I folded laundry and helped my boys with their school! ;-) Looking forward to more! Thanks, Laura!!


  5. akuenzi says

    That was great! I just loved it!!! I am going to print out the lunch sheet and LOTS of your make ahead recipes. I was just looking into my meal planning and trying to figure out how I can make things more managable and, ok who am I kidding – easier on me! Perfect timing!


  6. says

    The podcast sounded awesome, Laura, and thank you for answering my lunch question! The Healthy Lunch Ideas sheet you put together is amazing and I already printed it out. Thanks again!!


  7. amy says

    Laura the podcast was GREAT!!! Thanks for answering my questions!!! Look forward to the next one!!
    Amy Cook (Birmingham, Alabama)


  8. says

    Thanks, Laura ~ Please pray for my hubby and daughter who are overseas with a missions trip ~ Wednesday noon (our time) is the BIG meeting they’ve been inviting 100s of 1000s of people to!!!


  9. Amie says

    It was so nice to finally hear your voice! Very helpful advice~can’t wait for the next one~Thank You for all you do!! I also appreciate the lunch ideas. I posted them on the fridge and the kids can pick what to have for lunch for the week and help with the grocery list and shopping!


  10. lcg says

    Oh, I liked your podcast a lot :} You and Matt have such nice voices…..

    Here’s my question: I have a number of people that I work with that I like to make dinner for (they are full time single moms with lots of stress and hassles in their lives). I’ve done regular chili, white chili (with fruit and corn muffins for sides) and roasted chuck roast with red potatoes and carrots in the crock pot. I like to take everything in a disposable tin container with a plastic lid. Oh, and lasagna too. Any other ideas for good foods to take for busy families (with picky little eaters)? Thanks much


  11. Sacha says

    Loved the podcast. Thanks so much. I am really looking forward to the next one. Oh, and I love your blog etc. My sister told me about it about 2 weeks ago and it has quickly become my favorite!!!!! Thanks again!


  12. elaine says

    Loved the podcast!! Thanks so much for all of your hard work. I can’t wait to print out the lunch ideas cheat sheet – lunch can get pretty mundane around here … we’re looking forward to some new ideas! Can’t wait for the next podcast!


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