Gratituesday: Everything We Need

You would think that after God has proven Himself to me over and over and over, I would have complete confidence in His ability to provide for my every need. Not once has He left me hanging. Never has He asked me to do something, and then sent me on my way with a little shove saying, “Good luck with that. Let me know how it goes.”

God is at work in our lives all the time. When we listen and are open to His calling, He will direct and show us just what He needs us to do. While we are doing it, He continues to equip us with everything we need so that we can carry out His will. Every time. Always. Without fail.

I should tattoo this message on my forehead. Do I actually think that I have to do anything without His help? Who do I think I am, anyway?

Just last week, I found myself doing what God had asked me to do for the day. All was well, right? No, because part-way through the morning I began to feel that He’d called me to do too much. People were coming and going and needing my assistance constantly. I had a deadline I needed to meet by 2pm that was hanging over my head. More people came and went. I became tired and discouraged, feeling sorry for myself as I trudged through the morning trying to get through all of the many tasks at hand.

Just at the moment I thought I might cry from being so overwhelmed, my house unexpectedly and totally cleared out. By totally cleared out, I mean that all of my company and even my own kids took off with sudden plans that would keep them busy and away from the house for five or six hours. I sure hadn’t seen that coming.

In a matter of a few minutes, my household had gone from chaos to quiet. I had the entire late afternoon and evening to myself. I took a two hour nap, had some much needed prayer time, warmed up leftovers for dinner, took a walk with Matt, and read a book.

Did God call me to work hard meeting the needs of others in an out-of-the-normal way that morning? Yes. Did He then provide rest and refreshment? Yes. Would it be good for me to remember that God always gives us just what we need so that while I’m in the midst of hard work and service to others, I can smile and be gracious instead of feeling sorry for myself and becoming overwhelmed? Yes. Yes. Yes.

God calls us to serve – with Him, not on our own. When we need guidance, He gives it. When we need rest, He gives it. When we need a peanut butter milkshake, He gives it. Oh yes – apparently I thought you might appreciate knowing that part of my afternoon refreshment time included getting out the blender and making a treat. Isn’t God good?

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    Thank you for sharing your story of doing what God wants you to do. It is so good to be consciously aware of what God would want for our day. It isn’t so easy to live it out.

    Thanks for hosting Gratituesdays today.


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    such a sweet reminder that God always gives us what we need, right when we need it! Enjoy your blog so much! linking up for Gratituesday!


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    me again….it’s so cool to see that you’re an affiate of fit2b! I am too…I love fit2b and am so thankful for all I’ve learned thru Beth Learn! God bless!


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