Gratituesday: Double Rainbow

Happy Gratituesday! Time to take just a moment to pause during all of our Funky Fresh Kitchen fun to reflect on what we’re grateful for. :)

Check out what we got to see tonight…

Matt and I have been super busy all day long. I think we kinda forgot we were supposed to take a day off on Labor Day. ;) 

When Malachi called me to the door tonight to, “Hey, come see!” I really struggled to get up from the computer to see what he was talking about. I was in “writing mode” and didn’t want to be interrupted. But, everyone else went running, and Malachi was quite insistent that, “Sorry, I know you’re working, but you should come see this.”

I made myself stop, and no doubt, I don’t regret it. How rare to see a double rainbow – and we were able to enjoy it for several minutes!

If that’s not Funky and Fresh, I don’t know what is. Go God!!

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  1. Karen says

    Gorgeous!! We had a full double rainbow at our house yesterday! (in Cheyenne, WY). I’m constantly in awe of the beauty of God’s creations!


  2. Jasmine says

    What a blessing that gentle nudge was! Imagine how easy it would have been to stay focused on your work when a silent gift was awaiting you outside. I guess God thought you needed a break ;-)


  3. kelly says

    Awesome! We, too, had a full double rainbow a couple months ago. We don’t often get to see full rainbows, or of course, doubles, so that was amazing to see!


  4. Sarah K. says

    Gorgeous! We too had the privilege of seeing a double rainbow in Ohio last night while we were eating supper. God and the beauty of his nature are so amazing :)


  5. says

    I love rainbows! I get excited when I see them because they remind me of God’s love and a promise he made long ago. I love that we can learn lessons from our children, too.


  6. says

    It is stopping to delight in those things- every gift of God- that has overwhelmed my heart with joy. It is hard to live discouraged when our eyes are open and looking for glimpses of our God everywhere. The hummingbird that visits my salvia is a daily reminder for me. How great his Love! Thank you for the opportunity to link up and give thanks and praise to our God. Blessings.


  7. Jenifer Parker says

    I’m sincerely hoping that the people who are getting water from hurricane Isaac in the general eastern part of the midwest are not having floods but the rain is falling gently and giving them hope that the drought is coming to an end. Much gratitude to God that this one was mostly rain and not so bad as it could have been.


  8. Linda says

    Beautiful rainbow picture! So glad you took the time to enjoy! Double rainbows are so beautiful. I once saw a beautiful deep rainbow while I was driving, then I noticed a lighter rainbow above it…and I knew I had to find a place to stop and enjoy it. I went to a public parking lot overlooking the lake; as I watched a third rainbow appeared over the other two, it was like God was painting the sky right before my eyes! That was so amazing! I just sat there for about 15 minutes taking in the beauty.
    Thanks for sharing!


  9. Tracy Q says

    I am so grateful for my family. We begin our very last year of home schooling today after 18 years! I am so thankful He called me to this, and that we had so many wonderful years together as a family.


  10. Katie says

    Wow! We had a double rainbow yesterday too here in Thailand. God sure does show his magnificance all over the world!


  11. Karen says

    I am grateful to have children – like you do – who are full of wonder and love to bask in the wonders of our great God. Aren’t you glad you took the time to see? I have missed a few opportunities (some still nag in my mind), and don’t want to miss any more. They grow up too fast!


  12. Sarah says

    Beautiful picture! I’ve had so many rainbow “instances” lately…God is constantly reminding of His promises! He is faithful. He is good. He is in control no matter what we are going through or particular concerns/fears we have!!


  13. says

    Thank you for the privilege of linking up again this week. I just love the thought of a Funky Kitchen Cleanup!! I hope I said that right?! I happen to be deep cleaning my house (of course, I bit off too much to chew all in one day…and haven’t reached the kitchen, yet!!)


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