Gratituesday: Date Time

Since it has been several months since I’ve taken any of my boys on a date, I decided it was time to start another round.  When I mentioned it to Matt, he asked if he could please be included in the rotation.  I can’t say I would mind that one little bit. Five dates for me with all five of my favorite men? Let me get my calendar!

Today, Malachi and I headed out for a little one-on-one.

We started our date at Pizza Hut – his choice. He’s been planning this for weeks actually. In his mind, there was no other option besides Pizza Hut for his time out with Mom. We headed there nice and early to beat the lunch crowd, which was a brilliant idea if I do say so myself. Or at least I thought it was brilliant until we got there and saw a huge chartered bus had arrived there ahead of us. And what do you suppose we found inside the restaurant? Table after table was full. And it wasn’t just any kind of full. It was the full of hungry college age boys kind of full.

I warned Malachi that the buffet might not have any pizza on it for quite a while since there were so many big eaters there. He was willing to wait. We got seated, got our water, talked about important subjects like Legos and ninjas, and we waited some more. Each time pizza would be delivered to the buffet, swarms of college boys would devour it within seconds. And so, we continued to wait. My little man was the picture of patience. Hey, when you’ve got Mom’s ear all to yourself, who needs pizza?

Well, would you believe that after about thirty minutes and the third round of pizza getting snatched up before we could even get out of our seats, one of those nice young college boys came over and introduced himself to Malachi? He told him that he’d noticed how long he’d been waiting for food and he said, “As soon as more pizza comes out, you and I will go up there and get you some.”  Sure enough, as soon as some fresh cheesy bread sticks came out, the guy hoisted Malachi up, butted in line in front of this friends and said, “Hey, let’s let this fella get some of those bread sticks, okay?”

Malachi was in such shock, he almost forgot to say “thank you”. But wow, did he devour those bread sticks. He was even nice enough to share one of them with his hungry date. :)

I was able to take another moment to thank that young man for showing my boy such kindness. I hope Malachi remembers this and shows the same kind of love to someone else someday.

It wasn’t much longer until the place cleared out and we were able to enjoy the “all you can eat” part of the buffet. Malachi decided that posing for some pictures was a great idea:

I think that in the following picture, he’s trying to show us that he finally got enough pizza and he’s thoroughly stuffed. Four bread sticks and three pieces of pizza will do that to a seven year old boy.

Next, we headed out to Wal-mart where I promised that he could have several, unhurried minutes to gaze at Lego sets.   You would have thought I had offered to take him to Legoland. No need to buy Legos. Just having the time to look at them for a long, long time was gift enough.

He’s been running up to me for hugs all day since we’ve been home. I’d say round one of five dates was a success, wouldn’t you? :)

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  1. says

    So sweet! And oh how I love one-on-one time with my kids. Your rotation idea is good! My husband and I do individual dates with our kids but we don’t have a system and sometimes I worry one child gets overlooked for too long, with the rotation it would be obvious whose turn it was.


  2. says

    I need to get back to dates with my kids. I think the summer months will be a good opportunity. It’s very encouraging to know there are some thoughtful young people out there! A buffet date is a terrific idea… it might be the only way I get a few bites.


  3. Tania says

    What a great experience. What an unusual thing for a guy to notice something like that and act on it. I mean not down on guys, but not all collage age guys are going to do something like that. Such a sweet idea to take your guys on dates!


  4. shellie deckard says

    That is so sweet! And what special memories! I do dates with my children too. Its neat to hear of another mother who does also. :)


  5. says

    I love that! What a sweet young man to come and introduce himself and help out a hungry little one! Date time sounds great. We do date night as well, by mine involves two handsome men at once since one doesn’t have a buddy to hang out with these days. Today though, I talk about gratefulness at a time when you aren’t feeling particularly grateful.


  6. Elizabeth says

    How sweet! I can’t wait to have dates with my little guy, although I am really enjoying toddlerhood right now! ;)


  7. TaraK says

    I wish you knew that college boy’s mom’s name. She would certainly love to hear of her young man’s manners!


  8. crystal garcia says

    I think thats a wounderful idea and very sweet. I have three little ones my oldest 7 the middle one 6 and my youngest ( that get lots of attention) 14months so i know the other two would love two get some time with mommy. Thank you for inspireing so many women in dedicating time for their family and striving to live our lives to the fullist and of course withe god always ahead of us may god bless you and your family every single day your always in my prayers.


  9. says

    You can not underestimate the value of 1:1 time with your kids. I get it in when I can, but with 6 kids it’s hard.

    My gratituesday today seems so shallow in comparison. I’ve been trying hard to “grow my platform” by getting more followers and viewers on my blog (which will in turn, with any luck, help me find an agent for the book I’ve written). Today might help b/c Jill Smokler of Scary Mommy picked up my piece for a guest post! I’m very hopeful that this will help.


  10. Kimberly S. says

    A million blessing to that college guy, what an awesome thing for that young man to do. And what a great lesson for your son to learn from a stranger and a young college boy to boot. I love date nights with my son. After a few months off, thank you to the reminder to get started on those again. My DH and I started them this past fall and found that the best way to keep up with them was to schedule them the month before. Then February was both our boys b-days so we skipped for that month due to parties and a special day out for our older son’s b-day (he turned 4 and our younger son turned 1) and then never schedule dates for March or April. I’ll have to remember to bring it up tonight so we can get back on track for May.


  11. Daphne says

    Wow! That was so nice of that young man to take time and notice your son waiting and help him get some much needed food! His mom taught him well! :) I’m glad you were able to enjoy such a great day with Malachi. My boys LOVE when I give them uninterupted Lego gazing time too…


  12. Erin Owens says

    what a great story! And a great reminder to take my 5 year old out. He would be absolutely thrilled with this same date!


  13. Faith says

    That was so sweet and inspiring to read. Thanks for sharing! I pray that my girls have experiences like that to remember too. God bless :)


  14. Faith says

    That was so sweet and inspiring to read. Thanks for sharing! I pray that my girls have experiences like that to remember too. God bless :)


  15. says

    Sounds like a perfect date! Pizza, Legos, and one-on-one time. Thanks for sharing with us and for the opportunity to share here, too! Blessings, ~Lisa


  16. Holly @ My Plant-Based Family says

    When our kids still lived with us we would do a weekly date so all three get in 1 date a month. Now that we only have 2 little boys at home we just have weekly, parent only date night. When our boys get bigger we will go back to kid date nights. My husband does take the 3 year old to the park for some one on one time.


  17. says

    Date night works for nanas and grandchildren too!
    One of my best friends takes each of her grandchildren out individually. It works great.

    By the way, your article today goes great with my “Doing Good” article today on NanaHood. The teenager’s kindness to your son was inspiring!



  18. says

    What a neat thing for that college student to do! I love the idea of taking the boys out on dates. I’ve got 3. :-) Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience. I agree – total success!! :-)


  19. Chloe says

    So sweet! I’m glad you had fun. I’m at college and I need to find myself one of these thoughtful men!


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