Gratituesday: Christian Radio Stations

We don’t live in a big city.  We don’t live in a heavily populated state. There are many things we just don’t have here in small town Nebraska (like crazy traffic…a Gratituesday post in and of itself). 

But something that we do have, which my family continues to be grateful for, is the option to listen to Christian radio stations. Not every small town can tune into Christian radio. We can actually get two stations to come in…and on a good day…three. :)

Not to mention that we can listen to the radio online if we want to.

To some, this little item won’t seem like a big deal. It may seem silly that I would dedicate an entire Gratituesday post to Christian radio stations. But for us, it IS a big deal. We love to have music on when we’re in our vehicles and we love that our kids love the same music we love.

I have a kitchen radio and I promise you that God uses that thing to speak right to me some days. On the occasions that I feel overwhelmed with work and dishes and schedules and life…I flip the radio on and pray for God to quiet my heart and fill me with His truths so that I will not allow myself to hear Satan’s lies about how “I’ll never get all my work done” and “There just aren’t enough hours in the day” and “I can’t keep up with all of this, what is the matter with me?”  Lies. Combated by truth. The truth that comes through Christian music.

And it’s available 24/7 right through the radio.

Sometimes I need it more than water.

And it changes my entire attitude and heart.

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  1. says

    This *IS* HUGE!!!!! We are currently living in a Christian Music Black Hole, and it hurts significantly.
    I try to stream KLOVE’s app on my iPhone in the car, but the feed cuts out all the time. I’m praying it’s God’s will to move us back to an area that doesn’t think Contemporary Christian music is “weird” SOON. Until you don’t have easy access to it, it’s easy to take for granted; so I agree that it is ABSOLUTELY worth a gratitude post!!!!


  2. Gina says

    I LOVE my Christian radio station and my CD’s. Like you said it speaks to you at the right moment. I love to have it on when I’m cooking or cleaning. Something about hearing music that praises The Lord always brightens my day!


  3. Theresa C says

    It’s a great Gratituesday post!! I too live in a small town but am blessed to have 2-3 (just like you) stations that come in. I also have a small collection of CD’s that I listen to. Oh and I have the Pandora Radio app for my phone that I use as well. That actually came in handy on vacation one night. I was thanking Jesus for it as it helped calm my 3 yr old and put her to sleep…at 2 AM!!! And yes, I love how God can speak to us thru Christian music :)


  4. says

    We dont get one consistently and even then you really have to watch what’s on it. Just music is normally fine but the ‘talking’ segments can be just as ‘off’ as regular talk radio anymore! Blessings.


  5. Hezzie says

    We support Christian Radio! Every year we give to their Fall Fundraiser. I cannot imagine my kids growing up listening to some of the stations that many other families listen to. (Can anyone say Lady Gaga?!) It’s worth every penny when I hear my children sing along to Third Day or Mercy Me.

    $$ Support your local Christian Radio station! $$


  6. says

    Amen! Amen! Amen! It is a huge BLESSING!
    Interestingly enough, we now live in the most populated state, per square mile, in the nation. Yet, I don’t often get good reception to christian radio music. That’s why I put a big playlist on my blog. We just keep the playlist going all the time. In the car? It’s usually CD’s.
    Where are we? Jersey!


  7. Liz says

    So true! I have at least 4 Christian radio stations that I can tune in easily. I will be thanking God for this today!


  8. says

    i was just driving home last night and flipping through 5 Christian station thinking how grateful i am to have so many option. By the way we live on the mountains in the middle of nowhere! :)


  9. Abbygail says

    My sentiments exactly! Since I have started listening to Christian radio full time, I have absolutely felt a change in me when things get crazy. And there is always the right song on, or the right story being told to get me through the day!


  10. Kellie says

    In our city, we have a listener supported Christian station (no paid advertisements). This past year, they were able to raise the funds to purchase a stronger signal. Now instead of getting hit or miss reception, we get a clear, strong signal everywhere we go. It is truly a blessing!


  11. says

    I love Christian radio as well. What a blessing! Thanks, Laura, for giving us the chance to remember every Tuesday how very much we are blessed!

    Please read NanaHood today and put my cousin Martha on your prayer list. She is so precious to me!



  12. cynthia says

    Thanks for this post. I would be a mess if I didn’t have such a wonderful station to listen to. We have to listen online, but as soon as school is over each day, the online station stays on all the rest of the day. I listen to the Fundamental Broadcasting Network at This is an awesome station that seeks to honor the Lord with good music and sound doctrinally preaching!! Try it some time, you’ll not regret a moment of it!!


  13. Crystal says

    This is so true! And also your comments about lies is very timely for me – I am currently reading “Lies Women Believe and the Truth that sets them free” by Nancy Leigh? Demoss – really starting to think about what is the truth! Love Christian music, even at work with the mp3. Thanks so much!


  14. says

    We LOVE christian radio. We have a listener supported station also & it is such a blessing to not have to hear all the ads. My kids don’t really even know what “mainstream” music is other than they don’t listen to it!

    It has helped to grow their faith to have GOOD music with a message available.


  15. tina says

    For those that don’t have a good Christian radio station nearby, you can always go to and create a “station” based on your favorite CCM artist.

    I also would like to recommend a great Christian talk show called Wretched Radio.


  16. Angela W says

    My friends and I were on the Carnival Splendor (the cruise ship that got stuck out at sea) we are so thankful to be home and healthy, that things weren’t worse than they were!


    Laura Reply:

    Wow! My husband told me a little about that. I’m sure you are thankful to be back from “vacation”.


  17. sharon says

    if i cant get the christian station in, we listen to old country, some of the older country stars sing inspiring messages as well. i refuse to let the kids listen to mainstream, what a way to corrupt our children!!!!


  18. says

    Our house seems to be in a radio black hole (buried in the mountains) so we don’t get much radio in our home. Thankfully, this house came with speakers built into the ceiling of our living and dining rooms! I can plug my ipod in and put my worship playlist on shuffle!


  19. says

    I am grateful for your blog which has inspired me in many new ways and is so encouraging. I am the propensity to overwhelm myself, so I am looking forward to posting each Tuesday exactly what I am grateful for as a reality check. Hopefully this little exercise will start a good habit in my daily life.


  20. Alejandra says

    I personally don’t like listening to the radio too much. I get distracted easily with all the advertising. I have a long commute to work every day so I just download sermons from pastors I like from OnePlace. It saves me time and then I can get to pause and start right back where I left of.


  21. Carol Arnold says

    I completely agree with this post! My five children were raised to the tunes and talk of Christian radio. The kids are out of the nest, but Christian radio remains my daily companion & teacher. Love it!


    Laura Reply:

    Carol, this is Matt. I was surprised to hear Nolan on a radio ad the other night. I don’t listen to that station, but one of the cooks at the restaurant does. I called him to tell him I heard him.


  22. Nicole R says

    Thank you so much for this post. Christian Radio stations are so important!! I enjoyed listening to one 24/7 where we lived previously, but now we live in an area of Canada that doesn’t have any. :( They are so important and used by God to get the gospel out.


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