Gratituesday: Broken Window


When you have children, you know there will be “incidents”. You can plan on making some trips to the ER for stitches or x-rays or casts. It’s an unfortunate part of parenting. You always just pray that nothing terribly serious happens and that the ER receptionist doesn’t know you on a first name basis because you frequently show up there with bleeding children.

Thankfully up until now, we’ve only gone in a few times for stitches…and once for croup.

And well…when I think of all the “could have beens” with our broken window last Thursday…all I can do is thank God over and over that all we had was a broken window.

All four boys were upstairs playing when suddenly Matt and I heard a tremendous crash and saw a huge amount of glass fly all over our yard. I was shocked and frozen for exactly one second before I took the steps about twelve at a time to go see what had happened and to make sure our four boys were okay. Talk about heart stopping.

Matt and I made it into the boys’ room at the same time…counted heads…all four boys were breathing, not bleeding and just fine. Well, fine if you consider being white as a sheet and shaking with fear as being fine. Compared to what could have been…a little fear and shaking was absolutely fine.

After comforting the boys, we got the story. Two of the boys were just playing and wrestling on the bed…trust me…this is an everyday occurrence. Then, one of them kicked at the window accidentally and BOOM. Out it went. He must have hit it just right.

And we’re not talking about a tiny little window. This window is about 36 inches wide by 40 inches tall. 

Our child could have flown out the window and crashed onto cement. Or glass could have slammed down and cut him severely. I can hardly breathe when I think of it.

But he didn’t even get a scratch. 

Thank you God for protecting our boys!

broken_window_oneIt’s hard to see exactly how much glass was shattered all over the place, but here’s one shot I took of the cement slab directly under the window. Picture that all over the surrounding grass and you get the idea. Matt and the boys have spent hours trying to pick up pieces, yet I don’t think we’ll be letting anyone go barefoot any time soon.

broken_window_twoThis might give you an idea of how high up they were. 
Here’s me sticking my hand out the window and waving to the boys picking up glass below.

Can I say it again? Thank you God for protecting our boys.

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  1. DorthyM says

    So glad none of the boys were hurt! We’ve had our share of broken windows–and a trip to the e/r for stitches with the last one. Nothing major tho.


  2. Hannah says

    Whew! Praise the Lord for protection! I broke a window with my elbow when I was 10 and we were having a contest to see who could leap across the area rug the furthest. I broke a window but I WON! And I thankfully didn’t need any medical attention. I love your website, Laura. Thank you for sharing yourself (and your great ideas and recipes) with us!!


  3. Kris Mays says

    I know what you mean about the wrestling, having four boys myself. Thank God no one was hurt. Maybe you can replace it with a new double paned window this time so you won’t have worries about that happening again? Either that, or you might consider bars on the windows, LOL!



  4. says

    Oh wow!
    My heart sinks to my stomach at the thoughts!
    Praise the Lord for protecting them!
    ..I’ve been worried my boys would do the same thing (and worse) and I’ve even went so far as to do preventive things around our high window. …So thankful God watches over little boys, aren’t you! ;-) Thanks be to God for His watchful eye!
    I often find myself praying; “Lord please keep your eyes on them when my eyes have to be on something else!”


  5. says

    Boys and wrestling go together like sprinkles on ice cream, don’t they? So glad no one was hurt and maybe, just maybe they learned a valuable lesson which is well worth the price of a window! Blessings to you, Laura!


  6. says

    What a relief–I have boys, too, and I know exactly what you were feeling as you took those steps 12 at a time! So glad it turned out to only be a window.

    Blessings on your (hopefully calmer) week!


  7. Rebecca says

    Thank goodness all your boys are safe. I have 3 boys, and I know all about those heart-stopping moments. I have a suggestion on the glass though. After a tornado blew out the back windows on our house, I took a shop-vac outside and vacuumed the yard. It was quite a sight, a crazy woman vacuuming the grass, but it worked. I had to do after it rained a couple of times too, because glass works its way back up in the wet dirt.


  8. Courtney says

    Wow, so glad your boys are okay! I think all of us moms get a chill down our spines when we hear about a close call like this. We also have roughhousing boys and my husband put safety bars on all our upstairs windows to prevent anyone from slamming into a window and falling out. They’re the kind that are easy to pop out in case of fire. They were a bit expensive but worth it!


  9. Jane says

    So glad everyone is ok! My son recently knocked out his second story window, scariest thing ever! I can barely think about it without hyperventilating. Thankfully, we just had one little cut on his finger. Windows are now blocked :)


  10. Beverly Calloway says

    God is good, isn’t He?!?

    I had a similar scare just a couple of weeks ago. Both boys (7 yrs & 9 mos) were napping together in the guest bed. Everything was quiet…even the dogs were sleeping. Then suddenly it sounded as if my kitchen cabinets fell! I ran to the hall just as my oldest did & we couldn’t figure out what fell. Turns out, it was the HUGE wall-mirror in the boys’ bathroom. The doors were closed so most of the glass was contained, but it was EVERYWHERE! It hit the counter first, then what didn’t break there fell to the tiled floor & was in a million tiny slivers. Some of those shards actually made it under the doors & into the hallway.

    After the initial shock, I knelt down & held him close for a while, thanking God for his safety. I think of all the times he’s taken 15 minutes to brush his teeth or fix his hair & I pictured my little man under all those shards of glass. He finally said “Mom, you can let go of me now, I’m ok!” May God continue to send fleets of angels to watch over our boys!


  11. sammie says

    WOW!! So glad that everything turned out all right. I think God has special angels watching over little boys!


  12. says

    I have had heart-stopping moments myself as a mom…I thank God for His hand of protection on my family DAILY. My post today is a part two, but still appropriate for Gratituesday. I am grateful that God and my husband have allowed me the privilege of staying home with my girls and having the opportunity daily to speak into their lives, and help to shape their character. I am so thankful for that!


  13. says

    Praising God your boys were not hurt!

    I know what you speak of when you speak about the trips to the ER! Except it’s been my girl that has been the accident prone one!


  14. says

    Your poor mommy heart! Mine stopped just reading this!! I’m so glad they’re all okay. Praise God for his protection!!

    And I bet your boys won’t rough house near windows again!


  15. Sam Rounsavell says

    Glad everyone is ok! One thing to consider – use a baby pressure gate inside the window frame to safe guard the window. OR (for windows you want to open or put fans in) put a baby stair swing gate in the wall over the window. The gate stretches wide enough to hit studs on either side of window, the bars are wide enough to reach through to open window or adjust fan controls, but gate is latched over window and should keep little supermen from testing their powers of flight.


  16. says

    So glad no one was hurt! Even in the clean up!

    I have three little girls (12, 10, and 8), so I don’t get much wrestling, but I do get lots of bickering and plenty of tree climbing accidents to relate. tee hee

    But your post reminds me of when I broke a window at my parents’ house. I was practicing pitching for softball with my dad….he didn’t catch it…and hit a decorative window he had put into our garage door. I think I was more shocked than he was. Breaking glass is never good.


  17. leah says

    I am thankful for Salvation through Christ Jesus and the wonderful blessing of our loved ones that is the greatest treasure we carry over into eternity.Also for The Holy Spirit who humbles me each day.



  18. Amber says

    Mine is a simple blessing today. While my 2yr old took a nap, my 5 year old and I baked cookies in the kitchen. I’m grateful I have a child who enjoys being with me and baking in the kitchen, and I’m grateful he’s such a pleasure to be around, too!


  19. Lois says

    Ooo! I’m grateful FOR you today. My son was tossing rocks in the driveway when he was about 6. His bossy big sister was just about to tell him that he shouldn’t be doing that when one went through a small pane in our garage door….one of 3 little windows that go across. He was scared to death of being in trouble, but sister made sure they came and told me. We went out to look at the damage, and I assured him Dad could fix it. We turned around, and the whole back window of our Toyota Corolla had shattered! Somehow, that small rock had gone through 2 windows. We had glass all over the inside of the car. My son was howling, I was vacuuming, and then I made a few phone calls to auto glass places. Every time my son overheard a price quoted, his wail would rise. His father came up with a suitable payment plan for his little retribution, and even his bossy sister felt so bad for him she contributed to the cause.

    In your case, perhaps you can all read the story in Acts of when the young man fell out of the window because Paul preached too long! I’m always looking for biblical lesson to go along with life.


  20. Danielle says

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad no one was hurt!!!

    I’m VERY grateful for central air. We used it last week, and have since turned it off… hopefully for a few more weeks, at least until May!!!


  21. says

    I didn’t post the sentence when I linked to you today. I’m sorry:( I am so thankful for what God taught me the week of Easter and I hope that will come across in my post on “Awareness”. Isn’t it great how we just keep learning more and more! Thanks for your absolutely wonderful posts and recipes! I love both!


  22. says

    What a blessing! I had a similar thing happen not too long ago. A mirror (the kind that goes on the back of doors) fell off and onto my 19 month old! It broke ON HIM! It wasn’t the cheap thin kind you can get either. It was a thick 1/8 of an inch easily. I ran into his room to find him sitting in a pile of shattered mirror! He had a bump on his head and a tiny knick on his baby toe! Good night. After searching him head to toe and closing the room off to clean it later, I had a total melt down! Praising God for protecting my baby!! He also fell down about 13 stairs at my parents house when he was 9 mths old too.. onto hard wood. Ahh.He was completely fine. The Dr at the ER after the MRI said he was ‘lucky’. Nah, I think it was something other than luck!


  23. says

    God is so amazing how he works in our lives, always reminding us of his presence.

    My link is my thank you gift that we gave the docs who did my husband’s stem cell transplant in January. He has a blood cancer. Our latest test results show a “near complete remission”, and we’re praying for – and gratefully expect – a complete remission when they re-run the tests this month. We’re thankful for great doctors and for the many prayers we received.


  24. says

    Yes, God had his protection around your boys that day. Glad they are ok. And people wonder why we get grey hairs… It’s not from getting older, it’s from our children. *grin*


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