Gratituesday: Better Than a Cruise

We could have saved up for a cruise. We could have taken our kids to a theme park. And shucks, maybe we will do one or both someday. But after the week we have experienced, I’m not sure anything could compare to the fun we’ve had, the memories we’ve made, and the blessings we’ve received.

Since last Wednesday, we have been hitting various places in the Denver area and in Colorado Springs, serving in various ministries as God opened doors for us. We’re still not home, and therefore I’m not able to sit down and write out all of the details yet.


Yes, Malachi is wearing a vanilla wafer box (helmet?) on his head. Who says serving isn’t tons of fun?!

We have learned so much, have met so many wonderful people, and have reacquainted with many that we haven’t seen in years. We have had experiences we never could have had in our small town, seen sites and people that have made our hearts hurt, and been able to serve in ways that have brought us so much joy.

Beyond ministry opportunities, we were blessed to attend the wedding of one of the ladies on our YC soccer team. On the walk from the ceremony to the reception, we turned around and saw two young ladies that we haven’t seen for way too long. I admit it. I cried. We LOVE these girls. By the way:  The one in the purple dress? I was her first grade teacher. Yep, taught that girl to read, I did. A few billion years later, she’s all grown up and I have four big kids. Great times.


Okay, that’s all I have time to share right now! I have loads of pictures, and thousands of words to share with you about this trip.  Details are coming in a few days. I can’t thank God enough for this trip. His goodness constantly amazes me. How good it is to be a part of His family!

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  1. says

    Today, I am thankful for life. I am thankful that whaen tragedy strikes, as it did just 40 min from my home yesterday, in Moore, Ok, we see the good in people. In just hours facebook pages were set up by good people already working hard to unite displaced families. Church groups are organizing to gather supplies and offer help. I am so thankful to live in a state where we love God. We are not ashamed to pray and to ask others to do the same. We are not divided by religion, we are united calling upon Him who is mighty to save. Tragedy brings out the good. It always has. Always will!


  2. says

    After waking to the terrible news of the tragedy in Oklahoma I decided to write a different gratituesday. Having buried two children ourselves I understand the utter heart break of losing a child. Come share your thoughts.

    Laura, did you get to see Mary?


    Laura Reply:

    Yes I sure did!! And a few others you would remember. The church has really shrunk though in the last 11 years. Only about 25 in attendance Sunday morning. :(


  3. Gayle says

    I am thankful for my husband and my children and their safety. As I watch the events unfolding in Moore, OK I cannot wrap my head around what those families are experiencing today. My prayers are with them today and for the days to come. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventure with your family.


  4. Charlotte Moore says

    I am so grateful the LORD allowed me to retire 2 years ago this month from the school system I had worked for a little over 24 years. I just love being retired. THANK YOU LORD!!!

    PRAYERS for the OK families. What a tragedy!!!


  5. Lana says

    We have a family in our church who issues this challenge each year. They live very simply and go to foreign places every year. Their children are amazing because they have grown up seeing how privileged we are in the USA. Many families in our church have gone and served overseas because of their challenge to give up the American vacation.


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