Gratituesday: Anniversary Date

It’s been a few years since we’ve been able to make this happen, but today, on our 18th Anniversary, Matt and I got to go out on a date!

Why have we not gone out on an actual anniversary date in years? Because our anniversary always falls right during the busy part of soccer season. It’s pre-season for the college team he helps coach. That means there are three practices per day right now. And sometimes, he’s not even in town on our anniversary because he’s with the team on a retreat.

I am definitely not complaining. I know Matt loves me and we always try to find time later (like in November once soccer season is over!) to do something special in honor of our anniversary. Hey, remember what he did for me last year on our anniversary? Sweetest thing ever!

Well, last week, when we were talking about our anniversary, Matt said, “I think we just may be able to go on a date that day.”  Fun! Between morning and afternoon soccer practices, and before I got very busy prepping the meal I was feeding the team tonight, we headed to the nicest restaurant in town for lunch together. (And he wore my favorite shirt. Not that you needed to know that. But it made me smile. It’s his black shirt. And it looks really, really nice on him. I’m done now.)

The boys stayed home by themselves and made tuna. So exciting for them. Matt and I? We had sirloin. Oh yeah.

And then we ran some errands together, because nothing says romance like delivering a library book and making a trip to the post office. 

He dropped me back off and home, and headed off for soccer practice number two. That hour and a half I had him all to myself (in his black shirt)? Perfect.

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  1. says

    Happy Anniversary! My husband and I will celebrate our 18th anniversary on the 19th. Your anniversary meal looks delicious, we may have to squeeze in a fun date like that as well. :)


  2. says

    Happy Anniversary – so fun you got to celebrate this year on the actual day!
    I linked to the post I did this week celebrating and as a tribute to my parents graduating their last child out of homeschooling, 24 years worth of schooling completed!


  3. Tamara says

    Happy Anniversary! I just want to thank you for what you’re doing. It is such a blessing to me. Your humor lifts my spirits and your meal plans and recipes make it less of a chore.


  4. gina says

    Happy Anniversary!!! My husband and I had ours on the 12th.12 years, our golden. We celebrated it on the 11th since the 12 fell on a Sunday. We did the whole errand and then a meal thing as well. Four hours with him to myself we managed to get a lot done in 4 hours.


  5. says

    So glad you were able to sneak in a date. :) It is hard to find alone time. We need to schedule it in sometimes. I am glad I found your blog. Happy Anniversary!!


  6. says

    Laura, sorry I linked 3 times. I refreshed the page and didn’t see my link. I thought I must’ve forgot to hit enter. The second time I hit enter by mistake before I was done. I will blame it on getting up @4:30 to see my husband off to work. Sorry!


  7. says

    Congratulations to both of you. That is very cool. I so agree with Dianna, as we get older the acts of service and time are much more valuable than a boxed gift. Love you guys.


  8. says

    Happy Anniversary! I am a huge soccer fan and one of my brothers was a coach for many years (I was an assistant coach for a women’s college team while at seminary).
    Thank you for the opportunity to link up. God bless you.


  9. says

    I think lunch dates are the best kept secret, actually. No crowds, cheaper, no babysitter required (if kids are in school).
    Congrats on 18 years, that’s wonderful! Happy Anniversary!


  10. Lana says

    Happy Anniversary! I am thankful for a hubby who likes to shop and run errands with me! When he goes to my favorite clothing store with me the ladies in there practically swoon over a real live man in the store :)


  11. Kathy says

    Our theory is that if we are without the kids and we hold hands, it’s a DATE–even if it’s just running errands or shopping for birthday presents! Happy Anniversary!


  12. says

    Glad you could fit in a bit of alone time for your anniversary. Our anniversary falls during my husband’s busy season at work so we can never go anywhere but we do try to at least have a meal alone together!


  13. Jennifer S. says

    Happy Anniversary! Glad you were able to celebrate on the day, but I’m sure you don’t mind waiting because the very fact that you have an anniversary to celebrate means you have each other!


  14. says

    My computer isn’t cooperating, so this comment has been a long time coming! :-) Just had to participate in the thankfulness today – and happy anniversary, too, by the way!


  15. Erin says

    I must have been reading your blog for a year now because I remember last year’s anniversary of the 17 phone calls. That was so sweet!! And if all the kids are asleep, it IS a date. With teenagers, this is next to impossible, though.


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