Gratituesday: Air Soft, Really?

Well, I’m just a little bit surprised that I’m actually posting about this, but here I go anyway. :)  If you’re interested in learning more about my feelings on the subject of guns and other weapons, I’d love for you to listen to a podcast I recorded on that subject a few months ago to understand my perspective just a little bit more.

You are aware, right, that I live in a household of males? I am surrounded by toy light sabers, swords, knives, guns, and many other varieties of weaponry. Recently, our boys have been introduced to an awesome new toy – the Air Soft Gun. Oh yes, they are now old enough to play air soft. Using their own money, they each got themselves a small air soft pistol.  Much to my surprise, Matt had so much fun playing with them, he got his own pistol too. Then, a friend of our family, who happens to be a gal who loves guns, joined the fun.

And long story longer, that very fun girlfriend talked me into playing air soft too. I tried to argue. I gave plenty of excuses. But she talked me into it anyway. Once the boys heard her trying to talk me into it, they joined the begging. What’s a girl to do?

I figure if I can’t beat ’em, I better get out there and join ’em. Or something like that.

Matt got a picture of me trying to figure the whole thing out.
I obviously don’t have a lot of practice aiming or shooting or loading or…

Well, terrible as I was at playing, I can’t believe how much fun I had. It was crazy fun. Exhilarating. I loved it. Unbelieveable.

Then I came back into the house, put down my gun, washed my hands, and continued to make dinner to feed all of us. It appears that I can go outside and shoot an air soft gun with my family and friends, then come back in and still be a homemaker. How about that? It didn’t kill me at all to take a break and have fun like that.

And I might just play again sometime.

Oh, and just in case you might be interested in this bit of information, everytime I open our dryer now, little air soft pellets fall out. They are everywhere in my house. My vacuum rebels. I love it. :)

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  1. says

    Hi, Laura! My boys received air soft guns too for Christmas and they’ve been having a blast with them. I haven’t even thought about joining them until I read your post – okay, now I’m going to have to give this a try! Thanks as always for your wonderful posts and for hosting this link-up! This week, I’m sharing my newest meal plan over at The Better Mom. Hope you’ll check it out. Lots of blessings to you and your family, Kelly


  2. says

    Hey Laura!
    As a mom of all boys myself, I can totally relate to this! I’m so glad you got out there and joined them. You’ve inspired me to do the same….Well, once I’m not nine months pregnant with this 8th boy and all…. ;)


  3. says

    You mean my boys are going to eventually get into this too? I think it will be awesome! I can’t wait to play. I better stay in shape. I’m sure my hubby will love it too :)


  4. says

    My young sons both got air soft guns as well. I am extremely uncomfortable about the whole thing. Granted my boys are young, but still, can’t you get hurt by one of those? Are you actually shooting the AT each other? That goes against everything I ever thought about guns! Really, doesn’t it hurt? I only ask because, my boys don’t realize that people actually shoot at each other, so I know they won’t do it on purpose (at least not for awhile), but if they get accidentally shot, won’t it hurt? My boys would faint from wonderfulness if I gave them permission to really shoot — especially at me! I have a lot to learn about this past time! I’m going to keep you in mind as a resource! THANKS!


    Laura Reply:

    Depending on where you get hit and from how far away the person is standing, yes it can sting. :) I don’t love that part. :)


  5. Cari Walters says

    I LOVE your blog, even though I don’t get a chance to read every post (with 2 young energetic boys of my own who also love guns). I have to say that I love it even more seeing a picture of one of your boys wearing a Huskers sweatshirt!!! LOL!! My home state! :)


    Priscilla Frazier Reply:

    Ah ha! I loved the sweatshirt too… :) Was my home state once upon a time also. And my two little boys just got their first guns, which they want to take everywhere… love boys! :)


  6. says

    How fun!! I find that it’s usually the things I know I’m not very good at…so I don’t feel pressured to perform at…that I enjoy the most!


  7. Amber Rogers says

    Love the airsoft! We have five boys and three girls, and they all love the airsoft.guns. They have such fun out in the yard and I love watching. One of these days I guess I’ll just have to join in. They are not allowed to play violently, as in no violent speech, threats, point blank head range kind of nonsense, but they love to strategize and plot their teams and such. Just fun play, but good practice for good sportsmanship and good soldiership!! There is a time for peace, and a time for war, and should God ever place one of my beloved sons in a military position, I sure want him to know good sportsmanship, and how to handle all that power in the use for right.


  8. says

    Great picture. Our boys love airsoft. Today I am grateful that my husband who is now in hospice spent the weekend visiting with his siblings. I loved watching the interaction. God Bless


  9. says

    Thanks for hosting! I am sharing a post on what we really need for whole health in the New Year as well as my Top 10 Recipes from 2011.

    I do have a question about the Air Soft Guns – funny – my youngest received one from his grandpa as a gift and we were surprised about 2 things.

    1. The age recommendation. In the catalog it said 6+ but the box of the gun said 14+ – do you think they are OK for a 6 1/2 year old? he’s pretty coordinated.
    2. The size of the ammunition. The catalog and website showed the ammo to be pretty big, but it’s really really small – I am concerned about them getting lost all the time and having to spend a small fortune on purchasing extra ammo.

    Finally, we did read some reviews on the guns (after the fact, sadly) that they didn’t all hold up that well. Maybe you could share where you got yours and what brand / style if you’ve been happy with them. Thanks!

    So we were planning on returning the gift, but if you have some tips or a better experience I’d be thrilled to know!



    Laura Reply:

    I can’t remember the brand of guns we have, but they are just the cheap ones from Walmart. Our seven year old is starting to play, and even though it’s hard for him still, he is getting the hang of it. I think your 6 1/2 year old will probably catch on quickly enough. Yes, the ammo gets lost easily since it’s so little. We find these pellets ALLLLL the time all over the yard. We pick them up as we can, but definitely can’t save them all. They come in packs of like 10,000 though so it isn’t so bad on the cost. :)


    Adrienne @ Whole New Mom Reply:

    What a helpful response! Did you get the pack of “10,000” at Walmart too? Thisis really going to help w/ our “gun search” problem! Thanks, Laura! Oh – do the pellets harm lawn mowers? Taht wouldn’t be good :-).

    Sorry if there are typos. The reply screen isn’t showing up entirely so I can’t see what I’ve written :-).


    Laura Reply:

    So glad you found it helpful! Yes, we get our pellets at walmart also. I don’t think they are powerful enough to harm lawn mowers. Hopefully! :)

  10. Daphne says

    My son got a bb gun for his birthday this year and I find myself wanting to shoot it as much as he does! :) it’s a blast to try and shoot old cans off the fence post.


    Lana Reply:

    Oh good! I am not the only Mom (and Nana) who has a blast shooting my hubby’s BB pistol. We have alot of destructive squirrels and it is the only way to keep them in line! (But they know I have very bad aim and have never hit one of them!)


    Jennifer Reply:

    I have fabulous memories of shooting a bb gun with my Grandfather!
    Shoot into empty soda cans or at a milk jug filled with water – the
    sounds and show are spectacular – so, no it’s not just for boys.
    We live in a townhome so can’t do bbs or air soft here, but maybe
    one day.


  11. Jessica says

    I love this! My son got a new Air Soft pistol and some targets for Christmas. He plays with some friends on their property. Considering he has only sisters, its great for him to get out and active with the guys.

    However, I will NOT tell him that you also played. He might get ideas ;)


  12. Maria says

    3 of my 4 boys are into airsoft, and now own automatic rifles, which they purchased with their own $. We have always required them to wear protective eye gear, but that really isn’t enough. A good friend had his front tooth shattered by a pellet. Granted the kid shot from closer than he should have, but that happens. They and their friends now HAVE to wear full face masks to play. Each of us moms require this, so the responsibility is spread out. And, YES, it hurts! They come home from a game and show me all of their welts. Trophies! :)


  13. Chelsea Seibert says

    I didn’t have a sister til I was 14, and I loved shooting with my brothers!! Now that I have a hubby and kids (boys and girls), we have a great time shooting together!! Even if it’s just Nerf!!


  14. Carrie S. says

    My 4 boys all have air soft guns also. I can definitely relate to the pellets in the dryer! LOL!!! Have fun!


  15. Lyndsay says

    My boys have been begging to graduate from nerf guns to air soft guns, even offering to buy them with their own money. I have been hesitant to get them, partly because we live in a bigger town (by Nebraska standards!) and I am not sure what the laws are for them. However, we are blessed to be moving at the end of the month to a small rural town, and I know that the boys would love some for their upcoming spring birthdays. I will have to think about it. And I would definitely join in! I used to be able to out shoot my brother on our BB guns!


  16. mom23girls says

    I have 3 girls, and they LOVE airsoft! It is something that they can do with their Papa and they all have a blast. We get together with other homeschoolers in the area and make teams. ALL of the dads play. Airsoft Atlanta is one of their favorite websites. They go way beyond those little pistols! You have to wear safety masks and yes, it hurts. But then, what’s a little pain to fun like this?


  17. Cowpiesnhorseapples: Jami says

    My kids got air soft guns 2 christmas’s ago. I also was not thrilled about it. We do hunt here and we eat wild as much as possible. So whenever they are practising shooting. They head to our mini range. I head for the house. I just cannot be there and well its not safe having a mother who is completely out of her witts worried. Well, these air soft’s came into our lives. They also got the black bb’s as they stick to the skin better. They got them as I felt they were better to have than a real gun. At the time we were having coyote and bear issues. These would do nothing for bears. But I think they helped with coyotes at first. Long story short we had so much fun with them. Mom especially loved it. That we had targets set up in the living room(6ft of snow outside) and we had a blast firing them off. Now I must confess 2 years later there is still bb’s throughout the house. =0) Its also very addicting. Welcome to the club.


    Crystal Reply:

    I appreciated this post as well as Laura’s podcast mentioned at the
    beginning. I also appreciate what you share here, Jami, about using
    “toy guns” for practical use like target practice and “pest” control!
    We do a lot of hunting, too, and while our boys are not old enough yet for air
    soft, they play with toy guns and “hunt” on a regular basis. As I was
    taught growing up, we have been teaching them not to POINT guns directly
    at people even in play thinking that if they get used to “playing”
    that way, they will be less careful in that regard when they are old
    enough to use real guns. I don’t have a problem with them playing
    “rough and tumble,” fighting, wrestling, being boys, etc.
    Does anyone else have thoughts about this issue(gun safety, hunting,


  18. says

    I’m in the same situation….two boys and my husband (who acts like a little boy sometimes!!!). They enjoy to see their mom doing “boy” things. Thank you for reminding me that it’s OK for them to be rough…they are boys I have to understand them. I’ll play wii with them today.


  19. Patty says

    My son and husband get together with other sons and dads and have a BLAST with their airsoft guns. They play in a big field. We women generally sit inside eat, talk and talk and talk and are actually ready to go home by the time they are done! I think this is the only time I EVER wait for my husband to be done…he’s always ready to go before me. The men I think may enjoy it more than the younger boys (some they try not to shoot) but for teenage boys…I love that they can do something together that is so much fun!


  20. Michele Puccini says

    I had to give a little laugh at your experience at playing air soft. My DH is really into it! Has air soft rifles that look so realistic that you would think it was a real gun. He plays on a team every Saturday. The guys get all camoed out and go play war games. DH says it is really fun. I sort of dread when my 8yo DS starts playing. I have yet to join in on the fun, but I am sure it will be soon! :-)


  21. says

    We have been playing this with our kids for years. Running around 40 acres with air soft is fun. I have been sweeping air soft bee bees for years enjoy have fun!!!


  22. Lori Q says

    My son and his friends love having airsoft “wars”. I was NEVER going to let my son have any type of gun, EVER, but as he got older…you know the story. I can’t believe how fun it has been for him. He, and his friends, spend hours in our woods, digging trenches, building forts for cover….GREAT creative activities. He sewed himself a vest out of camoflage material with squares of plexiglas inside, so his chest and back are fully protected. (He also wears a full face mask and bought my husband one for Christmas). His friends thought his vest was so great, they asked their moms and grandmas to show them how to sew. I NEVER imagined all the creativity that would come out of this. And, my nearly 15 year old son and his friends are having good clean fun, in my back yard, while they could be doing things that are a lot worse. I even found myself setting smoke bombs off for the boys (for cover) one day…me, the mom who HATES guns AND fireworks! Happy Airsofting!!


  23. Samantha says

    I have a little girl (she is 2) and next summer she will be getting her first bb gun.. I know its early, but she already goes small game hunting with daddy and knows how to shoot a 22 rifle when her daddy is holding it. I had my first bb gun at 3 so I feel its okay for her to. The guns stay locked up in our gun safe and she knows the only time she can mess with any of them, loaded or not, is if Mommy or Daddy has one. Once she turns 6 she will get her hunters certification and we can all go deer and turkey hunting! =] Thanks for this!


  24. says

    I was one of those moms who swore I’d never have even the fakest of fake guns in the house. A friend said, “Even if you don’t buy them, boys turn everything into guns and swords and knives.” I didn’t believe her. Amazing the things we “know” when we don’t know anything! :)


    Shawna Cale Reply:

    I specifically remember my oldest son at the age of 14 months turning a stick into a gun and a sword while we were walking around Williamsburg.


    Krisha Reply:

    I agree…tried not to have guns, but the kid literally ate his PB&J into the shape of a gun and proceded to shoot things at the table making all sorts of sound effects. HA! Seems funny now, he’s 19 and has taken all the hunter’s safety, etc and is a great shot – beating out adults twice his age.


  25. says

    I linked up – Thanks for hosting! I must admit, Air Soft guns scare me, but I am a bit overprotective. With 3 boys, I’ll have to get over it eventually. =)


  26. says

    I have a 14 month old baby boy and another baby boy due in March. This Christmas my husband wanted to buy them both Nerf guns! Thank you for showing me the fun of joining in with the boys!


  27. Coby says

    I am chuckling at the picture of you…trying to figure it all out! Classic!

    I am thankful for a walk I took with my middle child today. He was having a hard time and just needed some “mommy time.” My mom is in town, so I left the other two boys with her, and my son and I strolled around the block, holding hands, occasionally racing up and down the sidewalk. We both came home refreshed, feeling just a little bit brighter.


  28. says

    What a fun mom you are!!! my boys don’t have air soft guns yet, but i’m sure it will only be a matter of time before they do. right now, my youngest boy is 5 and isn’t as careful as we’d like him to be before aiming an airsoft gun! i think i would totally LOVE playing with one myself!!

    love your blog!

    God bless…


  29. Dara says

    so cool!! I love hearing how you are up for going out and having a blast doing “boy things!” As for guns and other weapons… My pastor dad is CONVINCED that boys must be allowed to be boys, and do all those testosterone-driven sorts of things while learning to be self-controlled Godly young men- he often vents on how society/feminism tries to “neuter” men all the time. so, good for you for letting your boys be boys! :) excited for OUR little guy to be rough-n-tumbling even more with daddy! :) (and once in a while, me. Great work on being a versatile mom, btw!)


  30. Gayle says

    I love it! I’m going to have to forward this to my sister-in-law. She has five boys, and she was telling me they recently spent a week building two dirt bunkers in their backyard for air soft battles. I’m going to tell her she needs to get out there and play too : )
    My boys are a little too young, but I’m sure I’ll give it a try with them when they are!


  31. Julie says

    My husband went through the air soft phase a few years ago. I went with him once and it was a blast! We’ll probably do it again when our boys (five and one year old) get much older!


  32. Sheila H. says

    I believe that you are writing about what we have as a BB gun. Yes? My husband was in the Army and believes that his boys should respect guns and learn about them, and they do love to have target practice with a bullseye. Thanks for opening your heart and writing about this.


  33. Michelle says

    I’m going to get flamed for my comment but we have taught our children to respect guns (they are NRA and Boy Scout trained in rifle and shot gun). I would allow them to target practice with an air soft but they have been taught that unless they are serving in the military, police officer etc. that a gun is NOT to be pointed at another person even an air soft gun. As I tell my kids, different rules, different families so don’t think I’m trying to push my beliefs on anyone else!

    Please if you do allow your child to use an air soft gun, train them in proper safety (eye protection etc.) and remind them that it isn’t a toy and can kill an animal. One of my son’s friends was surprised when he aimed it at a bird and killed it. Also, teach them to never carry it in a public place so as not to be confused as carrying an actual gun. I know it sounds silly to confuse an air soft with an actual gun but I believe it has happened with tragic results! Be safe everyone!


    Queen of the House Reply:

    Thank you, Michelle, for this comment! I am finally reading a reply that goes along with our feelings at our house. We have 3 boys (16, 14 and 10), and have never allowed them. A neighbor got most of a tooth knocked out because of another boy not being careful. I am not anti guns, by any means, just think your reply has much wisdom in it! :)


  34. Kristi says

    I love guns and all that…we also struggled in the area of air soft. The boys have bb guns which they can shoot targets and all that but with my hubby being a hunter safety educator, we really haven’t agreed to air soft yet. It sort of goes against the gun safety we are encouraging. Maybe when they are teens and actually understand and clearly know the difference of how we act with real guns and air soft guns….I don’t know, it is so hard to explain I have a hard time writing it….it does look fun however and if we do go that way….I will play….i am terribly competitive :-)


  35. says

    For Christmas this year, my family broke out the laser guns and walkie talkies everyone received and ran around trees, hills and a barn. It was an unbelievable memory that my kids said was their very favorite part of Christmas!

    And the scariest thing, was that it was my surprise to everyone, not my husband’s. But we had a blast.

    God bless you for your faithfulness.


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