Gratituesday: The Garden


I know I’ve already shared how much I love my garden…but everytime I go out to water the plants or pick veggies…I am again reminded of God’s goodness and of how He provides.

Here are a few current pictures of my garden areas. I love to see how much it has changed in just a few short weeks.

Our potatoes are big and full. AND a random pumpkin plant decided to grow right in the middle of our potatoes. What a fun treat for the kids to find several big pumpkins growing!

Our broccoli plants are pretty well finished for the year. It doesn’t get much better than fresh broccoli. Just beyond the broccoli, our hot peppers are starting to form. And…the okra plants have teeny tiny okra growing.

Here are our sweet pepper plants!

Check out how crazy my potato container looks now! The plants grew up huge over the top and now they are toppling over the sides! I can not wait to dump it out in the fall and see all the potatoes!

We are just now starting to pick green beans. A few butternut squash are growing on the plant there beside the beans. Can you believe that squash plant is from ONE tiny seed?

I’m not sure why I saved the ugliest picture for last. Yikes. Here are our tomato plants which have grown huge and gangly all over the place. We have lots of little green tomatoes which will soon be lots of big colorful tomatoes. I can not wait! Just pretend that you can tell that those are tomato plants in the picture!

Seeing God’s goodness and power as He makes awesome food grow from a tiny seed just brings me such joy!

What are you grateful for this Gratituesday? Write about it on your blog, then link up with us here. If you don’t have a blog, be sure to leave a comment letting us know what you’re grateful for!


  1. Kika says

    I am so thankful for an abundance of healthy food to feed my family with. A missions group from my church is currently in Tanzania where they discovered that, due to drought, food prices have trippled. My husband’s family lives in West Africa and also has so little. Here I sometimes feel sorry for myself (or worried) about my “smaller” food budget but this week I’ve been confronted (again) with the fact that I live with incredible abundance and I am so grateful for this.


  2. says

    I totally agree about gardening being a perfect and constant sign of His greatness. I cannot express how much I love those little green plants, how they change every few days, how they surprise me after a good rain with new abundance. I adore them, and in doing so, adore Him. I want to talk about the garden constantly, and smile a lot. I might as well change the name of my blog to “Outrageous Number of Pictures of Em’s Garden” because as the summer continues, I swear that’s all I write about.


  3. says

    My garden is bringing me much joy too. I just canned 9 cups of tomato sauce using your e-book. How exciting! I have lots more tomatoes that I need to use before they go bad. We also have about 20 cantaloupes growing.

    I am very thankful that the Lord knows be name and loves me very much!!


  4. says

    your garden looks great! It is neat to see how different gardens grow in Nebraska than in Florida…our tomato plants are pretty much finished…we have been eating tomatoes with every meal for about 4 weeks now! Your garden is much bigger than mine, though…I love fresh okra and wish we would have planted some…that will be so yummy for y’all!


  5. says

    your garden looks amazing!! I am trying my hand at gardening this year, and it’s going okay… but my garden certainly does not look like that!!!


  6. Jennifer says

    What if you have a couple dozen potatoes or more? What will you do with them before they go bad? I have a hard time using up 5 lbs without being sick of them. How do you keep them fresh?


    Laura Reply:

    You can store your potatoes in a covered box in a cool dark room. Mine last several months stored this way!


  7. says

    Between now living in the Garden State, having a friend who is an avid gardener, and seeing your pics I think that I may have to try my hand at it again for the first time in over 20 years.

    Thanks for the pics Laura AND for the way you encourage all of us!



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