Gratituesday: A Fine Example


Mabrey, an 86 year old man…a former elder at our church…a man married for over 60 years is laying in his bed with only a few days left on this earth. 

He and his wife, Madge have lived here for over 50 years and worked with the church and local Christian college for every single one of those years. They have visited and prayed with the sick, they have taken meals to people who have a need. They have made phone calls and sent cards and checked on people to let them know that they care about how they are doing.

They traveled four hours to my home town to be at my mom’s funeral four and a half years ago. They knew my parents as students here at York College…but for them to make that trip…I was so honored and touched.

Mabrey was diagnosed with cancer several months ago and took quite a turn for the worse over Christmas time. All his family are in town, Hospice care is helping, he is at his house now in a hospital bed waiting to go home

I visited their house last week to hug Madge and to take some food for the family. While I was there to encourage her…Madge was asking me how I was. Through her weariness and sadness…she was still loving on others. I am always amazed at her care for others.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a finer example of a help meet. She is a woman who has worked tirelessly alongside her husband to further God’s kingdom. 

I’m so grateful for the lives of Mabrey and Madge and the example they have been of a couple who spent their life serving others.  What a fine example to follow.

What are you grateful for? How has God been working in your life? Write about it on your blog then come link up with us here. Here are the details. If you don’t have a blog, please leave a comment to let us know what you’re grateful for!

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  1. says

    Oh goodness, that just breaks my heart. How sad to lose such a great man- the Earth is in such shortage as it is.

    I will be praying and thinking about this family. I pray that the Lord watches over Mabrey as he crosses over to be with Him again. I pray that He holds Madge in His wonderful hands as she deals with the horrible loss of her sweet husband. I pray for those who will also be affected by the loss of this wonderful man. May go without pain or suffering and may his spirit cross over with joy. Amen.


  2. says

    The soldier is headed home! Heavenly! I sit here after reading your post, tears streaming down my face, listening to the song WHATEVER YOUR DOING. Thank you for his post, Laura and thank you for sharing that song with us.

    Mabrey was my college Bible teacher, elder, and friend. He stood tall. He had the ability to cross generations like few do. He saw needs and together with Madge, they would pray and then do what they could do.

    I am so thankful that because of Jesus, Mabrey can head to his heavenly home!


  3. says

    What a beautiful entry! A wonderful example of a life lived with purpose and love for the Lord as well as others. Thanks so much for sharing.



  4. Step says

    What a wonderful post of a life well lived. It brought a tear to my eye. Life triumphant awaits for your dear friend, I’m sure.

    Today, as a blizzard brews here in “sunny” Michigan and the temperatures are going to dip into the negative numbers, I’m thankful for my warm house, that my husband has a good job to provide for us, and that we have the provisions for a nice turkey dinner (think Thanksgiving revisited) tonight. It’s the perfect type of day for just hunkering down in the house.


  5. Katrina says

    This is my first time doing this… thanks for hosting!

    What a wonderful post full of gratitude that you’ve written here! :o)

    Have a great day!


  6. says

    This is a great post! Thank you, Laura! My teary eyes just picture every adoring old couple that have been together loving on each other, and others, and the L-rd. Bless them! I endeavor to be like them one day. I think we all probably should.


  7. says

    He was my Bible professor. I remember in one of our classes he told us something that has always stuck with me, “Happiness is a decision not a condition!” I actually told some body that yesterday.

    What a legacy of love, faithfulness and humility. I’m going to miss him!


  8. Jill Roper says

    I am thankful for all the elderly couples that have touched our lives. I am thankful there are still people around who dont “retire” from a life of service.


  9. says

    I too am sad, yet excited for the welcoming party that Mabrey is about to receive. The joy of knowing that a friend is about to be embraced by God somehow o’ertakes the need to cry for our loss.

    Mabrey was one of my professors, coworker, elder and friend. His life has been full of hope, compassion and dry humor.

    Madge to me is the epitome of grace in action, a real-life Naomi who has had her share of sorrow, but has been reliant enough on God to see the joy in every situation, even the manslaughter death of her son.

    Tell them that we love them and we’re praying Mabrey all the way home.


  10. says

    That’s such a sad/happy story. What a wonderful thing to be greatful for. It reminds me of all the old church folks that shaped my life as child. Makes me miss them and their selflessness.


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