Grain Mills Pt. 1: Should You Buy One? Does it Save Money?

I’ve been grinding my own flour for about four years now and I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! I can’t say enough good about freshly ground whole grain flour. The taste is NOTHING like store bought whole wheat flour. The freshness is unbeatable.   Because it is fresh, the nutritional value is much higher. I love my grain mill!

If you do a lot of baking and you want to bake with whole grains…I very much recommend saving up for a grain mill. (I sold baked goods at our farmer’s market one year to pay for mine!)

Here’s the investment payoff I calculated:

I have a Nutrimill, which cost me about $250…

I buy organic hard white wheat berries, 50 pounds for about $33.00, which lasts me about two months. I make all of our bread, tortillas, muffins, rolls, pretzels, crackers, cookies, cakes…everything that requires flour.

If I were to go to the store and buy the amount of bread and tortillas our family of six needs in two months, my rough calculating tells me that I would spend about $56.00. JUST ON BREAD AND TORTILLAS. That doesn’t include all the muffins and other grain products I make with my $33.00 bag of grain in two months.

AND…the products I bake are a bajillion (scientifically proven  :) ) times healthier than what I can buy at the store.

Looking at those figures…it would seem that my grain mill paid for itself in about 10 months…although it’s really much less than that because again, my figures only included the cost of bread and tortillas and I get MANY MORE baked goods out of my bag of grain than just those (plus I was being conservative in my calculations).

So, I would say my grain mill paid for itself in about six months…and the savings just keep on keeping on! In fact, while I had my calculator out I figured out that I’ve saved approximately $552 in four years by grinding my own flour and baking whole grain food from scratch for my family. THAT was exciting to calculate!

There now. Would you like me to write a letter to your husbands, convincing them to buy you a grain mill for Christmas?  I’d do it. :)

This post begins a short little series on Grain Mills and grinding and baking with whole grain flour. Coming up I’ll share about:

  • Different kinds of grain mills, which ones I recommend and where to purchase them
  • Where to buy grain and what kind to buy
  • Tips on baking with whole grains
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  1. Geri Hoeft says

    Laura, how long does “freshly ground flour” stay fresh? Does it lose flavor and nutrients over time? Do you store it in the freezer or maybe you go through it fast enough so you don’t worry about it. Thinking about a buying a grain mill and just wondering how often to grind. Thanks.


    LindseyforLaura@HHM Reply:

    Laura goes through hers pretty quickly so it doesn’t have time to “go bad”. It is likely most nutritious if you use it up immediately, but I would’t worry that it will somehow lose all of its nutrients.


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