Gluten Free Websites?

I’ve been asked several times and I’m wondering a little bit myself…what are the best Gluten Free Websites out there?


These Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies are TOO good.  :)

We’re doing a little bit of Gluten Free experimenting at our house (I’ll explain more next week), and I know many of you need to eat, or have family members who need to eat a Gluten Free diet. I’d love for you to fill the comments section here with great GF resources to draw from. (If you’re interested, here’s a nice list of all of the Gluten Free recipes on the Heavenly Homemakers site!)

It would be an added bonus if the Gluten Free Website you refer us to also encourages healthy eating. :)

So, what do you know?  What are your favorite Gluten Free Websites?


  1. Jenn says

    Gluten Free Goddess has some very good recipes – depending upon what you’re looking for, they can be healthy :)


  2. tutti says

    elenaskitchen, linden tea, tropical traditions has good gluten-free, simply sugar & gluten free.

    We are starting our own gluten free experiment, too, and I’m feeling a bit guilty when I look at all the buckets of grain and sourdough stuff we have in our home. Not sure what I’ll do with them if we go completely gluten free.


  3. says

    I post gluten free recipes on I also post dairy free recipes. I try to change and offer tweaks for my everyday recipes. It is important to my kids not to feel different.

    IF you have any gluten free questions feel free to ask. :)


  4. says

    All crock pot meals…all gluten free!


    Angela Reply:

    that’s the one i would recommend too!


    Jennifer Reply:

    I heartily recommend crockpot 365 as well! We aren’t gluten free,
    but I still love her recipes!


    Emily Reply:

    Love the cookbook and the website!


  5. Julie says

    I have celiac disease and have to eat a very careful gluten-free diet. Some websites I have found helpful

    And the very best baking book I have found is

    “Gluten-Free Baking” – Rebecca Reilly.
    Everything in this cookbook is reliable, tasty and has a good texture which is hard to find in GF baking


    Gina Geraci Reply:

    Simplify living Gluten Free..order all your gluten free products online at for delivery right to your door! $1 from every order is donated to a cause close to our hearts..Juvenille Diabetes Research Foundation. We do this in honor of our son Francesco who was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease.


  6. says

    We had 3 months of no gluten, dairy, eggs, beef, nuts for our kids and are now just gluten free. And that seems easy! I was upset at first because “gluten-free” usually means “high sugar”. Just look at tapioca or potato starch and you’ll know what I mean. I got really sick of baking gf because nothing was very good. It’s so much easier now that we’re having dairy & eggs!

    I love this site, especially the radio show downloads. They are fans of Sally Fallon (she’s been on their show).


  7. says

    I don’t have a website, just a recommendation.

    Instead of trying to make gluten free foods, it’s easier to eat whole foods that naturally don’t contain gluten. For example: sautee apples in butter with a little cinnamon instead of trying to create a gluten free pie.

    This idea made my life so much easier when I stopped eating almost all grains. Meat and two vegetables at dinner is easy. Trying to make gluten free bread/pasta, etc made my life a lot harder.

    This is coming from someone who LOVED bread and ate homemade wheat items for every meal and snack.

    I’ve never felt so good in my life and quite honestly I didn’t even know that I felt bad to begin with until I stopped eating grains.


  8. says

    I found a new website Grain Free Foodies- recently. And they have some really good stuff on there. Many things without GF flours, so it easy for non GF’s to make food for family/friends that may need it. Some recipes may sound strange, only peanut butter, eggs, honey, and baking soda-it turns out really good bars!!! We have went GF/GAPS in the past 7mths. Not always easy, but it is possible. And I agree with other comments about not eating the baked stuff, eat the whole foods. My kids 5,3,1 have adjusted, we have a ‘baked snack’ maybe once a week. Or when we go to a get together that they see lots of foods they can’t have. We just don’t crave the baked sweets we use to think we needed.:)Looing forward to checking out more of the sites posted…


  9. Kim says

    I second glutenfreegoddess. I love her site because most everything is dairy-free as well. I find that a lot of GF recipes add a lot of dairy to make things taste better, but we can’t have dairy either. Her multigrain sandwich bread recipe is amazing!!!! No kneading required, rises 20 minutes and bake. It is so nice to be able to have bread again.

    I also like that site because she doesn’t use a lot of nut flours, which are way to spendy for our family.


  10. says

    Hi, Laura,

    I’m thrilled to see this post and all the helpful sites your readers posted! My husband was just diagnosed with celiac and I expect that my eleven-month old daughter will be next. There’s so much research on the web about a gluten-free lifestyle, but it’s not nearly as simple as “don’t eat flour”. I wanted comprehensive step-by-step instructions that were easy to follow and didn’t make me want to pull my hair out! When I didn’t find it, I decided to create it. It’s a brand-new site called “Celiac Pure and Simple: How to Save Your Stomach and Keep Your Sanity As You Go Gluten-Free”. We’ve kicked it off with the series “Gluten-Free in 30″ and I hope it becomes a go-to site for beginner g-freers with lots of questions and little time. Good luck to you!


    PS Your peanut butter honey bars are a staple in my house right now. =)


  11. says
    She sells a great all purpose flour that is practically what it says…all purpose! So many of those turn out to only work in their own recipes, but I have successfully used this in my own, pre-gf recipes…and my mom’s banana bread recipe! She’s always tweaking recipes and posts them on her blog. In her first e-cookbook (Nearly normal cooking) she even gives the “mix” for her flour so you can do it yourself. Cost/use wise, I just buy the 5lb bag and go with it. Also, a big plus for many of you will be that she gives alternatives for egg free and casein free for most of her recipes! My kids love her graham cracker recipe and the chocolate chip cookies.


  12. Heather says

    My two favorite cookbooks are:
    1. ‘The Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook’–baking without gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, and sesame. Written by Cybele Pascal.
    2.’Gluten-free quick and easy’ written by Carol Fenster.

    I know these aren’t websites but had to pass them along. I love these books! If you can, check them out at a library, that is how I found them.


  13. says

    1000 Gluten Free Recipes by Carol Fenster is highly recommended. She uses a Sorghum/Potato Starch/Tapioca Flour baking mix.

    We are not gluten free, but I have several friends who are and I enjoy experimenting with recipes. I really like Sorghum flour a lot.


  14. Jane says

    I decided 12 days ago to eat only friuts, vegetables, eggs, meat and beans for a week to see if I could loose a couple pounds. I am a BIG baked goods fan. After two days I started feeling like I had tons of energy. I started running twice a day instead of once. I FELT GREAT! Then I decided to do an experiment. I added one serving of raw milk and raw milk cheese per meal for one day. I was soooo tired for two days. I decided right there that I was done with dairy. After two days of feeling great again I ate a brownie. It didn’t seem to make me feel any different…until about 4 hours later. I was doubled over with horrible abdominal cramps. I was sick to my stomach for three days.

    All that to say, I am done with wheat and dairy for a while. Yes, I have been using raw milk and freshly milled whole wheat flour. I didn’t realize that I could feel so much better. I am not going to add nutrient-deprived, gluten-free foods. They make you constipated, just like other flours that aren’t fresh. They have no nutrients and are just empty calories. I like how I feel too much to ruin it with junk food again.

    Eating a meat and a plate full of veggies meal has really saved money on the grocery bill too. There are so many things that I don’t have to waste money on.


  15. says

    I don’t have gluten-intolerance issues, but I still love to make Michelle’s GF brownies from She uses real foods and has a variety of recipes on her site.


  16. says

    Though the website is not up and running and does not have gluten free links, let me say that for those unaware, wheat has already been genetically modified in the US and is in most of the items on the shelves. The genetic modification increased the gluten by 90-95 % and this is (in my opinion) and posted on Rodale’s website as the likely culprit of the increased alergic reactions we all are having with products containing gluten. This will not be a solution for all as some will need to avoid it 100%, but an organic wheat diet and alot of checking labels on things you never thought had it like ice cream and sometimes catsup, might make one want to just avoid it all together, especially if gluten is causing colitis or other nasty side effects.


  17. says

    Why?! Why when I’ve just decided we’re going sugar free for a week, do you post pictures of chocolate peanut butter cookies?!

    I wasn’t here for cookies. I was here for a fettucine alfredo recipe. And I’m heading straight for it before I even look at that cookie recipe.

    I will. not. make. cookies. this. week.

    But I probably will next week. Because they look amazing.


  18. DreamingofSpring says

    The Whole Food Nutrition Kitchen is gluten and dairy free and only uses whole organic and pure foods and also rates high in nutrition– the husband is a nutritionist and the wife is the cook and together they created a cookbook that is family friendly, tastes good and is good for you!! Also if you want something that is gluten and sugar free (using stevia and xylitol) then I would check out Healthy Indulgences website–she is a college student who “tests” all her recipes on her dorm mates that eat a Standard American Diet and they are all taste approved by the pickiest eater–her chocolate cake with a secret is AMAZING–even my kids asked for seconds!!


  19. says Has the BEST GF bread! It doesn’t fall apart, it’s fresh and tastes just like it’s from a regular bakery. We love it! :)


  20. VALINDA says

    Everything looks wonderful on your website, but where can I find good rice free gluten flour mixes that are really good? I cannot use rice at all.


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