Funky Fresh Menu Plan for the Week

It’s September. At my house, that means canning tomato sauce, doing math lessons, and going to soccer games…all at the same time. I exaggerate.  But just a little bit. I mean, I do usually remember to throw off my stained apron before I chase off to the soccer field. (But only if the boys remind me.)  I have to try and be super organized if I’m going to pull off this month gracefully. Trust me – it doesn’t always happen and I’m often tripping over myself as I try to get everything done. That’s why I’ve asked you to help me by joining in with our month of the Funky Fresh Kitchen! A girl can’t do it alone!

Ready to get your kitchen funky (functional) and healthy? The first Funky Fresh Challenge will be revealed tonight. Be ready!

In the meantime, here’s how our menu looks for this week:

Sunday, September 2
Oatmeal, fruit
Bison brats, baked beans, watermelon
Black bean salsa with organic corn chips, grapes

Monday, September 3
Pancake sausage muffins, cantaloupe
Chicken patty sandwiches, tomatoes, sweet peppers
Italian pasta bake, tossed salad, green beans

Tuesday, September 4
Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, applesauce
Rice and veggie stir fry, apple slices
Cheesy salsa enchiladas, tossed salad

Wednesday, September 5
Scrambled eggs with cheese, creamy orange cooler
Tuna salad on tomatoes, sweet peppers, carrot sticks
Whole wheat calzones, apples, grape tomatoes

Thursday, September 6
Mini crustless quiches, grapes
Sloppy joes, ranch potato wedges, steamed broccoli
Chicken fried steak strips, mashed potatoes, gravy, peas

Friday, September 7
Peanut butter honey toast, smoothies
Taco salad
Homemade pizza, carrot sticks

Saturday, September 8
Giant breakfast cookies, applesauce
Grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup

What’s on your menu this week?   Share some of your “fresh” meal ideas in the comments section of this post to be eligible for our Heavenly Homemakers Shop gift certificate giveway!

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  1. Candy says

    For some reason we are in a quiche phase too. Using all our neighbors fresh eggs. My favorite lately is very simple- camerlized onion and mushroom.


  2. Bernadette says

    We’re going to do tuna on crackers, I’m not a fish fan at all so I never remember to feed it to my kids, but we’re going to try it this week!


  3. Jami says

    Just tonight we had enchiladas, (sauce from you enchilada bake) Mexican rice and blue corn chips with guacamole and salsa!


  4. Stacy says

    Tomorrow is “school kick off day” we will get all of our books organized, plan menus and celebrate back to school with a fall tradition in our home… Pumpkin pancakes!!! Oh and for the challenge today I recycled all those old plastic food storage containers, I kept a few large ones but the little ones are out of here!!!


  5. Dacia says

    We’ve been eating tons of tomatoes fresh from the garden by themselves and with everything – I haven’t even been able to get any canned!


  6. Hayley says

    Mexican chicken and rice! It’s a work in progress but it’s homemade chicken with cream cheese, rice and spice.


  7. Lorinda says

    Marinate shrimp in olive oil, fresh garlic, dash of cumin, salt/pepper lemon juice and zest (or lime) marinate shrimp for 10 minutes and then cook through, and serve with a salad. Yum! It takes longer to peel the shrimp than it does to cook and serve.


  8. Keara Smith says

    Homemade corn torts with diced chicken or beef and salt, pepper, onion, garlic and cilantro… so easy-SO YUMMY!!! (serve watermelon or other fruit on the side)


  9. Tracie says

    I always get excited this time of year because it’s when I go back to making soups-this week I think I’m going to do potato with bacon. We also have these awesome pink apples in at the health foods store, so I’ll make some cranberry, apple, and walnut breakfast cake.


  10. anne says

    I’ve been ramping up for the big ditching of the plastic, and I did it tonight! My storage container cupboard is bare! Not for long. Thanks for the challenge Laura!


  11. joanie e says

    I take teh cleaners a step further- for many reasons, one being a genetic lung condition ( oh and chemical sensitivities), I use only white venigar, borax, washing soda, baking soda etc.. in my cleaning.
    Got a ? for you- I use as much glass as possible, but what can I substitute for plastic when freezing things like applesauce and pumpkin , beans, corn, beets etc.. ? I can and freeze everything from our 1/2 acre+ garden.


  12. Julie H says

    Here’s our plan this week:
    ~Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, biscuits

    ~Homemade pizza, applesauce, carrot sticks

    ~Rosemary Balsamic Pork Tenderloin, corn on cob, spinach salad, mac n cheese

    ~Oatmeal Pancakes, applesauce

    ~Black Bean Quesadillas with cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado, sour cream

    ~Turkey Melts, chips, cut up fruit

    ~Grilled Ribeyes, baked potatoes, green beans, spinach salad

    Have a great week!


  13. Krysta says

    We are on a Keifer smoothy obsession here. Every day we make at least two blenders full for my large family. We really prefer Keifer over yogurt in smoothies. I try to get some greens in them every day too.


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