Funky Fresh Kitchen Challenge #1: Toss it Out ~ Make a Switch!

It’s time for our first challenge during the Month of the Funky Fresh Kitchen! Are you ready?

This challenge might just take a few minutes of your time — or it might take a few hours, depending on what you’d like to do. It’s all up to you – whatever you are ready for. No pressure, I promise. Small changes can be big changes, right? (That sounded so incredibly profound in my head…)

This week, your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to throw something out. Easy, right? Right. Although I’m not talking about your holey socks or your junk mail. (Although for Pete’s sake, please do something about your holey socks and your junk mail.)

I’m asking you to take a look around your kitchen. What needs to be thrown out? Is it a box of processed food you are trying to avoid eating as you are working your way toward eating more whole foods? Is it a plastic container that isn’t safe for serving or storing food? Is it a seasoning mix that has MSG in it?

Whatever it is…don’t look back. Just make the decision and throw it out. Pick just one thing – pick twenty things – pick whatever you’re up for.

Then replace what you’ve thrown out with a healthier choice. You can do it. 

Here are just a few ideas to inspire you to make a “Toss it Out ~ Make a Switch” plan (but don’t feel as though you are limited to just these few ideas):

~  Toss out your sugary cereal and replace it with Homemade Granola
~  Toss out your bottled salad dressings that have MSG and high fructose corn syrup and make a homemade salad dressing
~  Toss out something plastic and replace it with glass. (I LOVE jars!)
~  Toss out your Hamburger Helper and make homemade Cheeseburger Macaroni
~  Toss out your white rice and replace it with brown rice
~  Toss out your chemical filled cleaners and replace it with a non-toxic cleaner 
~  Toss out your boxed brownies and make homemade Fudgy Brownies. (Seriously, what an incredibly happy switch to make.) 
~  Toss out the chips and replace them with fruit for snacking.
~  Toss out your sugar filled beverages and replace them with…water. :)

The possibilities are endless. Just pick one thing. Make one small baby step on your healthy eating journey. Then, if that goes well, consider tossing out something else and making another switch.

You’ve got until Friday, September 7 to meet this challenge. If I were you, I’d get off the computer right now (um, after you finish reading this post…) and jump right in before you lose your motivation. We’re all in this together. Be brave! Chuck the junk lurking in your pantry! (I refuse to be responsible for angry husbands, so if it’s his favorite snack, do consult him first before you chuck it. You knew that, right?)

Leave a comment here letting us know you’re taking the challenge.  Have a plan forming in your mind? Share it! Participants (who leave a comment here) are eligible for our $25 and $50 Heavenly Homemakers Shop gift certificate drawings.

Are you a blogger?  Share this challenge on your blog, tell your readers your Funky Fresh Kitchen plan to “Toss it Out ~ Make a Switch”, then come link up with us here so we can learn what you’re up to and be motivated!! Be sure to link back to this post so your readers will know how they can join the challenge too. 

Are you ready? The trash can (or local food pantry, if you wish to donate) awaits…

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  1. says

    I love this challenge~ we got rid of cereal a while ago~ with 4 boys it was getting crazy expensive for every one to have their own box of cereal. We don’t use store bought salad dressing~ I cut an orange in half and squeeze the juice onto my salad- super yummy:) We are slowly making the switch from plastic to glass. We don’t eat any box mixes or chips. We eat brown rice and drink only water and milk. I have recently been researching natural cleaning products and will making the switch from commercial cleaners to those we make ourselves.


  2. says

    So, we are moving in to our new home and I am loading the kitchen with healthy foods. Thank you for the challenge, it keeps me from getting weak on the snacks aisle!


  3. Michelle says

    Thank you so much for all your easy healthier eating tips. Before your challenge I found your website and blog and have already switched oil to coconut oil, palm shortining instead of sprays and crisco, more use of whole wheat ( planning on saving for a grinder…it just looks like fun:)), oats, wheat germ and flax in most baking recipes and now I just recently added sucntant not sure of spelling to that list. Your recipes and being able to freeze items have made snacks healthier, breakfast and dinner healthier and I have also begun to plan and be more organized! Saving time:) thank you for your wisdom encouragement and simple healthy fun things for a family to eat. Your recipies have really helped our family be healthier!


  4. Kathy says

    Does it count if I don’t actually toss something out, but come up with a better idea than what I was PLANNING to buy? My son requested “Flower Pot Dessert” for his birthday this weekend. That calls for boxed pudding mix, but I decided to go a bit healthier (and I think better tasting) and use homemade pudding. We’ve been making changes like this for a couple of years now, but some of these conveniences have still held out.


  5. Allie says

    I have been thinking about this… but my challenge right now is to cut out all my new food allergies… Milk, gluten, peanuts, eggs.. Ouch!


  6. Krysta says

    I am hanging onto this tupperware microwave cooker because it was expensive. But I won’t use it and haven’t used it in years. It is time to let it go. I dug it out of the cupboard and will be waving by to it tomorrow.


  7. says

    The toss out plastic idea really caught my attention. We basically only use tall plastic cups from fast food restaurants day in and day out. i guess i could bring myself to throw out all the plastic and start using pretty glasses.


  8. Annie says

    We have made a number of changes in our eating over the last year or two. However, when my husband lost his job, we’ve been forced to choose less healthy options to save money. We’ve been doing ok, since we had a good sized stockpile. However, our pantry is running bare. We are hoping to buy healthier again soon, but would love some suggestions on what we can do in the meantime. We are big fans of Azure, but I can’t scrape together enough extra money from our grocery budget to get a bulk order.


    LubbyGirl Reply:

    Hi…I’ve heard of Azure but haven’t used it yet. I was wondering after I read your comment, does Azure allow a combined order to count as a bulk order? I mean, if you had a couple of other folks that could go in with you as one order, would that work? I feel for you in your husband’s job loss, and pray he finds one soon!


  9. says

    This is something dear to our hearts, as we’ve actually been doing this sort of thing for just over a year now. There is always something else I can do, though, so thanks for the encouragement. I’m bookmarking this so I can link up to it, just as soon as I do some of the suggestions here that I haven’t done. :-) Gotta actually DO the stuff before I blog about it and link up!!


  10. Soccy says

    My citric acid finally arrived. Ive stopped using the cascade and now use borax,citric acid, kosher salt and washing soda as a more natural, cheaper replacement. And i trashed my 409 and replaced with vinegar infused with orange peels.


  11. Kentuckylady717(Mona) says

    Well I’m trying….I have started using COCONUT OIL thanks to you :) that is a big switch for me…..also switched to 2% milk….still love the full fat milk tho :) trying to change my milk in my coffee tho….used to use coffee mate, but after reading all the ingredients, I decided I’d try something else….so went to half and half….not happy with that either…..still working on this tho…..any ideas ????? I like a little bit of coffee in my milk as my daughter tells me LOL…..


    Christi Reply:

    Full fat milk is better for you!!


    Sara Reply:

    Full fat milk is good for you though.


  12. Kim in az says

    We are no longer buying boxed Mac and cheese or Helper mixes. We *love* your 4 ingredient Mac and cheese as a substitute – and I know all of the ingredients!


  13. Amy Sennes says

    I’m going to start making homemade mac and cheese, as well as homemade granola bars. We eat a LOT of granola bars. This week I’m going to try homemade pitas as well, but we hardly ever eat them. Good series!


  14. Cheryl says

    Threw out my dishwasher rince aid and replaced it with good old vinegar. Bought my first boxes of Borax and Washing soda. Can’t wait to make my own laundry detergent!


    Sara Reply:

    I used to add vinegar to my rinse aid compartment too until I read that vinegar eats the rubber gasket inside. It said to put vinegar in a small open container on the top shelf of your dishwasher instead and so far it’s worked just as well for me at least.


    Cheryl Reply:

    Thanks for the tip. I had no idea.


  15. Amanda Sikes says

    I have cut out all toxic cleaners. Started making homemade laundry soap, hand soap and all purpose citrus cleaner.

    We are drinking more water snacking on fruit and cut veggies. I’m also spending time each weekend cooking and chopping for our breakfasts and lunches to ensure they are healthy even though school has started.


  16. Sarah says

    I am trying to declutter my tiny kitchen to make room for my new “toys” like a pasta maker. But the pantry keeps getting messier, because we are buying more in bulk.


  17. Karen says

    I got up as soon as I read this (the day you posted it), Laura, and went looking for something to switch. Truth of the matter is, I’ve had a really hard time finding something. Over the past year and a half, I’ve already switched over almost everything from SAD to a more healthy way of cooking. We don’t used boxed cereal. I’ve been making your Mac & Cheese for almost a year now. I make all our bread from scratch. I’ve even tried my hand at my own vanilla. We eat home made icecream. I make my own deodorant and use a all natural shampoo bar (which I LOVE). The list goes on and on.

    Finally today as I was cooking breakfast, I figured out what I could switch. I have an old double burner griddle that had “non-stick” coating on it and it’s looking rather scarey at the moment. I’m going to switch from that unhealthy (and potentially cancer causing) griddle to a seasoned cast iron one that will work like non-stick because it’s been properly seasoned. It may have taken me a little more than a week to figure it out, but I finally decided what to swap out.

    Thanks for the challenge!!



  18. Keleigh says

    Definitely taking the challenge. Doing a little every day. In the next two weeks my kitchen should be totally done over. Throwing out plastic, unhealthy foods. Etc…


  19. says

    I’m late in reading blog posts this past week or two, but I want to include myself in your challenge. I’ve moved back in with my parents (husband is overseas) and its hard to throw things out when it doesn’t belong to me. However, my parents have so much junk! I’m throwing out chips and candies that have been hanging out in the pantry way too long!


  20. Brenda J says

    We tossed out buying water in bottles that are thrown away and use reusable bottles and plastic double insulated cups with lids and straws. love it!


  21. Heather says

    I have been slowly making these switches over the past year…it feels great! Im always looking to make more in other areas or continue with it in our kitchen department :)


  22. Erin says

    Late to the game I know… but I wanted to join in anyway.
    I’m tossing out my remaining plastic containers and buying more glass


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