Funky Fresh Challenge: Eat More Fruits and Veggies

You know I have to throw this “eat more fruits and veggies” challenge out every few months or so, right? During our month of the Funky Fresh Kitchen, it seems like a perfect time to bring it up again. :)

If you already eat lots and lots berries, salads, apples, steamed veggies, raw veggies, bananas, etc. each day, you can leave a comment, check this challenge off your list, and cheerfully go eat another green bean.

But if eating fruits and vegetables is something you struggle with, then can I encourage you to move out of your meat and potato comfort zone just a little bit? I’m not knocking meat and potatoes. I love ’em myself! I just know it’s important to eat many fruits and vegetables along with our steak and spuds.


Keeping plenty of fruits and vegetables on hand and serving them regularly for snacks and meals is a great way to have a Funky Fresh Kitchen and to take your family on a journey toward better health.

Feel like giving us excuses like “fresh produce is more expensive than other snacks”? Sorry, I’ve already done the research and the math on that one. It just ain’t true.  (Wow, look at me – pulling out poor grammar just to prove a point.)  Also, I’ve written another post in the past I think you should read encouraging us to be intentional about eating fruits and vegetables. I even went so far as to give you a detailed list of how you can make this work. It looks something like this:

1. Buy fruits and vegetables.
2. Eat them.
3. Repeat.

This is the perfect time of year to get your hands on awesome fresh produce for a great price. We currently have a kitchen full of fresh apples, pears, peaches, sweet peppers, tomatoes, green beans, and okra that we are enjoying constantly…with our meat and potatoes and pasta. See, eating more fruits and veggies doesn’t mean you have to give up other stuff you love. (Except for the junky junk food you should be giving up. For Pete’s sake.)  You just need to be sure you’re getting a diet rich in the nutrients only vegetables and fruit can provide.

Ready to accept this Funky Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Challenge this week? Simply commit to adding a few more servings of these jewels to your menu each day. Then, don’t forget to eat them (see number 2 above).

Leave a comment on this post, sharing what your favorite fruits and veggies are and how you plan to eat more in the upcoming week. All comments will be entered in our giveway for two $25 and one $50 gift certificates to the Heavenly Homemakers Shop.

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  1. Linda says

    I bought peaches this summer and canned some of them. I also bought blueberries when they were on sale and froze them. I like to use these fruits in plain yogurt with a little stevia. YUM!


  2. Megan says

    Great post. We have been adding more veggies to our meals. With a one year old some of the raw veggies are a little tough for him to eat but sauteed carrots are a good way to get him those veggies and good fats. Now to try to get him to like the green stuff a little better.


  3. Mary Ann says

    I am pulling out my stick blender and making smoothies. I bought some frozen tropical fruit along with frozen blueberries. This time, though, I bought kale and parsley to sneak in my smoothies. You need to strip the leaves on the kale and compost the touch stem. Ditto with the parsley.
    I usually put a cup of frozen fruit, add about a fourth cup of additional frozen blueberries, a banana, some milk (or coconut milk or whatever milk I want to use), then a dollop of honey. It makes a huge smoothie and I can easily count my fruits (and veggies). With the kale and parsley, I’ll just add a small leaf of kale to start and a very small bit of parsley. When my husband makes these (and he makes them most mornings for himself before he goes to work – he’s consistent and I’m not at all), he adds an egg and ground flax seed.


  4. says

    I am enjoying all these ideas! We went to the Farmers Market for the third week in a row this past Saturday and loaded up on more produce. So excited for the butternut squash soup I am making right now. It is the ONLY way I can get my kids to eat any type of squash (except for zuchinni). We bought a share of crops last winter (got a big box of veggies every other week). I think we tried every type of squash out there! My hubby and I love them all. Those farm co-ops are a great way to force yourself to try new things. We NEVER would have bought squash prior to that co-op. or cabbage…or kohlorobi (spelling?) yum!


  5. Cathy V. says

    Have to just go and purchase more fruits and vegetables – always hesitate to buy too much because if no one else eats, mom has to eat everything! How come that never happens with ice cream?


    Kristy Reply:

    Thats true in my house too and they complain when the ice cream is gone and blame each other for eating it all!
    For once I’d like to hear “Hey who ate all of the broccoli?”


  6. says

    We are eating fruits and veggies like crazy right now…all fresh! I’m canning and freezing what I can as well and am so grateful for this time of year. Tomorrow is farmer’s market day and just in time…the fridge is looking bare of fresh stuff and I’m not dipping into the preserved foods yet! My kids are little and we have two snacks a day (10 am and 3 pm) and the morning one is always some kind of fruit. All week long it has been apples and PB because we went and rescued some apples on long forgotten apple trees last weekend.


  7. Stephanie says

    I just went to the store yesterday and stocked up on fresh and frozen produce! We had steamed broccoli with our pasta tonight. We’re also currently enjoying fresh pears from our tree! I’m going to make a big batch of pear sauce this week!


  8. Laurence GL says

    My favorite veggie is cucumber, and as it is the end of the cucumber season where I live, I intend to eat more of it raw.


  9. says

    Probably peaches are my favorite fruit, and I’m just discovering that I love asparagus! Who knew?! I need to have more fruits and veggies on hand so i’ll reach for those instead of other snacks.


  10. Tina says

    I already eat lots of fruits, blueberries at breakfast, tomatoes at lunch, also watermelon and grapes, then an apple on the way home. Will try to do more veggies.


  11. Beth B says

    Thanks for your good ideas. I have been trying to be more aware of adding more veggies and fruits to our meals! Tonight we made a trip to the store and loaded up on a bunch:)


  12. says

    We make fresh fruit smoothies every week – and every meal we each something RAW and fresh . . . if we sit down to our meal and we don’t see anything RAW – one of up pops up and finds some raw food to add to our meal – it has helped us so much!!


  13. Candice M says

    It’s hard to get my young children to eat fruits and veggies, but we continue to offer them. Some of our favorite fruits are pineapple, pomelo, apple, mango, and strawberries. Some favorite veggies are okra, broccoli, watercress, and chayote.


  14. Carolyn says

    trying to so hard to do this too! It helps to be intentional about cutting up some carrots or something for the kids to snack on


  15. says

    I love this challenge, because sometimes I get off track. So yesterday I made a big salad with romaine, chopped green peppers, chopped cauliflower, onion, shredded carrots & purple cabbage. I then cut up 2 cantaloupe and stuck them in the fridge. Instant healthy snacking for my sweet tooth! I am trying to stay away from sugar and I constantly go into the kitchen looking for little nibbles, like tiny, little, cute chocolate chips (they’re little & cute so it doesn’t count!) My goal for the rest of the week is to eat my big salad up before it goes bad (I don’t like wasting food) and eating fruit instead of the chocolate chips.


  16. Sherri says

    I started doing this recently – and was pleasantly surprised! Not only are we feeling better, but I don’t have to use up so much of our more expensive foods for a main dish. I can serve less main, more fruits/veges, some grain in some form….and everyone is satisfied! Who knew! (Well, since God planned it this way, I’m sure HE did…) :)


  17. Amanda B. says

    I just had a 1/2 bushel of honeycrisp apples given to me from a local farmer. Right now, these are my favorite fruit. I am also LOVING heirloom tomatoes!


  18. Rhoda says

    Love the fruits and veggies, but just recently found out that I am allergic to a bunch of them (the night shades!). Bummer!! Trying to figure out what I can and cannot eat right now.


  19. Annie says

    We eat a fruit or a vegetable at every meal. However, I’m not quite sure how to add more. We keep meals pretty simple here with 4 little ones, but I’d be open to suggestions. We really don’t do snacks between meals.


  20. Sheri Beeker says

    I love most all fruit and the summer is the best time of year to eat it(peaches, pears, all the berries, watermelon)thankfully, my kids love fruit as well…but, I definitely need to do a better job of veggies.


  21. T.R. says

    I love most fruits and veggies, except, cauliflower, carrots and brussel sprouts…:O) I’m already eating good fruit. But I’m going to add my veggies to my lunch and dinner. :O)


  22. Jaclyn says

    I love making kale chips, great snack. One of our favorite sides is roasted zucchini, squash, onion, and red pepper. I also make plenty of soup loaded with veggies!


  23. Lauren says

    Oh, I needed this reminder today. I was doing so well for a while, but I’ve wandered from the path of fruit and veggie eating…


  24. jami says

    I love fruits and veggies! Fruit on the table is a no brainer. Sometimes the veggie doesn’t always make it. It might already be in the main dish or after I get the main dish done I’m ready to just sit everyone down to eat. I can really push myself to get more veggies on the table!


  25. Jocelyn says

    Having hummus on hand helps us eat most raw veggies. I also need to remember to serve the raw veggies first, more get eaten when kids are hungry :) On my to do list is making your ranch cuz using ranch dip is the only way my kids will eat raw broccoli.


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