Freezing Muffin Batter for Quick Breakfasts and Snacks

Muffins.  They are everywhere. I can’t seem to stop myself.

If you could look into my freezers right now, you might wonder if I had an unhealthy fear of an impending muffin shortage. Or that perhaps I was planning to feed muffins to my family every meal for three weeks and then force ziplock bags full of leftover muffins upon the mailman and the unsuspecting neighborhood boy walking his dog .  You might wonder if I am planning a bake sale, featuring all varieties of muffins, baked by the happy, grinning muffin lady.

The practical side of you might also wonder if I’d recently found chocolate chips on sale. At our house, muffins and chocolate chips often go hand in hand just because they do.

It is also possible that some of you might look into my freezers and somehow not even notice the muffins while you think to yourself, “What is this unorganized mess and when is this girl going to defrost her freezers to make them more efficient?”  To which I would answer, “Who has time to organize or defrost freezers when one is so busy making muffins?”

We shall blame this latest muffin craze on Vicki – a reader who has now changed my life, or at least my breakfast. I’m telling you right now:  Get out your muffin tins, paper liners, and mixing bowls. You will want to partake in this time saving, delicious, breakfast and snack baking activity.

Here it is:

Stir up your muffin batter as the recipe states. (You’ll find many muffin recipes here.)  Scoop the batter into well greased or paper-lined muffin tins. Do not bake. Freeze.  (Not you, the muffins. This is not a hold up.)  Once the muffin batter is frozen, take the frozen batter balls out of the tin and place them in a freezer bag. Store them in the freezer for up to three months.

When you need muffins, do one of two things:

1. Place frozen, unbaked muffin batter balls into muffin tins overnight, set it in the fridge, then bake the muffins as normal the following morning. Or
2. Place frozen, unbaked muffin batter balls into muffin tins right when you need them, bake as directed, only adding a few more minutes of baking time.

Freeze Your Muffin Batter 3

It’s not like it’s hard or time consuming to mix up muffins and bake them. But I’m all for cutting down on dishes, and getting food made ahead of time to make life and healthy meals more convenient.  This wonderful muffin batter freezing tip rocks my world  – and fills my freezer with dozens of muffins in many varieties. It also saves me money and effort. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made muffins, stuffed them in the back of my freezer for a busy day, then pulled them out only to find them freezer burned and dry. This freezing method ensures I have fresh, tasty muffins every time – within minutes and without dirtying dishes.

A few additional tips:

If your batter is thick enough, skip freezing it in the muffin tin. Scoop the batter in muffin-sized balls onto a parchment paper-lined cookie sheet. Transfer frozen balls to freezer bags and use when needed.


Label your muffin batter balls so you can easily tell what is available in your freezer. If you have several different varieties of muffin batter prepared and in your freezer, you can pull out a few of each kind and bake an assortment, just for fun or to please picky palates.


This idea even works for mini-muffins.

Because I have muffins on my mind, I have more fun muffin tips coming up this week. (Subscribe for free updates if you don’t want to miss!)  And be watching for an awesome Strawberry Cream Muffin recipe too!


I have to know:  Is this “freezing muffin batter” a brand new idea to you, or have you tried it before?  Once I tried this and learned how well it worked, I went on a muffin freezing frenzy (as confessed above). I now have Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffin batter, Blueberry Muffin batter, Chocolate Chip Muffin batter (recipe in Kids in the Kitchen eBook), and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Muffin batter in my freezers. Told you I couldn’t stop myself. What a time saver!


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  1. Amanda says

    Such a great idea! Ibknowbthis has nothing to do with breakfast- but would it work with cupcakes too?


    Laura Reply:

    I’ve never tried it, but I would think so!


    marion Reply:

    yes, it does :-)


    Carol Cody Reply:

    It works on everything. Also cake batters, pies (I make mini fried pies and freeze before cooking). Sometimes I think my freezers are my best friends!!!!!!!!!!!


    Dottie Reply:

    Re freezing cupcake batter: Yes, you can. I’m on Pinterest (where this one
    has also been pinned, Laura) and saw a post discussing just that. Laura,
    Thanks for this tip. Love it! I’m planning a freezer cooking day for next


  2. Carie W-F says


    Have you tried with with gf muffins? I’m getting a gf book from the library soon and would love to be able to stock my freezer with gf make aheads!

    Thanks for all the great tips and tricks :-)



    Laura Reply:

    No, I don’t have a lot of experience with GF muffins, so I’m not sure.


    Melissa Carr Reply:

    This should work fine with Gluten free muffins! Each batter still generally uses a flour, fat/oil, sugar and rising agent like baking soda or powder. I am going to try this with some coconut flour ones next!


  3. PGordon says

    I have been freezing muffin batter for about 10 years. Your method is great for Individual servings and I will have to try it.

    I started freezing muffin batter when I tried frozen muffin batter from a Canadian company called MacMillans. For their batters, you simply use an ice cream scoop to take out as many batter balls as needed, and bake from frozen.

    I do the same with my own muffin batter. As .ong as you work from frozen batter, this works well. I like putting several dozen muffins worth in the freezer at a time. Then on busy mornings, we scoop and bake.


  4. CJ says

    This is how I do cookies! Make the dough (usually 4x batch) then get one of your kids to roll the dough into a million cookie-sized balls and place on a cookie sheet-real close together, even touching. Freeze. Put frozen cookie dough balls in zip lock and store in freezer. Later when you need 4 cookies or 3 dozen cookies, take out what you need and bake ’em up! You’re always only 12 minutes away from freshly baked cookies that didn’t come from a factory!


  5. Trudi says

    Hi Laura – thanks for passing on this great idea. I’m sure I’d NEVER have thought of it on my own! One question . . . does this work with your coconut flour muffin recipe? Was wondering if it would work the same since there’s so little flour used and it seems to me the batter would freeze up much harder. Thanks!


    LindseyforLaura@HHM Reply:

    Coconut flour can be so finicky. Since Laura hasn’t tried it, it is hard to know for sure but she is doubtful that it would work out as well.


  6. Jackson Barnett says

    I certainly respect your position that “muffins and chocolate chips often go hand in hand just because they do”, but I must beg to differ. In OUR house, it’s COOKIES and chocolate chips that go hand in hand just because they do. ;)


  7. thash says

    hi how long can the frozen mix keep in the freezer ? cos i found that the muffins dont rise when the batter is frozen .


    Laura Reply:

    I keep mine up to three months.


  8. Jacquie says

    Hi Laura,

    Fantastic tips! Just one question, I find whenever I freeze things, especially muffins they always get freezer burn! Any tips?



    Laura Reply:

    My biggest tips to avoid freezer burn are to make sure the item has completely cooled before packaging, make sure the packaging is air tight, and to use the freezer item within 1-2 months.


  9. Erin says

    So this completely made my day…uh, night? I work the third shift… Anyway, I have been interested in freezing foods for a while. Mostly to cut down on portion size, as no wasted food happens here. :/ Plus, it saves time considering my schedule. We love muffins, here, and two of three are very picky and I can make myself the crazy flavors while preparing them their plain ones. Thanks to you for posting this!! :)


  10. Katharine in Brussels says

    Thanks for the blueberry muffins reference, I had some frozen blueberries waiting for their next destination! They’re now stirred into a batch that is finishing off its last couple of minutes as ten mini muffins in the oven, and another ten mini muffins are chilling in the freezer. Love mini muffins as they are the perfect size for little people.


  11. Luz says

    Hi Laura, I love the idea of freezing muffin batter especially since schools about to start!! I work at the school as well so I need/want something easy for breakfast. Do you happen to have a list of just your muffin recipes? Or a book ore book of just muffins or breakfast? Thanks for your great recipes!!


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