Free Printables: Christmas Cards

I’m not great at sending out Christmas cards anymore. I have zero guilt over this. I have found other ways to be in touch with loved ones and find that taking “Send Christmas Cards” off my holiday to-do list is a great relief.

However, I still often find that it’s nice to have a few Christmas cards on hand to add to gifts, to put with a plate of cookies we’re giving away, or to simply encourage someone. I had fun creating a few different cards that I printed off to grab when I need one. Then I made each of the files into downloads to share with you!

Free Printable Christmas Cards

Simply download the files below, print the cards on plain white cardstock, cut them apart, fold in the middle, and use them to bless people!

~ Download Joy Christmas Tree and Peace Wreath Christmas Cards here.


~ Download Holly Jolly Polar Bear and For You Reindeer Christmas Cards here.


~ Download Let it Snow Snowman and Merry Gingerbread Man Christmas Cards  here.

I especially had fun making these cards for people I miss and won’t be seeing for a while.

Free Printable Miss You Christmas Cards

~ Download Miss You Christmas Cards here.

These cards fit into simple Invitation Sized Envelopes.

So tell me – are you a Christmas Card Sender Outer??  :)


  1. Sheila h. says

    Thanks for these cute printables and adding them to gifts is a great idea. I am not great about taking pictures of my boys, so sending cards to people we don’t often see helps me take at least an annual photo. (Thank goodness my sister is always snapping pics of them for me)


  2. Michelle says

    Thank you for these! My son’s last day of school is Friday and we needed a card to put his teacher’s gift in. Perfect!


  3. Rachel says

    This has nothing to do with the cards, but I wanted to send you the link to an interesting concept for underground gardening in the north. I live in TX so I’m curious how this could extend our growing season of the colder weather plants that die off too quickly. The creator of the video on the link even keeps his goats and chickens down there during the particularly cold days.


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