Eat Right Away ~ Introducing $2.00 Packets Built to Bless Your Family Dinner!

This idea has been a long time in the making! I’m very excited to introduce our latest project. It’s a collection of downloadable make-ahead recipe and instruction packets called Eat Right Away: Your Guide to Real Food Fast! 

Eat Right Away Collection2

Each of these downloadable Eat Right Away packets include:

  • 5 brand new recipes
  • 5 individual meal grocery lists, plus 1 big grocery list to aid you in making all five meals in one sitting (though you’ll actually be standing, not sitting, my apologies).
  • 5 individual recipe instructions, plus 1 “Be Efficient” set of instructions to guide you through making all five meals in one 2ish-hour time frame
  • Freezer safe instructions for each recipe, plus guidance on thawing, reheating, and serving each meal with little effort.
  • Serving suggestions so you don’t have to think about the side dishes
  • Bonus tips

Each packet is only $2.00, and we’ve made it easy by packaging all four packets together into one $8.00 collection! Yep! That’s it. We want to get them into all of your hands to help you save time and money in your real food kitchen.

Each recipe is family friendly, easy to prepare, contains simple, real food ingredients, and can be made ahead and frozen so that you can Eat Right Away!

Bonus! So far, the ten recipes in these two packets can be easily adapted to be gluten free. The only ingredient which is not naturally gluten free in these recipes is pasta. Sub the wheat pasta for rice or corn pasta and voila! 10 gluten free recipes that you can Eat Right Away!

Let’s begin with Eat Right Away: Beef Edition. Recipes included are:

  • Cheesy Salsa Burgers (The easiest recipe ever. Make it gluten free by serving on a bed of lettuce.)
  • One Dish Cheesy Beef and Potatoes (Our family’s favorite so far.)
  • Bacon-Wrapped Individual Meatloaves (Make ’em ahead, pull ’em out, cook ’em up! You don’t even have to thaw these in advance.)
  • Easy Hamburger Soup (The ultimate comfort food.)
  • Baked Ziti (Could it be possible that we like this as much as lasagna? Yes.)

Eat Right Away, Beef Edition

Make all five meals in about 2 hours time. Be rewarded with five delicious meals to pull out and serve with little additional effort!

Next, take a look at Eat Right Away: Chicken Edition. Recipes included are:

  • Teriyaki Chicken and Veggie Kabobs (This one takes a tiny bit of extra effort. It is WORTH IT.)
  • Easy Apricot Chicken (Takes five minutes to make. No joke.)
  • Sloppy Salsa Chicken (Also takes five minutes…okay six. I’m serious.)
  • Mexi-Chicken Pasta (Where has this been all my life?)
  • Chicken Tostadas (So fast!)

Eat Right Away, Chicken Edition

Make all five meals in about less than 2 hours time. Be rewarded with five delicious meals to pull out and serve with little additional effort!

Eat Right Away: Slow Cooker Chicken Edition ~ Recipes Included Are:

  • Cheesy Chicken Potatoes and Broccoli
  • Italian Chicken and Veggies
  • Black Bean and Corn Salsa Chicken
  • Barbecue Cranberry Chicken
  • Ranch Chicken Tacos

Eat Right Away Slow Cooker Chicken Edition Banner

Eat Right Away: Slow Cooker Beef Edition ~ Recipes Included Are:

  • Roast Beef and Melted Cheese Sandwiches
  • Mongolian Beef
  • Balsamic Beef Roast
  • Sweet Pepper Beef Stew
  • Hawaiian Beef and Rice

Eat Right Away Slow Cooker Beef Edition Banner

Just like the chicken recipes, you can make all five beef recipes in about one hour. Put them in the freezer or fridge. Pull them out and throw them into the crock pot.

Grab these four packets and get started with putting together these 10 great meals so that you can Eat Right Away!

Four recipe guides to help you eat real food, fast! We've packaged these $2.00 packets into one easy downloadable collection of four. You'll love how easy these make it to feed your family great meals with little effort!
Price: $8.00


  1. Dorthy M. says

    I’m looking forward to all of these to be perfectly honest. But if I had to choose I’d vote for the meatless edition next because when you’re on a budget, meat takes a huge hunk of the money.


  2. Lori G says

    I would enjoy the crock pot packet next. It’s getting hot and we don’t use the oven during the summer.


  3. Charity Voyles says

    Ok, so I have a tear in my eye (not kidding). These are such an appreciated resource! A HUGE thanks from those of us who struggle with brilliance in the kitchen. Laura, thank you for sharing your gifts to bless so many ladies and their families…..Will be purchasing these as soon as my household budget is replenished. ????


  4. Cathy B. says

    These sound like a terrific resource; what a great idea! Thank you so much for putting these together! All the packets sound wonderful, but I’d be especially interested in some new, different, tasty, healthful slow cooker recipes now that the weather has gotten hot where I live.


  5. Stacy says

    These look fabulous! I think the meatless or lunchbox editions would be awesome. We homeschool, but it’s still nice to quickly pull something out for the kids’ lunch.


  6. Marissa says

    My apologies if this was posted and I missed it.
    Is this an “E” packet or do I get it mailed to me?
    I don’t see anywhere about the cost of shipping so I
    assume it’s something I print from home?


    Laura Reply:

    It is an e-packet. I feel silly that I never made that clear! Thank you for pointing it out. I’ll edit the post to let people know!


  7. Sonia says

    I’m with Stacy. We homeschool too but I’m often at a loss for lunch ideas. The lunch box edition would be great. Whole food lunch ideas that don’t always use bread would be really nice!!


  8. Michelle says

    Hi Laura,

    Do you think you’ll bundle these when they’re all ready? (Like the e-book overload.) I’m wondering if I should wait to buy since I’ll want them all. Thanks!


    Laura Reply:

    I probably will bundle these eventually just to make it easier on everyone in the long run. But since they are already at a low price, I really doubt I will make the bundle discounted (except for the rare sale I might run).


  9. Amanda H says

    Laura you are AWESOME! These are amazing resources! I definitely could use some help in the lunch department. Both hot and cold since my hubby doesn’t have a way for hot lunch at this time. Thank you again for these recipe packs!


  10. Gina says

    Yummy! Laura, thank you for helping make things easier for those of us who struggle with what to make. My vote is crockpot or meatless for the next one.


  11. Leela says

    Can the teriyaki chicken be made with a different sauce? My husband really doesn’t care for anything teriyaki but the rest of us like it.


    Laura Reply:

    Definitely. You can use whatever sauce he likes…sweet and sour, ranch, bbq, etc. :)


  12. Sarah says

    I’m buying both of these – I love the “make all these at one time” instructions and grocery list! And I’m looking forward to the slow cooker edition next the most. Thank you for having such a great idea, for making them affordable, and especially for thinking of the gluten free among us. :)


  13. Jill says

    Quick question for the chicken edition…

    I usually start with a whole frozen chicken. Would these recipes need adjusting? Any tips or thoughts? Ideally I would love to start the “session” the day before by roasting a few chickens and setting the meat aside for part 2.



    Laura Reply:

    The only recipe that might not work is the Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs. The other four recipes in the packet would work SO EASILY if you roast and debone the chicken, then add the other ingredients. :)


  14. Karen says

    Have you posted the Meatless edition, Breakfast edition, and Lunchbox edition? I can’t find them on your store?


    Laura Reply:

    Not yet! Those are still in the works. :)


  15. Luz Segura says

    HI Laura, I was interested in purchasing all the Eat Right Away ebooks but I only have in my cart both the chicken and beef editions and slow cooker editions…. I was very interested in the lunchbox one and meatless and soup ones…. Are those available for purchase?




    Luz Segura Reply:

    Also was interested in the breakfast one….. The whole collection if possible.


    Laura Reply:

    Not yet, those are still in the works!


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