Eat More Fruits and Veggies! The Challenge

First it was the NO SUGAR Plunge

Now…it’s time to take the Eat More Fruits and Veggies Challenge!


Do you know how many servings of fruits and veggies we’re supposed to be eating everyday?


Do you know how much people usually eat everyday?

Not nearly enough!

Do you eat enough?

It is recommended that we eat at least five servings a day. Minimum.

Really, really…we should be eating lots and lots of these wonderful, delicious, healthy foods!

I say…let’s go with the number eight!

So here’s the challenge:  Focus on eating at least eight servings a day of fruits and veggies. 

Hey, if you eat more than eight a day…great! (By the way, one serving is equal to only a half cup – it’s not very big!)

Set a goal that works for you! If your goal needs to be less than eight servings a day…no problem. You’ve gotta start somewhere!

Let us know you’re going to take the challenge! Keep coming back here for ideas, recipes, and some great fruit and veggie encouragement!!

Come on…it’s the perfect time of year to take this challenge…when everything around us is in bloom and fresh and new!

Do it!! Go to the store and get all kinds of beautifully colored, God given food!!

Come on back tomorrow…we’ll chat some more about this!




  1. jayme says

    I’m with you…I will try for 8 servings a day this week. Wow. I’m going to shoot for convincing my kids and husband to eat a minimum of 3 though. I can handle it … the grumblers are coming along slowly though. Maybe it will surprise me. :)


  2. says

    Starting Wednesday, when all the craziness is over here, I will shoot to get in 5 per day, along with weaning off the soda again… (have to get through the Funeral…) Wednesday will be a great day to get back on track, and start a new challenge! :-)


  3. Amy says

    Eight?! Wow… I’ll try. Maybe my 4 year old daughter can help. Her favorite lunchtime fare is fresh broccoli and carrots with ranch dip. She makes sure her veggies are on the grocery list when we run low. :-) I’m more of a fresh fruit type myself.


  4. says

    I’ve been trying hard to do this…one child loves fruit/veggies the other doesn’t and will eat it when given it but he takes sooooo long to get through his apple slices or whatever. At supper I’ve been working on consistently having a tray of sliced apples/oranges or pineapple and grapes or fruit salad on the table.

    It really is a challenge to prepare healthy meals and make sure everyone is getting what they need – can’t just throw a pizza on the table…it takes extra work – but it needs to be done. And better for the kids to get into the habit of lots of fruit/veggies while they are young.


  5. says

    This is a challenge I can better handle… I bombed the sugar one, but this one, I think I can come close to!

    Yesterday we had about 6! We had pita sandwiches with lettuce, onions, and cukes for lunch. Supper was a chicken cass. stuffed with onions and broc and another side veggie.

    Hats off to a challenge that I can swing!


  6. says

    I’ve got a bowl of strawberries washed and waiting on the counter, all ready for anyone who wants to grab a few. (I know you’re not supposed to wash berries ahead of time, but they won’t last the day here.)
    I’m really trying to make fruits and vegetables the bulk of what we eat, although sometimes it’s hard. Thank goodness for salads, LOL!


  7. says

    Fruit, easy….veggies, not so good at that. We eat raw carrots and broccoli everynight but as soon as I provide any cooked vegetables or salad greens they turn up their noses in disgust. I keep trying though.


  8. Rachel says

    Hi! I found you from Crystal Paine’s blog. Interesting that you pick the number 8. I’m always trying to add more and more fruits and veggies into our diet. I’m especially convicted because the government here in Australia actually pushes 5 serves of vegetables and 2 serves of fruit as the minimum amount we should all be striving to eat per day. Interesting isn’t it?


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