Easy Homemade Nacho Cheese Pretzel Dip

Obviously, this nacho cheese pretzel dip can be eaten with other foods beyond pretzels. I’m thinking tortilla chips, steamed veggies, popcorn chicken


But with these Homemade Soft Pretzel Bites? So delicious!

What’s fun about this recipe is that you can make it as spicy or as mild as you like. In fact, our family made individual bowls of the cheese dip, then added as much hot sauce as we each preferred.

Easy Nacho Cheese Pretzel DipYum

Easy Homemade Nacho Cheese Pretzel Dip
  • 4 ounces cream cheese
  • 8 ounces cheddar cheese, cut into cubes
  • 1 to 1½ cups milk
  • hot sauce to taste (we like Cholula)
  1. In a medium saucepan, slowly melt cream cheese and cheddar cheese cubes on medium low heat, stirring constantly.
  2. Once melted, gradually add milk and whisk together while continuing to heat.
  3. Once the sauce reaches the consistency you desire, remove from heat and serve - adding hot sauce to taste.


My boys were so impressed that I was able to make something that tasted so much like the canned fake cheese dip. But never fear – because this is made with real ingredients, it tastes much better than what comes out of a can.

Let’s take a vote: Who likes the cheese stuff that pours out of a can?  Love it? Hate it? Don’t feel bad admitting that you like it. We all have our lingering non-food cravings (says the lady who still chooses Nacho Cheese Doritos when given the opportunity).

But speaking of Doritos and Velveeta (which we weren’t actually speaking of but hang with me here). If you want to avoid cheese from a can and cheese from a box – but you really love Nacho Cheese Dip – I have a recipe you are going to love!

After years of trying, I came up with Real Food “Velveeta” and Rotel Dip.

Real Food Velveeta and Rotel Dip

You guys. This recipe changed my life and I now make this dip every couple of weeks because we love it so much. I exaggerate frequently and am sarcastic often – but I am very serious about this dip.

So there you go. You now have two amazing homemade, real food dips to try so that you can forever and always avoid processed cheese. Amen and amen.


  1. Rebecca says

    Yum!! Will be making this for an appetizer for a number of gatherings the next two months. Hopefully it keeps well in the crock pot. Thank you!


  2. says

    Looks wonderful! Is this like the Velvetta/Rotel sauce that is unbelievably delicious with chips? I’m thinking if you added the rotel, it would be a close imitation of the fake stuff. Just wondering how runny this is….


    Laura Reply:

    Ya know, that might just work! It’s not super runny, and you can make it as thick or runny as you like depending on how much milk you add.


  3. AmyK says

    The big can of Que Bueno is my weakness! (& why doesn’t it come in a smaller can?)
    Can’t wait to try this FOOD version. Thinking I’ll add jalapenos too :) Thanks!


  4. shelby says

    I can’t wait to try this for my “Easy-cheese” loving son! I am going to get some pretzel dough started right now!


  5. kelly d says

    trying this(and pretzel bites)this weekend!!think it will make all 7 of my kids pretty happy….especially my oldest who still has fond memories of forbidden snacks.lol..he always tells the younger kids…momma used to let me eat Doritos..lol thanks again for another great recipe!!!


  6. Kristin says

    Oh yum! Thank you SO much! I can wait use this to make nachos (loaded with veggies :) I love the fake stuff in the jar. I haven’t bought it in years, but I wouldn’t be able to resist it as a party, LOL. Now, I can introduce my girls to the yumminess of nacho cheese!


  7. Charlotte Moore says

    I do like that old can stuff. Don’t use it very much any more though.

    Just wanted to let you know I made your raspberry bars today. I already had my butter out and soft so I did not melt it. It seemed to work fine. I am going to make them blackberry after while. My DIL loves blackberry. We were very happy with them.



  8. Violet says

    I just made garlic breadsticks what a happy coincidence to get this in time for dipping sauce! Thank you for this and all your recipies and tips , for both food and life!


  9. Liz says

    Laura, I have thought it before, but I will say it… you are the bomb dot com! Thank you for making this deliciously low brow food that my family (secretly) LOVES!!


  10. Erin says

    This might just be the easiest Mac and cheese ever. More milk, of course, but nice for anyone who misses velveeta macaroni.


  11. Alison Thomas says

    Made this cheese dip today (but added some frozen diced jalapeno!)and ate it on a big old plate of nachos. Delicious! I was dubious at first the the cream cheese and cubed cheddar would melt down smoothly, but it worked great! Thank you for the recipe!


  12. Maureen says

    My MIL just gave me a recipe for a yummy broccoli rice cheesy casserole that called for the jar cheese. I’ve been putting off making it, but now I might just try it with this for one of our Thanksgiving meals. Thanks!


  13. says

    We had this tonight after evening church and it was a fast, yummy dinner – nachos!! I loved that it was REAL food!! Thank you for sharing!!

    Many blessings to you & yours!!


  14. says

    I had just started looking for a recipe for real food queso online when I got your blog update in my box. Perfect timing :). I’ll be adding some healthy ground beef, a bit of salsa, serving it over tortilla chips and calling it dinner! Can’t wait.
    Thanks for sharing


  15. melanie says

    Grain-free cheese sauce! Must try this :-) Thanks again, Laura!

    [I usually make a flour-thickened gravy/white sauce and add shredded cheese]


  16. Rochelle says

    I have the hardest time giving up crunchy snacks like pretzels, chips, etc. Do you have any awesome recipes for crunchy snacks? I mean what do you serve with a sandwich besides chips??? I still have a ways to go to be truly whole food….this will go great with those chips I can’t give up…ha!!! Thanks!!


  17. says

    Trying the pretzel bites today – your nacho cheese dip was a hit with my family! :)
    When I was studying for my Food Science degree, we helped the University Processing Plant make their version of “cheese spread” (like Velveeta, I suppose). They melted down the scraps left from packaging their (high quality) cheddar, Edam, Swiss, etc. and added water and an emulsifier (calcium citrate is what I’m thinking, but could be completely mistaken!) to make a softer, more easily melted cheese that wouldn’t separate as quickly. So “pasteurized process cheese food” and similar things MAY be high quality convenience food, or not. Me? I’m sticking with your recipe – I know what’s in that! :)


  18. Allison Morrison says

    When I’ve made ‘real cheese’ sauces the past few times, it doesn’t really stick together…consistency is weird :( This may work using cream cheese…I’ve used 2% Organic Milk in the past- is this the problem maybe? Do I need to use Whole Milk? I have a super pick son who LOVES cheese dip so I’d really like this to turn out!


    LindseyforLaura@HHM Reply:

    Yes, whole milk is best. Give it a try and see if that helps! :)


  19. Jen says

    Can you freeze this? I am having baby #4 in a couple months and with 2 of my kids in school now and both in after school sports I need to prep as much as possible for quick easy prep. Thanks


    Laura Reply:

    Congrats on a new little one! I think it would freeze okay, but not great. I haven’t tried it! :)


  20. Nanabella says

    I love this! Since I discovered your recipe, I have made it 3 times in the last 3 months… It’s just me eating it, and I portion it into 1/2 cup servings and freeze it, and it is so gratifying to know I can heat and eat it whenever I want. Last time I thawed my last portions and seasoned it with a little garlic and onion powders and a hint of cayenne and took it to a pretzel party and people gobbled it up! Thank you for your adventurous recipe work! Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm!?????????


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