Easy Dessert to WOW Your Guests: Build a Brownie Sundae Bar

Need a fun but simple dessert? This Brownie Sundae Bar is the way to go!


I didn’t have time to make a fancy dessert for our Easter guests two weeks ago. We’d been out of town, arriving home late the night before. Knowing this ahead of time, I’d bought ice cream. Boring and not very Eastery.  I mean, it wasn’t even homemade. But…

Sunday morning before church, I baked some Brownies and sliced some strawberries. Those two items alone make a dessert pretty special. Once we arrived home from church, I made some Homemade Hot Fudge and whipped some cream. Thus (I like saying “thus”) – after we cleared the table of the wonderful (and also simple) Easter dinner, the boys helped me carry all the fun brownie bar goodies out to the table.

How to Set Up a Brownie Sundae Bar

Set out items like:

As each item appeared on the table, our guests (5 college students) gasped – especially when the hot fudge came out. It was like I had spent hours on a fancy dessert and presented them with a one-of-a-kind treat. Dude, it was just brownies and ice cream. But hey, when you put all these simple treats together, they really do make something special.

Build a Brownie Sundae Bar

So the moral of this story is this: If you need a special dessert for company, but you don’t have a lot of time, consider preparing a Brownie Sundae Bar. Your guests will love it and you will too. It’s simple but fancy and obviously delicious.

What else would you add to your Brownie Sundae Bar? 

P.S. This is not a low sugar dessert. ;)


  1. Virginia says

    This looks like a great idea for a birthday party, especially for those of us who aren’t into cake! I’m thinking I would make some homemade caramel topping as well. Fudge + caramel + peanuts + ice cream = Snicker’s Sundae! Mmmmmmm!!!!


  2. says

    I will probably steal this to use this summer with our teens. I am always trying to find yummy and easy snacks for Recharge, a Bible study we host and Sunday night youth group. Mitch makes a great homemade caramel sauce, so I would include that for sure!


  3. Kristin says

    Does the hot fudge sauce come out tasting dark or could I cut the sugar to get it tasting more like dark chocolate? (If so by how much?) I prefer dark chocolate and my favorite hot fudge sauce recipe has unsweetened chocolate and a minimal amount of sugar. About how many does 1 batch of your sauce serve? I love my recipe, but it requires 2 Ghiardelli baking bars and Cocoa is SO much cheaper.


    Laura Reply:

    Cut the sugar in half for a dark chocolate sauce. YUM! I’d say one batch serves 20? Just a guess. It depends on how much people use. :)


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