Easy and Delicious – Black Bean Salsa

You’ve likely seen this recipe on my site before, but I wanted to highlight it as a delicious meal that costs less than a dollar per plate!

Black Bean Salsa is easy to make and has only five healthy ingredients. It tastes so fresh, and the cilantro makes it so flavorful. I serve it with Organic Corn Chips.  The total cost for the salsa and the chips costs less than $6 and will feed my entire family. This is also a great, inexpensive snack to share with guests at a party.


You’ll find the recipe here.

Looking for more meal ideas that use healthy, real food ingredients and cost less than one dollar per plate? Here’s what I’ve shared so far:



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    Okay, I’m going to admit that I cheat when I make this. During the summer, I make it how you do, using fresh ingredients. During the winter, though, I use a can of diced tomatoes with chiles. It adds automatic heat, cuts my prep time in half, and is even cheaper.


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