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We’ve been celebrating Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers since January of 2008. That’s about three months after I began blogging – back when about four people read this regularly (and I was one them). I love how Gratituesday has grown since then. I love that now, many of you take special notice on Tuesdays and search your heart for something to be thankful for. Some days it’s easy, some days it isn’t – but when we truly look at all God has done for us, there is always something to be grateful for.

I was so tickled when I read my friend Jill’s Gratituesday post last week. It seems that she’s been taking the Gratituesday idea to the bank, to McDonalds – to wherever she happens to be going each Tuesday. She’ll say, “Hey, did you know today is Gratituesday?”  She may receive a questioning look initially, but after she’s finished explaining that Gratituesday is a day we pause and reflect on what we’re grateful for, she’s likely to have changed that person’s outlook on the day.

I felt challenged by this idea and wanted to share it with you. I’d love to see Gratituesday go beyond this blog (and yours when you link up!). Think of the grateful attitude that could spread through Facebook. And how about taking Gratituesday offline like my friend Jill has been doing? What if you took it to your workplace? Or to businesses as you run errands? How about sharing it with your family around the dinner table?  Or talk about what you’re grateful for on the car ride to gymnastics.

Being grateful is a huge part of stepping outside of ourselves and recognizing that God is truly at work among His people. Take time now to reflect, then share with us – either on your blog or by comment on this post. Then, take it one step further. Share with others beyond this blog. Ask your friends on Facebook to share what they are grateful for this Gratituesday. Talk it up amongst your “real life” friends. Focus on being grateful and encourage others to do the same. A little gratitude goes a long way.


  1. Brooke says

    I love this too… we do our best to several times a week b/f we say a prayer with the girls, they like to share something that they are grateful for. So I’m grateful for their gratefulness :)


  2. says

    Focusing on the good & praising God in all things have been common themes in several things I’ve read lately, but it’s so true that gratitude can be so powerful and yet it’s the easiest thing to forget to express! Thanks for hosting!


  3. says

    Oh sweet Laura, I am humbled. Today I am working at an outreach ministry of our church where we give away a box of food and nice clothes to the needy. I live in a very depressed economically area and so many are in desperate need. I plan on sharing Gratituesday with those I come in contact with today. Funny you should write about what I do today. My Gratituesday was written in tears. Blessings


  4. says

    I think it is wonderful that the message of Gratituesday is being taken to the streets. How wonderful! My post today is a bit more somber today, but I’m grateful nonetheless.


  5. Lana says

    Grateful for our three healthy and active grandchildren whom we were able to visit this last weekend. Wow! Nana came home tired!


  6. Kathy McConnell says

    I’m grateful for heat. Our heater broke down and my husband was able to fix it. God blessed him with the knowledge to fix the heater. I’m also thankful for that. Especially since last night temps. went below freezing. Have a great day everyone! God bless :)


  7. Blythe says

    Recently my husband was putting on a new roof. He tour off the old shingles and when it was vulnerable it down poured (there was no rain in the forecast). So we had water running in from the roof all over the house. As I wanted to start crying I remembered how much I had to be thankful for! That night I was thankful to be in a house, with plenty of food and clothes. That my family was all healthy and not laying in a hospital. We have so much to be thankful for and we forget sometimes.


  8. Lisa says

    Thank you so much for reminding me to be thankful. I have so much to be thankful for. My salvation would be the big one. This website is another because it causes me to reflect on what is important and not the little things that bother me. I could go on about the wonderful things going on in my family but I will stop for today. :)


  9. alli says

    My twin girls were born 6 weeks ago at 25 weeks gestation, weighing 1lb 9oz. They were not expected to survive, yet they are alive! They have both gone through so much (brain hemorrages, bowel perferations, extreme infections, heart surgeries, etc.) and, yet, they have come through each problem stronger. They are gaining weight! We can hold them, now! They are almost breathing on their own! I could go on and on! I have so much to be grateful for! We have thousands of people all over the world praying for our girls and it has made an impact on our lives and our little girls. There was a point where I couldn’t pray anymore because I didn’t know how to express what was in my heart. Knowing that all those people were praying reminded me of the men who carried their friend to Jesus. The girls have a long way to go, but I am truly grateful for how far they’ve come and for all those who have carried us to Jesus.


    blair Reply:

    What are their names?


    alli Reply:

    Reagan Mercy and Ember Grace


    Lana Reply:

    PTL! Our wonderful Father is holding them in His hands!


  10. blair says

    Today I am so very thankful that the kids that went missing have been found. God is wonderful and He answers prayers.


  11. Faith says

    Today I am thankful for my husband and my 3 precious little girls and I am also thankful that I found this website (while stumbling across the web to find a “healthy homemade ranch salad dressing”) :)…

    I had started the devotionals from Lysa Terkhurst called “made to crave” (not sure if you’ve heard of them or her!) and had been trying (and praying) to find a “health mentor” to help me make healthier food choices because God had been using her devotionals to speak to me about the food I had been eating and feeding my family. Anyway, not long after that is when I found your website. It has truly been an answer to prayer and I have thorougly enjoyed all your advice and trying out your recipes, as well as transitioning the food in our house, from less processed, to whole food products.

    You were right when you said that its good and I am enjoying learning how to cook more things from scratch and use healthy ingredients. God used you to answer one of my biggest prayers lately and I just wanted to thank you for having this page set up to inspire people and help them make healthy choices, and to show them how easy it can be!…and most importantly that you put God in front of it all. I have listened to several podcasts on preparing food for others, and also read your blog about being quick to listen, and I am convicted and inspired by your passion to follow Jesus every day of your life and make Him known. Thats what it’s all about! Have a great day :)


  12. Meghan V. says

    I love reading your Gratituesday posts. It is a good reminder to look at the blessings the Lord sent your way. For this week mine are:
    1. Surprise afternoon off of work for Hubby
    2. Taking a fall walk with two sons
    3. Answering 3 yr olds: “What does _____ start with?” a gazillion times!
    4. Nap time! :D


  13. says

    Just stumbled upon this post! I love this idea! I’m so grateful I have a brain…that I can think through my feelings, choosing which ones are true and which ones are garbage. I’m currently reading through Joyce Meyer’s Living Beyond Your Feelings. I’m so thankful I can think and read and process. My brain is amazing! I’ll be here again! Great post!


  14. Bea says

    I’m thankful for just finding this blog :). A link from another blog to another link to this one… coincidence? Noo…i don’t think so! :)

    You are right…in this challenging world we need to find the one thing to be grateful for at least and i like this part you wrote: “Focus on being grateful and encourage others”. I recently had an experience where, though we both are Christian, I was discouraged instead of being encouraged on an issue. I remember to keep turning to the Word during all times but especially times of discouragement. So I am grateful also that I can do that and that there are others, even on the net to do that. Thanks so much! :)


  15. says

    I really needed to remember to be thankful today. Thank you for the reminder! And now I’m going to my blog to post a Gratituesday! I love your blog and hearing all about your family.


  16. Jerica Briggs says

    I’m so grateful that God claims us. So many days of teaching I feel pretty inadequate and lost, but despite my foolishness God still says I’m His. I’m so grateful for His grace. Also we do gratituesday in my classroom–before leaving to go home each student shares one thing their grateful for. Pretty fun and humbling to hear what they say.


  17. Anon for today says

    After having a D&C today at 15+ weeks, I am grateful for my four healthy children and husband that I have at home.


    Laura Reply:

    I’m sorry to hear you had to go through that. :( Praying for your healing and comfort.


  18. Lyndsay says

    Today was cold, and I finally started the dreaded task of changing out all our warm weather ones for the cold weather ones. And then it hit me. It’s Gratituesday. I am so grateful that I had warm coats for each of my boys. I am grateful that they all have clothes that will keep them warm in the chilly weather. And as I sorted out things to donate that don’t fit or we don’t need, I am thankful that those clothes will go to kids that need them. And after a chilly evening of picking the last tomatoes before the freeze, I was also really grateful for hot chocolate!


    Lyndsay Reply:

    *warm weather clothes* Oops :)


  19. says

    Each day before dinner or family prayer my husband and I, as well as our two year old, share a tender mercy of the lord that happened to us that day. That way we recognize his hand in our lives and our relationship with our family and each other grows as we share with each other. Showing gratitude to our heavenly father is so important. Thanks for this post!


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