Coconut Oil: Why it is Good For You and Where to Buy it

Why Coconut Oil is Good For You

I’m often talking about coconut oil around here.  I use it for baking. I use it on our skin. My favorite lotion bar is made from coconut oil.  I highly encourage eating coconut oil and letting coconut oil help heal your system!

Today I’d like to answer a couple of frequently asked Coconut Oil questions…

Why is coconut oil good for you?

Coconut Oil is a saturated fat…something we’re told today to stay away from. My research has taught me to disagree with this. I’m not afraid of saturated fats. Please read this well written and well researched article, which explains saturated fats and coconut oil way better than I ever could!

Coconut Oil:  Why it is Good For You

Coconut oil is a stable fat, which means that it doesn’t go rancid easily like unsaturated fats do. (Unsaturated fats, like canola and vegetable oils, go rancid within just a few hours of being produced. This means that they are already rancid by the time they make it to grocery store shelves.)  Those living in tropical climates, consuming large amounts of coconut oil have low rates of heart desease, cancer and colon problems.  Coconut Oil can actually help you lose weight and fight infections. It is anti-fungal. It has the ability to keep your thyroid healthy.

Where can you buy Coconut Oil?

I’ve not seen high quality coconut oil in my local grocery stores, but I live in a fairly small town without a lot of options. I have seen coconut oil at Wal-mart…and it works if I’m desperate…but it is far from great in my opinion.

I always buy my coconut oil online, as this is where I find the best prices. High quality coconut oil may seem expensive, but I consider coconut oil to be a healing, whole food…therefore the cost is worth it!

A good price for high quality virgin coconut oil, according to what I have found, is around $14/quart. I love it (of course) if I can find it for less than that! I watch for it to go on sale and compare prices at any of the following:

~ Tropical Traditions (watch for sales on both their Virgin Coconut Oil or their Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil.)

Vitacost – get $10 off your first $30 order!

~ Mountain Rose Herbs (Can be bought by the gallon here, helping this purchase to be very cost effective. Since Coconut Oil keeps for a long time…purchasing a gallon bucket is a great idea to help cut the cost!)

~ Amazon (Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil seems to be the best price at Amazon.)

~ Food Co-ops – If you’re a part of a health food co-op, you’ll likely be able to buy coconut oil through them.

What if I don’t like the taste of coconuts? Does coconut have a strong coconut flavor?

There are two types of coconut oil and both are good for you. One tastes like coconuts, and the other doesn’t!

Virgin (unrefined) Coconut Oil has a strong coconut flavor. It is processed in such a way that helps it keep the coconuty taste. I love Virgin Coconut Oil for baking.

Expeller Pressed Coconut Oil doesn’t have a flavor at all! It is processed differently, taking away any flavor, but keeping the nutrients intact. I’ve almost always found this variety of coconut oil to be less expensive. In fact, Mountain Rose Herbs has Virgin Coconut Oil for only $24/gallon + shipping…making it around $9/quart!!!!

How do I measure Coconut Oil for a recipe?

I addressed this question in my recent post:  How to Adapt a Recipe to Make it Healthier. I encourage you to read this post, and read through the comments as many of you shared easy ways to measure coconut oil. I pretty much just “eyeball it” when I measure! :)

What other Coconut Oil questions do you have? Do you like the coconut flavor, or do you prefer your coconut oil to be flavorless?

This post was originally published March 15, 2011.

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  1. Amy says

    I also use coconut oil and have for some time. I have coconut and olive oil in my house, nothing else. Nutiva is my personal favorite… has good prices, but the Nutiva website also has great prices and sales. Lately they have been doing a 24 hour Tuesday only sale and it varies from week to week. Sometimes the coconut oil is part of that sale. They also offer free shipping over $30 all the time.

    Many grat suggestions and uses mentioned here. I use it for cooking and for skin. I use it in my hair one or two times a month. I usually put it in before bed and sleep in it. I just make sure to cover my pillow with a thick towel.

    One of my other favorite uses that I didn’t see mentioned…..I use it as an altnative to butter on some things. My favorite is on bread for grilled cheese. It is a great way to get the oil in your diet and it makes them taste wonderful.

    For those looking for mor information about coconut oil, the best resource I found in one place is a book by Bruce Fife, The Coconut Oil Miracle. It covers many of its various benefits, but is presented in a way that most people can understand.


    Rachel Reply:

    I heard you can also use white vinegar and coconut oil in a spray and spray it it around the edges of your ceiling and floor boards to keep spiders out of your house.


  2. Karen says

    I need to ask a really dumb question! Is the coconut oil I purchased to make soap with the same coconut oil I could use to cook with? I ordered a 7# pail from a soap-making supplier and have made soap with it only once so far. I also have a little bitty jar of coconut oil for cooking I bought through a co-op I order from. I cannot seem to figure out it they are the same or not. Sorry for the dumb question!



    LindseyforLaura@HHM Reply:

    That’s not a dumb question at all! You can cook with both. I’ll include a link to a post Laura did that explains it a little better.


  3. Karen Dee Davidson says

    I LOVE coconut oil. Love the taste. The price keeps me from using it more. However, with the help of my Heavenly Homemaker, I will be able to find better prices. Thank you! And, of course, there’s always the hope of winning the gallon! :). Has anyone out there tried the Now brand? It is aweful. Don’t know if I got a bad jar or if it’s just the way it is. Does anyone know? Thus far I have been buying the Spectrum. Going to start ordering it.


  4. Tracey says

    Our family has grown to love coconut oil over the years- especially tasty in morning pancakes and yeast free breads!


  5. crystal garcia says

    Would love to try it dont have the money for it right now so it would be wonderful to win that gallon : )


  6. Amanda says

    After reading under the How to measure Coconut oil, I am wondering if coconut oil comes as a solid and you have to melt? Excuse my dumb question!


    LindseyforLaura@HHM Reply:

    Not a dumb question at all!!! Yes, it does come as a solid and you melt it.


    Kristin Reply:

    Coconut oil melts at 76 degrees, anything below that and it is a solid. It is best to have coconut oil in a liquid state for baking (melt and measure). Just be careful that your other baking ingredients are room temperature or warmer as well or your coconut oil might re-solidify while while stirring.


  7. Cami says

    If you can’t afford to buy the mentioned brands of coconut oil (from my research on some of the brands, prices our out of our budget), wouldn’t it be okay to use a lesser quality brand rather than go to using the other oils (i.e., canola, vegetable, corn)? What’s your opinion?


    LindseyforLaura@HHM Reply:

    Yes. It is better to use a lesser quality brand than the other kinds of oils.


  8. Christina says

    Hi everyone. You’ve been very helpful with your comments and such. I wasn’t sure if you’re aware you can also put a tsp of coconut oil in your pets food to help your furry child maintain a healthy digestion and skin and coat. My cat developed an allergic reaction to fleas which in tirn made her fur fall out in tufts and nothing I was doing was working. I flea bombed our apt. Constantly vacuumed. Put antibiotic
    ointment on the sores. It wasn’t getting better, then a friend suggested coconut oil on her skin and in her food. She’ happier and healthier now.


  9. Jerry says

    Thank You for all GOOD Comments !! I am a professional Dog trainer/Handler …sounds
    good for dogs too !!!I will try and let you know!

    I am going to check into imunity factor.




  10. catherine D says

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me the top brands to look for? Is betterbody foods extra virgin organic coconut oil the same as Nutiva? Thx in advance!!


    Laura Reply:

    Tropical Traditions is my favorite brand, but Nutiva and Vitacost brands are really high quality too. I’ve not heard of Betterbody foods, so not sure!


  11. says

    We often use Nutiva, but there are several good brands.

    One snack we like to have at home with our kids is homemade popcorn (using coconut oil).

    Best wishes!


  12. says

    I heard you can use coconut oil for head lice is this true? And if so how do you do it?


    Alli Reply:

    Yes, oil suffocates the bugs and helps loosen the eggs. Coat hair from scalp to ends with coconut oil and or olive oil. Leave on for at least half an hour (overnight is great). Then wash hair with hair with tea tree oil and shampoo followed by an apple cider vinegar rinse. Do this once or twice a day till the problem is gone plus a day or two. There are other things you can do but this is a great place to start!


  13. Khadijah Leavy says

    I have acne on my back and on my arms if i use the coconut oil on my skin will it help?


    Laura Reply:

    It’s sure worth a try!


  14. Jennifer Hunter says

    Can I just take the coconut oil, or only in foods, I would like to be able to just take it like a supplement??


    Laura Reply:

    Yes, you can take a spoonful or two as a supplement – it’s great for you! You can stir it into your coffee if you like – that’s a great way to get it down. :)


  15. says

    You are the one who is responsible for my love of coconut oil. Thank you! I use both types, actually. I love the coconut flavor for waffles, muffins, salmon cakes, popcorn etc. I use the plain for hamburger buns, stir-fry, and other things that I don’t want to have a coconut flavor. I try to keep both on hand at all times. I love that it has a long shelf life. Thanks for the great info!


  16. Karen Dee says

    My friend says she just bought a bottle of liquid coconut oil. Is anyone familiar with this and do you think it has the same benefits?


    LindseyforLaura@HHM Reply:

    I am unaware of any liquid coconut oil. In my experience the only reason it is liquid is because of temperature. I would think that it is probably the same as other coconut oil, it may have just liquefied in the jar because it got too warm. I could be wrong…but that is my best guess.


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