Chocolate Swirl Bread (Oh Yes I DID Just Say Chocolate!)

After showing you how to make Cinnamon Swirl Bread…I got a notion to try Chocolate Swirl Bread. (I get chocolate notions all the time.)

Let me just say that I’m very glad I got that notion. Now we can all have chocolate for breakfast!!!   What a great start to the day…

Chocolate Swirl Bread is just as simple to make as the Cinnamon Swirl Bread…you pretty much just substitute cocoa powder for cinnamon!


I used this bread recipe, then rolled out the dough before shaping the loaf. Then I spread butter over the dough and sprinkled on about 1/4 cup sucanat (dehydrated cane sugar juice) mixed with 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder.   Roll it up and bake as directed.


Do you think it would be too much to have this Chocolate Swirl Bread with Hot Cocoa? I think I could handle washing down my chocolate with a little chocolate.


  1. says

    Why do you use sucanet instead of rhapadura? Just curious since I’m still learning…I pretty much use rhapadura for everything unless it calls for brown sugar.

    heatherlbrandt (at) verizon (dot) net


    Laura Reply:

    Rapadura and organic sucanat are the exact same thing (learned that after lots of research). BUT sucanat is cheaper. Rapadura is actually just a name brand for sucanat (like Kleenex is a name brand for facial tissues).


  2. karen says

    Make two loaves (or six) and use the leftovers for chocolate bread pudding or chocolate overnight french toast.


    Melissa Reply:

    oh my goodness; what a wonderful idea!!!!!!


  3. says

    This sounds delicious, I always buy cinnamon swirl bread, but I’ve never tried chocolate swirl bread. I can’t wait to make this.


  4. Aaron says

    Oops… I’m new to making bread & the principles behind the steps…. Just finished baking cinnamon rolls & chocolate swirl bread, to realize, huh! Maybe I was supposed to let them rise. Not just once, mind you… TWICE! Lesson learned! lol.


    Aaron Reply:

    We’re trying again… this time, with both risings. So far, they look very promising! Can’t wait to take them out of the oven. Thank you for sharing your tips & recipes! My boys have been thrilled to make their own bread… but SWIRL bread make life so much more sweeter! :)


    Aaron Reply:

    TASTEEEEEEEE. Can’t wait for hubby to come home & try a piece! Definitely will be repeating this one. Thanks again! (Wish you could’ve seen my 8 yr old’s face when I suggested we make it more often instead of salivating over Pepperidge Farm’s Cinnamon Swirl at the store… Priceless anticipation!


    Becky Clark Reply:

    I was thinking the same thing today!! And I can’t wait to use this to make french toast!! I used cinnamon swirl bread all the time to make toast, and was thinking how good this would taste that way!!!!!!!!!!

  5. says

    I made this today. It’s gonna be so hard to save it for tomorrow morning’s breakfast. (We do bus, So I always make a “made ahead” recipie for Sunday Morning.) At any rate, I can’t WAIT to try it!!!!!!!!!!!!


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