Chicken Noodle Soup – with homemade broth and noodles!

You know how I sometimes almost forget to put the bananas in my banana bread? It probably goes without saying, but I think I may have issues, because sometimes I almost forget the chicken in my Chicken Noodle Soup. It’s an easy mistake, I think. (nod and smile)  I am usually so excited about the rich broth and the yummy homemade noodles that adding the cooked chicken sometimes slips my mind. Either that, or the Nerf bullets whizzing by my nose while I’m cooking temporarily distract me from the task at hand.  At least the soup is still good without the chicken (as opposed to bananaless banana bread).

I love making Chicken Noodle Soup no matter what, but I really love the simplicity of it when I have both Chicken Broth and Whole Wheat Homemade Noodles already made…then all I have to do is put it all together into a quick soup. 

Chicken Noodle SoupYum

8 cups Chicken Broth
1 recipe of Whole Wheat Homemade Noodles
3 carrots
Sea salt
2 cups cooked chicken (optional, apparently)

Peel and chop carrots into bites. Place broth and carrots in a large cooking pot. Bring the broth and carrots to a boil. Boil for about five minutes, then add noodles and chicken (if you remember). Salt liberally. Place a lid on the pot and turn the burner down to simmer for about 15 minutes or until your noodles have cooked up fat and tender.

Chicken Noodle Soup tastes fantastic and comforting with a hot,
Whole Wheat Soft Pretzel (on a drizzly fall evening as you sit around the table with your family…)

In a pinch, I have skipped making Whole Wheat Homemade Noodles and just added about three cups of purchased whole wheat pasta to make this soup. It works great and is an awesome quick meal to throw together. (Remember to add chicken.)

You’re welcome to throw other veggies into your soup…whichever veggies your family would enjoy (or the ones you would like to forcefully insist that they eat). You’re also welcome to add herbs and spices beyond sea salt.

Do you make homemade chicken and noodles? What herbs and veggies do you use? Do you ever forget to add the chicken?

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  1. Wendy says

    This looks delicious! I made a lot of soup in the fall and winter months. There is just something about it that is so comforting. I tend to make chicken and rice the most, but I have been known to make some homemade noodles once in a while. Thanks for all your great recipes and inspiration!


  2. Hezzie says

    Love HM soups! My kids have turned their noses up at canned the last time I tried to serve it~ Looks like we’re a HM soup famiily for life!
    Great recipe!


  3. Katie says

    I was just looking at the noodle recipe. If I soak them, will
    they have a strong buttermilk taste in the soup? I tried your soaked pancake recipe, but it had too strong of a buttermilk taste for our liking, so I was wondering if it will taste the same in the soup. Thanks for your recipes! I always enjoy looking at your blog!


    Laura Reply:

    I don’t think they do, but I also don’t notice the buttermilk taste in my pancakes. :) Once though, I soaked my noodles for two whole days because I forgot about them/never got around to rolling them out and they were fine still but SOOOOO sour that we couldn’t eat them!!


  4. Esther L says

    I love homemade soups–especially chicken noodle and also bean soup. The stuff from the can just doesn’t compare! We always add celery and onion to our chicken noodle soup and, on occassion, I’ll throw in a pint of diced tomatoes that were canned during the summer. However, I can’t say that we’ve ever forgotten the chicken! :) We usually serve our soup with either homemade whole wheat rolls or just recently I discovered a recipe for rosemary butter rolls which are absolutely divine!


  5. Melissa says

    Oh, Laura! You are so funny! Just a couple of months ago, I DID forget the chicken! My sister came over for dinner to have my chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles (because my husband raves about it!). After she went home, I realized that I forgot the chicken! When I talked to her later, she said she noticed it was missing, but that perhaps this was the way I made it. :)

    We are big soup eaters. Lately, my oldest son has requested soup at least once a week, to which my husband held up 3 (then 4!) fingers. :) I much prefer it over the canned stuff, but we always have a can or two in the pantry for a quick lunch.


  6. Christy says

    Laura, I too, have left out the chicken in chicken noodle soup, and the cornmeal in cornbread (it didn’t take me too long to figure it out when the bread came out of the oven and wasn’t even the slightest bit yellow)! I just chalk it up to “mommy brain”. : ) You are certainly not the only one!


  7. Barbara says

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has forgotten the chicken. I make chicken and dumplings and one time when we had dinner guests, I was about to serve it, when I suddenly realized I had forgotten the chicken!


  8. jerilyn says

    I usually forget any and all of the spices :)
    Like Chicken tortilla soup with NO seasonings whatsoever. I blame that on baby brain– which you can use from day of conception with your first through infinity right?


    Lisa Reply:

    Right. I have used it for over 27 years. :) Most women accept that but the men (including my dh) just look at me like I’m nuts. Well, mommy brain…duhhhhh.


  9. says

    How funny! I posted Chicken Noodle Soup for today, too. Except I didn’t make whole wheat noodles. I thought about checking your recipes because I know you would have one for whole wheat homemade noodles, but I didn’t have time. Next time I will make them – they look yummy!


  10. says

    I am sadly out of homemade chicken broth – sob, because this soup looks amazing! I often forget key ingredients too – I think, for me at least, being the mama of a big family my brain is so full of other important things that stuff like ingredients just doesn’t have room!


  11. says

    I’ve never left out the chicken in the actual soup, but when I wrote it in my family cookbook, I didn’t write chicken as one of the ingredients. Whoops!!

    One thing I’ve done that was SO GOOD was to add some Italian dressing mix to the soup. It is DELICIOUS. That’s another thing you could do with your homemade mix!


  12. Kadee says

    We had chicken noodle soup for dinner earlier this week – yummy! I usually just use carrots and celery for the veggies. I can remember to put chicken in the soup, but I tend to forget to put yeast in the bread. I make bread several times a week, every week, so how do I manage to forget the yeast??


  13. Jennifer says

    I definitely forgot to add the chicken to my homemade chicken noodle soup. I didn’t even notice it, my husband mentioned it to me ;-)


  14. laurie swanson says

    It’s so nice to see I’m not alone. I often put the wrong amount of flour in my bread or cookie dough because of the questions being asked of me at the same time. I then have to try to figure out where I’m at with it and just eyeball it. It turns out anyways. We also eat a lot of soups. We never seem to tire of them. I love making soup–I’m not much of a recipe person, so we come up with all kinds of variations on a theme.


  15. Beth says

    I made chicken noodle soup today because this sounded so good! We live overseas, and it has been such a blessing to find your site. We can’t get any American food so everything is made from scratch, and man am I loving it! Homemade stuff is so much better. Thanks for your site and all your hard work!


  16. Janet Kiessling says

    Thank you So much for these recipes, Laura!!!:)

    We had both of these for dinner last night!!!!:) They were both a huge hit. I doubled the recipe – we have 8 in our house! No leftovers. Oh, leftovers on the pretzles! But the soup was GONE!!!!! Thank you & ((((HUGS))))!!! And hopefully – someday – with LOTS of pracrice – my pretzles won’t turn out like huge biscuts. LOL :)But no complaints – still taste the same. Thanks again – Janet from Fresno, California <


    Laura Reply:

    Yay!! So glad you loved the recipes! Just so ya know, sometimes my pretzels are fat like biscuits (LARGE biscuits) too. :)

    My husband grew up in Fresno and most of his family is still there. We love Fresno and the people there. Just thought I’d let ya know. :)


  17. says

    Thank you for sharing all of your awesome recipes. I am a new wife and mom and it really helps to have someone guide the way. I am trying to give our diet a makeover, and say goodbye to processed foods and make more from scratch with fresh, local ingredients. This chicken soup is the first thing I have ever made entirely from scratch and I am so excited about it. The stock is AWESOME, I will never be able to go back to the store bought stuff. I am excited to try more of your recipes.


  18. Sarah says

    I had a question. In your Whole Wheat Noodles recipe, it says to cook the noodles for 20-25 minutes. Here it says to cook for 15. Which way is accurate? Also, will the carrots cook all the way in only 20 minutes? Any answers would be appreciated!


  19. June says

    I made this for dinner, yummy! I was about to serve it and I just so happened to noticed I didn’t put any chicken in! So dinner was a few minutes later while I let the chicken heat up.


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