Celebrating a Simple Christmas: Is it Possible?

Let’s throw this idea around together shall we? Is a celebrating a Simple Christmas even possible?


Every year at this time, I play tug of war between wanting to keep our holiday super simple and wanting to do everything possible to make our Christmas extra special. I bobble back and forth between wanting to make all the fun crafts then refusing to even get out the glue gun or ribbon. I decide that we should spend hardly any money on gifts then teeter over to the “but it’s Christmas” money mindset.

I make a huge list of Christmas goodies I want to make, then scratch most everything off and narrow it down to just a few of our traditional family favorites. I fall in love with all the amazing Pinterest Christmas suggestions (because who are the geniuses who think of these fabulous ideas?!) then I get mad at all the Pinterest Christmas suggestions (because who are the crazy people who have actually taken time to think of and execute these ridiculously impractical ideas?!).

So in summary, each December I decide that I want to do everything and I also want to do nothing. God bless us everyone.


Now that we have officially entered the Christmas season, I believe I’ve landed on some sort of happy middle ground. We’ll do a little more than nothing but certainly not everything, so I guess it will look like something. Do I know how to celebrate a Simple Christmas or what?

Sigh. Do you do teeter back and forth like this? Is it only me?

Here’s what I’ve been working on to share with you this month. As you read through the list, you’ll be able to see clearly that nothing is difficult or requires much effort (you’re welcome). But we’ll still have us some simple holiday fun and we’ll get to eat chocolate (because God is good).

Simple Christmas posts you can look forward to this month:

  • Simple Chocolate Peanut Clusters recipe
  • Simple Crock Pot Cranberry Apple Cider recipe
  • ┬áChocolate Pie Crust recipe
  • Dozens of LEGO Sets for Less Than $10
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pie recipe
  • Simple Trick to Serve Festive Treats without Food Coloring
  • Homemade White Hot Chocolate recipe

Truly, I don’t mean to overdo the chocolate. It’s just what happened as I started putting ideas together for the Christmas season. My Simple Christmas started to turn into a Chocolate Covered Christmas.

Is celebrating a Simple Christmas even possible


Share your thoughts! Do you prefer a Simple Christmas or an elaborate one? What are your favorite Christmas traditions?


  1. says

    We definitely do a simple Christmas around here. There are certain traditions we have like a gingerbread house party/competition with our extended family, watching our local Christmas parade, opening a new family game on Christmas Eve, and bringing cookies to family members. On the gift front, this year we are going very simple. My kids have way too many toys, so I said only Santa will be bringing a new toy this year. Instead, I am going to make a few gifts and create a “favorite things” box for each child filled with things they love but rarely get(like Nutella and nice razors) I think they will love it!


  2. Michelle says

    We are definitely keeping it simple too. My husband was laid off in August and had to take a much lower income job, so we are doing one nice gift for each of my two young sons and fills stocking with small things they don’t normally get. I have a found a couple simple crafts, but as they are 3 and 5 year old boys, the would really rather be playing in the dirt outside. We have a couple simple family traditions and will attend a few community events. But you are so right, our email inbox is overflooded with ideas and it is hard not to feel guilty or “less” for not having a tree that is overflowing with gifts underneath.


  3. Paige says

    Hello! We are a mix of both — but emphasizing “experiences” this Christmas. We decorated a gingerbread house, raked leaves and jumped in them (maybe not so Christmas-y), set up our Creche, Christmas cookie bake night, Church services and events to include seeing the Nutcracker Ballet and really decorate the house with fresh greenery and older decorations. It is very cosy and jolly. And attending Church on Christmas Eve just makes it truly Christmas. We are also organizing my 8 yr old daughter’s room to donate her old toys / clothes so we are not totally overun by the new ones coming in. My 8 year old is actually getting into her room organization this year!


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