Cake Boys Season One Finale

While there are already Season Two episodes in the works, this is the final episode of Cake Boys Season One recorded in 2012. Why yes it did take seven months to finish this (which is why you’ll see a Christmas tree in the background in one clip). That’s because the boys have too many ideas and not enough time. You should hear the commercial ideas they come up with. Be thankful they don’t make all of them for your viewing pleasure. I love their creativity though!

If you haven’t watched any of these episodes, I really encourage you to watch this one if you can. The boys have really improved their movie making skills over the past few months. We got them new software for Christmas and I love seeing them learn how to use it and try new things. They’ve made some pretty neat changes in how they put together their movies and I think this one is their best so far. (Proud mom? Yes.)

Bet you’re just dying to try that awesome food from a box my boys are advertising, huh? :)

Happy 4th of July!


  1. says

    May need to hire the Cake Boys to edit my next vlog… :)

    Nice bonus basketball footage!


    Laura Reply:

    Oh, that’s funny that it just goes directly to the basketball highlights. Well, I guess you got to see Asa’s homeschool bball team. Justus took footage all season and put together a highlights video for our awards night. :)


  2. Season says

    That was soooo cute!!! They did a great job, I was very impressed. I want to show my daughter when she gets home. The commercial was too funny.


  3. Jen says

    Awesome! I hope my two boys are that creative in a few more years. Plus, my non-techie husband and I are going to need them to teach us a thing or two.


  4. Karen says

    Great video! Laura, what video software did you get for them?


    Laura Reply:

    We got them Sony Movie Studio Platinum. :)


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