You all know how weird I am right? And, you all know how much I love butter right? It’s such good stuff!  

Well, I’m pretty sure I’ve never told you one of my favorite uses for butter.


Uh-huh…after I butter my bread pans I just rub all the extra buttery mess all over my hands. And sometimes, when my hands feel like they might fall off from being so dry…I just walk into the kitchen, swipe a slab of butter and rub it all over my fingers and cracked knuckles. Ah, it feels so good. It rubs right in and doesn’t feel greasy afterward. (Psst…olive oil works well too!)

The good qualities in butter are actually good for your skin. Go butter.

It’s the best lotion I’ve ever…eaten on toast.

I keep on proving how weird I am, huh?

Yeah well…

I could be boring and tell you that I also buy this lotion when it’s on sale bogo and when they offer free shipping…but that’s just not as much fun is it?

What’s your favorite lotion? You’re welcome to also share your weirdest use for butter if you think you can outdo mine.

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  1. says

    I just got some Queen Helene’s 100% cocoa butter at the grocery store last weekend and have been using it on my chapped knuckles. It comes in a tube like a gluestick, and you push it up and wipe it all over. It smells just like CHOCOLATE! I don’t know why I was surprised by this, it is COCOA butter, after all. I’m not sure it’s my favorite lotion, but it was only 84 cents for the tube, so I figured it was worth a try.


  2. says

    You are NOT weird…I do the same thing with coconut oil, because the stuff is too darn expensive to waste after I’ve dug the last of it off of a spoon and plopped it into a pan. But if your fave lotion is from Tropical Traditions, then I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. :)


  3. says

    At the moment my fav is Arbonne hand lotion. I love the smell of it, kinda herby smelling.

    I also really like Burt’s Bee’s hand lotion. Good stuff!

    Oh, and I also like Aveeno body lotion.

    I’m a lotion addict!

    When I was a little kid my mom swore that butter would help soothe burns. I couldn’t say if it actually worked or not, I always thought it was pretty gross. :P


  4. Jennifer says

    Another one for coconut oil. Hands, face, hair… and it smells soooo good, too. Um, and we cook with it, too :)


  5. says

    I use 100% cold pressed organic virgin coconut oil. My skin is SO dry and flaky and this keeps it under control. And, I agree with Jennifer, it smells very good! I get a big jar for $7.99 at our local health food store and it lasts for a loong time.


  6. says

    Yet another one for coconut oil . . . don’t like to waste a drop. It’s great for rough feet as well! The weirdest way I’ve used butter is to keep my 10 month old happy when teething ( still wrapped of course ), but it doesn’t last very long because he gets into the butter quickly and I don’t want him to eat too much. Little ones love butter!


  7. says

    Coconut oil here too!
    I haven’t been able to smell it…
    perhaps I have a defective nose!

    But I have used butter, yogurt, and olive oil when my hands got real bad.


  8. Julie in Australia says

    Definitely Paw Paw Cream is my favourite, very useful for dry lips and especially good for nappy rash.


  9. Step says

    I burned the palm of my hand on a space heater as a baby and my great aunt believed the old wive’s tale that butter is good for burns put it on my hand. I don’t know if it helped or not, but I still have the scars (likely would either way since it was a bad burn). That is my only experience with butter as a lotion/ointment.

    Now, I love to mix up a concoction of olive oil, sugar, lemon juice and tea tree oil to slather on my rough feet or to use in the shower as a scrub. Smells so good and makes your skin silky smooth.


  10. says

    I’ve heard of using Olive oil for lotion but not butter. Interesting. I use Nature’s Gate lotion and have for years. Though I’m trying to be as frugal as possible, it is one of the things I won’t skimp on in the name of frugalness!


  11. says

    I’m one of the ones that loves to use coconut oil. When I’ve been baking, I just rub the leftovers into my hands and then they smell so good too. I also have a little container of it in my bathroom and when I get out of the shower, I use it on my hands and face. I like that it doesn’t leave my face feeling sticky or greasy. One time I tried just a little in my hair, maybe like a little mousse? Well, that didn’t work so well. I DONT advise that… and that can be our little secret!


  12. Karen says

    I use Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream all winter long and the big tub of Cetaphil cream for the rest of me! BUT, I always use olive oil on my hands when I’m cooking so I don’t get any lotion in my food. (I can’t really go without lotion for more than 30 minutes at a time living in New England with 3 children and their diapers and dishes!)
    I’m going to try the coconut oil, too! Add it to the list!


  13. says

    When I was young, my hands cracked and bled. Dry skin, careful handwashing, and dry climates were horrible on my skin. My parents used to try all kinds of different lotions on me, and they all stung because of the alcohol content. No fun. I finally used Eucerin and it actually helped heal my hands without stinging. Now though, I have realized that I just need to use SOMETHING regularly enough that my hands don’t have a chance to get that dry again. In my purse, I have a small container of Jason’s Cocoa Butter lotion (no parabens, etc.), by the sink I have Desert Essence Organics (often on sale from Azure, again no parabens, etc.), but at bed time and after a bath, I slather on the coconut oil. It has been wonderfully moisturizing and healing. My husband loves the massages he gets with the oil, and I use it like a salve on little cuts and scrapes. I can’t wait to use it on my baby! It’s one of the very few things I trust to be completely natural and healthy.


  14. says

    I’ve been using the Royal Jelly Body Butter from Savannah Bee Company lately, which has honey, royal jelly, beeswax and all sorts of lovely things in it and smells exactly like blackberries. I love all the Avalon Organics/Alba Organics stuff, too. Mario Badescu has some stuff I really like, but I am intrigued by your suggestion, as well. I love hand creams and lotions.


  15. says

    not exactly about butter….. I followed your lotion link and found they have organic palm shortening on sale ~ have you used this? I’ve not heard of it & don’t really have time to research it right now….. wondered what you know about it.



  16. says

    Your post made me laugh… and cringe! I can’t stand lotion, and the idea of rubbing butter all over my hands makes me shudder! :)


  17. says

    I’ve heard of using olive oil or coconut oil, but not butter. Hmm, before I throw away a butter wrapper I better rub it on my elbows first! LOL


  18. says

    I have always loved the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, but lately I’ve been using Fruit of the Earth’s Vitamin E Skin Care Cream. I got 2 tubs of it at Walmart for around $3. It feels a little oily on your skin at first, but then it soaks it. I like them both equally well, but I adore the Palmer’s, because you walk around smelling like chocolate! LOL (Put a little behind your ear and your hubby will chase you around the house! hehehe)

    On the softening subject, I recently tried that new Olay Body Wash, and I really liked it! I usually have trouble with my legs being dry, especially in winter, and this really kept them feeling nice through the next day!


  19. says

    This is a great lotion idea, Laura! I will have to remember to try it. I haven’t read all the other comments so maybe someone already mentioned this, but I love to take the inside of the avocado peel (once I’ve removed the yummy avocado) and rub it all over my hands before chucking the peel in the garbage. (Then, of course, you rinse off the green goo.) It leaves your hands feeling heavenly. :)


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