Breakfast Organization (With Some Great Giveaways!)

At the mention of my family’s Oatmeal Rebellion, many of you piped in with your ideas for quick and easy breakfast ideas. You shared some great suggestions, which made me excited to mention some more. You can NOT have too many helpful breakfast ideas in your back pocket. Although I don’t really recommend keeping your actual breakfast in your back pocket. That would be a bad situation on so many levels.

While Sunday mornings are a bit crazy as we all try to get out the door looking halfway presentable…I’m going to also venture to say that every day can be hectic at breakfast time if we don’t have a plan. My kids are hungry from the moment they wake up. One of my boys would actually eat my leg if I didn’t shove an egg in his mouth as he rolls out of bed. He is that hungry. You’d think I didn’t just feed him four helpings of dinner the night before (and a snack before bed).

One of my best recommendations for us to keep our Breakfast Time Organized is to plan ahead. But my best, best recommendation is that if at all possible…make breakfast the night before

If I can, I bake our next day’s breakfast muffins or bagels or quick bread while I’m making dinner the night before. Or, I’ll start my pancakes or waffles to soaking. Or, I’ll mix up a Breakfast Casserole to have ready to bake the next morning.

It’s easy really…to make breakfast the night before while I’m cooking dinner. I’m already in the cooking mode. I’m already making a mess. Might as well make a bit of a bigger mess and get breakfast baked up too, right?

Then, after dinner, we get the whole kitchen clean (LOVE our Kitchen Chore Chart!) and put our breakfast on the table for the next morning (unless it needs to go into the fridge because leaving out a raw Breakfast Casserole would be about as bad as putting your breakfast in your back pocket).


You’ll find links to all of my Bread and Breakfast recipes on this page, but I thought I’d highlight my favorite “make-ahead breakfasts” for you here:

Add some fruit or a smoothie or a quick scrambled egg to round out these meals! Planning ahead and cooking ahead can save money and help your family to eat much healthier too. It’s much better than letting my son eat my leg, is it not?


Part of this complete breakfast (and part of these giveaways) are brought to you by Say Mmm.   Excited to hear more?

First, I encourage you to visit Organizing Junkie, who is sharing how she is using Say Mmm to create printable grocery lists. If you’re a blogger, you can link up your recipes and grocery lists with Say Mmm.  Organizing Junkie shares how.   I’ve shared about how I appreciate Say Mmm’s features for menu planning, grocery list making, recipe organization and more

Then, be sure to visit each of the following sites who are sharing their wonderful organizational strategies.

Are you ready to hear about the giveaways already? 

Thanks to Say Mmm, you have a chance to win one of four copies of Organizing Junkie’s book Clutter Rehab here at Heavenly Homemakers. Or, you could win one of three subscriptions to Say Mmm Plus (you can use Say Mmm for free, but subscribing to their Plus plan gives you even more great options!). And…I’ve thrown in three copies of my Do the Funky Kitchen ebook too, to help jump start you on your way to having an organized (and functional!) kitchen.

Leave a comment here for a chance to win one of these ten great prizes!

Plus, be sure to visit the above sites for additional chances to win!! If you visit all the sites and leave comments, you’ll have SO many more chances to win!!

This giveaway is now closed…thanks!

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  1. Lisa J says

    Just recentl found the orgjunkie website and loving the small step 52-week challenge. Looking forward to possibly winning a book and getting my house better organized and functional. Would save so much time. Love the idea of cooking breakfast the night before. Will put that into practice. Thanks.


  2. Andrea H says

    Trying to get everything organized so I can finally get some routines in order too. Would love to win. Thank you.


  3. Melinda S says

    I love Organizing Junkie. And I really need it since I’m trying to re-make myself as someone organized. I think these tools will really help. Thank you.


  4. Terri G. says

    Oh gee, all your things look so good and I would sure love a chance to win something with ideas on organizing. . . something I’ve been trying to do now for awhile. Thank you.


  5. alison says

    I’m making our family breakfast cookies right now–gotta love preparing breakfast the evening before! I’m definitely working on my organization right now!


  6. Rejoicedover says

    I found this website only last week but I already can’t get enough! THanks for all the great recipes — I have 5 under 5 and need all the organizational help I can get! = )


  7. Robin R says

    I’d love these books. I really want my children to learn to develop a a way to earn money, and I’d love to find a good way to earn money as a SAH homeschool mom.


  8. says

    Oh my stars all this food looks so yummy! I’m going to try the easy breakfast cassarole for myself. Do you know if it is good to make ahead of time? Like bake the night before to serve on a school morning? I think that’s what’ll have to work at my home. Thanks for offering us a giveaway. This I need!!


    Laura Reply:

    Yes, it works great to bake the night before and warm up slices as necessary!


  9. Anna says

    I’d love to win!! I also wanted to tell you that I made the pancake sausage muffins twice. They were a HUGE hit and the kids have been begging for more. I also regularly make your breakfast cake. Thanks for posting all that you do – it’s made my path to more healthy eating a lot easier!


  10. Micki says

    Just got done with a HUGE batch of Chicken/Chicken Broth (got chicken on sale for $.69/lb!) Looking forward to trying the breakfast cookies tomorrow night for Sunday Morning! AND I’M ON A MAJOR DE-CLUTTER KICK! tips and tricks are always welcome (and VERY OFTEN tried!!!)


  11. Amy carter says

    I just found your website. It is my new favorite! Just started in January decluttering my house and eating more healthy. I am soi glad I stumbled upon your website.


  12. Ruth says

    Drowning in others clutter. Finally able to get my kids to clean out a lot of their clutter. Now it is all piled in the dining room as I need to sort through what can be consigned, donated, trashed, etc!


  13. Beth says

    Great giveaways! We are trying to revamp breakfast at our house. We have been in a rut and if I don’t serve a good, protein-filled breakfast, my three-year-old will ask for food EVERY.TWENTY.MINUTES until lunch time.


  14. says

    Well, any of those ideas would be a heck of a lot better than the two slices of toast i usually have in a morning! I’m so lazy first thing, so i love your idea of making breakfast when i do dinner!

    Sarah. x


  15. Karen says

    I’ve been trying to come up with a “system”. I recently purchased a calendar white board but this is only scratching the surface!


  16. Berk says

    I’ve been working hard on organizing all aspects of our home and life! Making some progress, but feel overwhelmed and these eBooks and systems look like outstanding ways to get there! Thanks for the give aways!!!


  17. says

    Oh wow, how we ever need help with planning our breakfasts! I have two teens and two littles and those teens just don’t eat breakfast at all before school. Thanks for a chance to win!


  18. Sarah says

    I am thankful to see that there is so much help available to those of us who struggle with daily life! I have almost reached a point of resignation that my kitchen will always be chaos, and supper will never be ontime…at least that was until I came across the crockpot website and the orgjunkie website! I am so HOPEFUL that I will become a more organized wife, mother, and daycare owner!!!


  19. momx2 says

    We recently started eating more whole foods and using Nourishing Traditions as our cookbook of choice. It was hard at first, but you are right that with alittle organization things fall into place.


  20. says

    These resources look wonderful. I’ve never heard of them. When did your giveaway end? If it’s still going, I’d love to be included. Thanks, Kathy


  21. Julie says

    Hi Laura,
    I am still curious about how many muffins you give your boys for breakfast. I have 9 boys and they would eat 10 or more if I let them. Is there something you make with muffins to make it more filling?


    Laura Reply:

    Typically my boys eat 3-6 muffins each. I try to load them with fruit to help round it out, and often eggs too if I have time. :)


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