Branson Ziplines, Springfield Meet and Greet, Playing Games, and My Weekend Plans

It has been a very busy few months, and I’m not sure we’ll be slowing down any time soon. Spring soccer season has begun, our kids are preparing for LTC, and now that the book is finished, I hope to get caught up on all the work I am behind on! (Are any of us ever really caught up, though?!)

I wanted to take the time to share a few more highlights of our Branson trip:

Thanks to Donna, one of the awesome gals I met at the Branson Meet and Greet, Matt, Asa, and Justus got to experience the Adventure Ziplines of Branson. They loved it!


photo (1)

The final day of our Branson vacation, my dad took us to ride go-carts and play games. The boys had a blast!! Who am I kidding? I had a blast too. :)



On our way home from Branson, we stopped in Springfield for a Meet and Greet. I so enjoyed meeting and visiting with these wonderful ladies!!!


Now that we’re home, we’ve been busy packaging and sending books, then picking up more books from the printer to start the process over again! Our boys were supposed to have their first soccer games Saturday, but they were cancelled because of snow. I have to admit, I was happy that they were cancelled. I feel like I’ve been given a bonus day to be home, rest, and get work done this weekend!

So, what do I plan to do with my bonus day? COOK and BAKE!!!  I need it, I want it, and I can not wait to get all floury and messy while I get caught up and maybe ahead in the kitchen. Here’s what I’m planning to make:

We’ll see how far I get. Sometimes, my to-do list gets longer than the hours in my day. 

What are your plans this weekend? 


  1. Ann Marie says

    I’m getting all of my errands taken care of on Saturday so I can stay home during the snow storm. I especially love baking when it is cold and snowy and our freezer really needs to be restocked. Of course, I’m sure I’ll find time to curl up with a good book in front of the fire.


  2. Jamie says

    Sounds like a great trip!!

    I am attempting some chicken nuggets tomorrow, among other things on my list. I read that you should fry them and then place them on a rack in the freezer to freeze individually and then bake them just like you would the store bought ones…I hope it works (I would be DH’s hero, lol).


  3. says

    Oh, for real?!! ;-) The zip line looks like so much fun!

    Today I need to bake bread and pizza crusts, do a little laundry and a lot of ironing :p Meanwhile I have visions of getting a scrap book started of the early years of our 18yo dd’s life ~ because the first graduation celebration is in five weeks! CrAZy, eh?


  4. says

    Laundry, writing, laundry, a little housecleaning, laundry, playing online and Keeping J out of trouble, and did I mention laundry? Lol! I live such an exciting life but I love it. ;)


  5. Karen Dee Davidson says

    This weekend seems to be all about church. It’s my cookie day tomorrow so I got up and made 3 batches. Went to the store to get black beans to make myself Midnight Brownies out of black beans. Tonight is movie night at church. Great fellowship and great mocie. In the morning is church and tomorrow afternoon? I am not sure. Maybe tomorrow afternoon I will eat all the black bean brownies! :)


  6. Lana says

    I did a big batch of biscuits and froze them w/o baking to take out bit by bit and bake as needed. With only the two of us this saves because I only bake what we will eat.


    denise Reply:

    Lana are they baking powder biscuits and does that work good. I have never done that but would be sso nice to just pull out what we need and and not have left over. We will be emptynesters in the fall so having to relearn how to do things in the kitchen. Thanks


    Lana Reply:

    This is my first run of these but I got the idea from Money Saving Mom.
    In her freezer cooking section she has the recipe and directions. I use my own
    recipe and will follow her directions for thawing and baking. It has taken
    me 4 years to learn to really cook for just the two of us again.
    There is definitely a learning curve after cooking for children who
    eat so much. The freezer is my best defense against food waste.


  7. Terri says

    I know that face! Hi, Jenny! :-D


    Jenny L. Reply:

    Hi! :-)


    Laura Reply:

    You two crack me up. :)


  8. says

    My brain read that your kids were preparing for TLC instead of LTC and I was all “What?! Now you’re gonna be on a tv show?!” ha!


    Laura Reply:

    Oh my! LTC is just a little bit different. Although, I’m thinking that surely my family could pull off a better show on TLC than Honey Boo-Boo (bless their hearts).


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