Barbecue Brisket (Easy!!!)

I’ve always been told that cooking a brisket is hard, which is why I avoided ever buying one…even though Matt always told me that it was his favorite cut of beef. Finally one day at the farmers market, I timidly went ahead and splurged on a small grass-fed beef brisket. I proudly brought it home and showed it to Matt (who was of course very excited to see me the brisket in my hands).  

So what did I do next? I promptly put it into the freezer and avoided looking at it…for weeks

Good grief…I was afraid of a frozen piece of meat.

I’d paid good money for that little hunk of beef…I did not want to mess it up! No one I asked knew how to cook a brisket or they simply answered that same answer I’d always heard:  “Cooking a brisket is really hard. They can come out really tough.”

Well shucks.

I don’t know where the courage finally came from, but one day I pulled that brisket out and did a little research on how to cook it. A barbecue variety of brisket sounded better than anything, so that is what I decided on.

Um hellllllooooo!!! NEWS FLASH:  Cooking a beef brisket is REALLY EASY!!!!  And don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!!!

The trick is this:  Cook it low and slow. Or slow and low, whichever works better for ya

I’ve now made many a brisket because after biting into THE most delicious and tender meat EVER I’ve decided to join Matt in the “Brisket is my Favorite Cut of Beef Club”.   

Care to join our club?

Here’s a little tutorial, which is rather silly because why do you really need pictures to show you how to put meat in a dish and cook it, but whatever. And also, it really isn’t very fun to look at raw meat in a dish. Ah, but here’s a tutorial for BBQ Brisket nonetheless… (Apparently reading this is your initiation before joining our “Beef Brisket is my Favorite Cut of Beef Club”.)

I usually buy a 2-3 pound brisket. They aren’t the cheapest cuts of meat, neither are they the most expensive. I have been able to find them for about what I’d pay for a roast (grass fed, organic), so I feel like it’s a pretty good deal. 

Step number one:  Put your brisket in a cooking dish (Wow Laura, thank you for showing us a picture of this. We would never have been able to follow that step if you hadn’t shown us what you meant.):

Step two:  Whip up a quick batch of High Five BBQ Sauce. Spread the sauce over the brisket.

Step three:  Put a lid on the baking dish. (Again, what a fabulous tutorial.)

Bake the brisket low and slow and slow and low. I go with 250° for 4-5 hours.

Slice the meat “against the grain” (which, of all things, I don’t have a picture of) and serve.

This meat tastes so, so, so good served with Cream Scalloped Potatoes and some green beans or a salad.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that cooking a brisket is hard. And if anyone ever DOES tell you that it is hard, you give them a link to this tutorial because it could be that they’ve just never had anyone ever show them how to put meat into a dish before. Ah yes, I’m always here to help.

So what club are you in…as in…what’s your favorite cut of beef? Or do you have a favorite? (Hmm, maybe you have a favorite cut of…chicken?)

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  1. Sarah says

    Question – what about adding liquid smoke? I’ve wondered about trying my hand at brisket but have the exact same reservations about ruining a very expensive piece of meat….it’s one of my husband’s favorite foods on the planet, though, so if I could make this, well….I don’t even know what to say.


    LindseyforLaura@HHM Reply:

    Liquid smoke should only enhance the flavor! Really you can season it anyway you want. The only trick to brisket is cooking it slow and low! Stick it in the dish and walk away…it really is that easy!


  2. kelly d says

    haha i laughed at you not wanting to waste the money if you were going to ruin it..the other day i got a rump roast(not grass fed, but still expensive)after waiting for quite a while for it to go on costs an arm and a leg for one big enough for our family of 9..put it in the crock pot for french dip sandwhiches..came home hours later to find my crock pot had died some where along the cooking process…i honestly wanted to cry!!!so i took my half cooked ice cold pice of meat and threw it our in our woods…it will be a while before we do that again..but i am going to keep an eye out for looks so good!!


  3. Amy says

    I have always wanted to try brisket. After finding your recipe I decided to give it a try. The grocer I went to did not have brisket, I found a big flank decided that will work the same(I know nothing about cuts of meat obviously) I found on the internet that flank can be cooked the same way as brisket…. Results may not be the same.. O great. Its cooking now.. Time will tell.. I doubled the BBQ sauce and wrapped the pan completely in foil, and since the meat is a tougher cut I am cooking it 5 1/2 hours. Will let you know how it works out..


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