Are Home Remedies the Be All and End All? (I Bought Something For You!)

We’re going to have a Home Remedies discussion, then we’re going to have a giveaway. Excuse me a moment while I first rub on some peppermint oil to get rid of the last of my headache. But you should know that yesterday I had to break down and take an over-the-counter migraine med – so don’t think I am closed looking at all the options. I mean, a migraine will make a girl desperate. ;)

First let’s talk about conventional doctors.

I am grateful for them and so very amazed by the investments they have made toward their career of serving people. I am constantly impressed by the sacrifices they make daily and the long hours they put in. I could go on and on in gratitude about the doctors who delivered my babies, performed surgeries on my husband, stitched up my sons, and on it goes.

Except for times we get late night phone calls about our son who fell and bit through his upper lip and needs stitches (his scar healed perfectly, thanks to one of our fav local doctors!), heading to our conventional doctors is no longer our first choice when we or our kids aren’t feeling well. Typically, we now look at other options like simple home remedies, chiropractic, or our natural doctor in a city nearby who looks at the root of problems instead of only treating the symptoms.

People should know they have options.

Before our youngest son was born with chronic eczema, I didn’t know. The kids got sick, I took them to the doctor. I got sick, I went to the doctor. It’s the thing to do, right?

Maybe. Sometimes. But I’m so grateful to know that that is just one option of many.

I hear from frustrated people all the time who have gone to their doctor with miserable symptoms – only to be given the same medication, or a stronger medication over and over to no avail.

That’s exactly what we experienced with Malachi. When he first broke out from head to toe with eczema (when he was about 4 months old), he was given steroids and cortisone. The rash went away. I was so relieved! But then the meds wore off and the rash reappeared. Back to the doctor. Again, he was offered steroids and cortisone. We were taken aback. Really? That’s our only option? Should we really keep giving this stuff to our baby?

That’s when we first realized we’d better look into other options.

So we went to specialists. To allergists. To dermatologists. Every time the answer was the same: steroids and cortisone.

This was heartbreaking (because our son was suffering) and more than frustrating (because the answers we were being given weren’t helping).

This is when we moved on to alternative forms of care. This is when we learned that it is best to get to the root of the problem instead of simply trying to treat the symptoms. This is when we learned that eczema isn’t even a skin condition, but rather an internal issue manifesting itself through the skin. This is when our lives and home turned upside-down as we changed our diet, our detergents and cleaners, and our medicine cabinet.

My Home Remedy Knowledge Quest

This has been a journey, and not one I’ll likely ever feel as though I’ve arrived. I’ve swung from one extreme to another in an effort to do what’s best for my family. But I’ve landed peacefully at the place of knowing that I have a lot to learn and I’ll never do it all perfectly. After all, is there actually a “perfect” way to do it?

For all major illnesses, I contact our natural doctor (about an hour away from us) who has been amazing at helping us become and stay healthy. But for minor illnesses like colds, stomach aches, low fevers, or even bug bites – we first try simple home remedies. This has saved us wads of money on what I consider to be unnecessary doctor visits. Why spend $100+ on a doc appointment when a few simple ingredients at home will give us comfort and a boost to help our bodies heal?

One of my goals this summer is to learn more about home remedies and natural care. I want to sharpen my knowledge and continue to build up our “medicine cabinet.” Through the years, we have been accumulating a nice supply of basic essential oils, vitamins, minerals, and herbal tinctures. But what else? There’s so much to learn!

How I’m Learning Right Now

A few weeks ago, I received an email about a set of herbs, essential oils, and natural care resources. I immediately went to hit the delete button because it looked like just one more thing someone wanted me to buy or promote. (You should see my overloaded inbox!!) But because the focus is on home remedies, I decided I should at least glance at it to see if it was something that would help me learn.

I took a couple days to look over it and chew on it before I realized that I really should invest. The price was amazing, but it doesn’t matter how much money I’ll “save” if I’m not going to use something, right?!

Getting this was a great idea! During the two weeks I’ve had the resources, I have learned a so much, and I really like having the quick go-to references. Since this is a topic many of you also want to learn more about, I decided I wanted to share the opportunity with you, too. In fact, I’ve been enjoying it so much that I went back and bought a second set to give to one of you! (See rafflecopter below.)

The thing is, just like over-the-counter meds like Advil or Sudafed, essential oils and natural remedies aren’t something to mess with unless you understand just how to use them. That’s why I’m thankful to come across these well-studied resources. What I love most about going the natural route is that I can know exactly what I’m putting in or on my body (unlike meds where I have no idea what ingredients are or why I should trust them).

I’ve already taken a few hours to really dig into these books and courses. I’ll have them forever as resources to revisit at any time, but I also found that I wanted to take notes as I read and learned. I thought it would be nice to have a “Home Remedies Notebook” where I jotted some go-to information for easy access.

So I had a little fun and I made this:

home remedies notebook2

home remedies notebook1

Home Remedies Notebook
This Home Remedies Notebook is free to all!!
Find download instructions here.

I printed the pages and put them into a binder. I also printed several of my favorite reference pages from the books and sources in this package so I would have them handy for quick help as needed. Beyond that, I created a new “Home Remedies” file on my computer so I could easily find these books and courses whenever I need them.

I’m pretty excited about all of this and happy about what I’m learning! I started ordering a few supplies so I could make some bath baths and teas. After all, I’ll want to have these on hand when we need them, and I can’t buy most of these in my small town.

Be sure to grab the FREE Natural Remedies Notebook printable!


  1. Lori says

    I’m just getting started in learning about oils and such, so this would be such a handy reference! Thank you!


  2. Pearl says

    Me too!…just getting started on this learning journey and so thankful for the help of others who are a few steps ahead of me and are willing to share what they know.


  3. Victoria says

    Nothing like pregnancy/childbirth/newborn baby to raise health questions! I feel like I’ve been learning non-stop. The notebook is a great idea! Pinterest and my memory are maybe not the best system. ;)


  4. says

    Thank you so much for sharing! I really appreciate your commitment to natural foods and remedies! We subscribe to the same way of thinking around here. And…our girls are very healthy! We have had less than 10 “sick visits” to our doctor in 13 years of parenting! In fact, at our well checkup this year our wonderful pediatrician, who fully supports my efforts to stay away from meds if at all possible, asked me if I would speak at a meeting about raising healthy kids! All I do is provide whole foods for my kids , and no sugar (except very limited honey, maple syrup and coconut sugar), no soda,no processed foods, plenty of sleep and diligent washing hands & faces after we go “to town” (especially after ministering at churches – lots of hugs and hand shaking). And you know what? It works! And even with the slightly higher costs of whole foods…we save money because our kids are well! Thanks again for the giveaway! Have a blessed week!


    Emily Reply:

    I have enjoyed my journey to learn more about alternative choices to heal my body and so appreciate your dedication to helping others. Thank you for this post.


  5. says

    We rarely go to the doctor as well, and are so thankful for herbs and oils to keep us healthy, and to regain health when sick. Thanks for the chance to learn more!


  6. Missy Wainman says

    We’ve been using essential oils for almost 2 years and are so thankful for them. God’s provision in creating oils for our use is amazing! And they smell good too! ????


  7. Jill says

    I love your balanced approach to treating your family’s healthcare issues. I feel the same way. I get so sad when I hear people talk about traditional medicine as though it’s all evil…and people who blow off alternative medicine as though it’s all some kind of hippie nonsense. I’d love to explore more with the resource packet!


  8. Cindy says

    I’ve started researching and stopped researching. Would love to have some resources at my fingertips!


  9. Jessica says

    I love this! I have become a lot more interested in natural ways of healing in the past couple years but I’m such an amateur, I’ve got a lot to learn! I would love to win :)


  10. Molly says

    The funny one: a drop of essential oil in an empty toilet will act like poo-pourri. It TOTALLY works!

    The real one: peppermint will take the edge off a migraine until meds kick in, and I am so grateful for that. It allows me to partially function instead of napping in a dark, quiet room for the next 12 hours.


  11. Karen Dee Davidson says

    Love oils and we just can,t learn too much about just what does heal our bodies besides drugs!


  12. Angela says

    I have a lot of oils, but don’t always know how to use them. Thank you for sharing this resource!


  13. Ashley says

    We started looking into natural remedies when we had no insurance and started using a Christian health-sharing ministry (which we like very much). We are responsible for the first $300 of a medical bill, so any routine doctor’s visit is out of our pocket. We don’t rush to the doctor as easily as we did when we were only paying a $20 co-pay (although we still go when necessary).


  14. Jaime says

    I was diagnosed last year with hashimotos. No conventional doctors offered me any help. But the natural doctors offer hope through diet and supplements. I always look for natural ways to help my family before taking medicine. Sometimes we need to, but usually not.


  15. Melissa VDA says

    Love this giveaway! I’m into all things natural and even own my own natural skincare business! One thing I have learned about natural remedies is that I cannot find one for headaches.


  16. Gayle says

    Thank you for the great opportunity. My husband has been having some health issues this year and we are looking closely at what goes into our bodies. This would be a great help in that quest.


  17. Michelle L. says

    The natural remedy I’m most excited about is using turmeric instead of ADvil for joint pain. It works faster and just as well.


  18. Mrs.p says

    Wish I knew about healthy eating and natural healing when I was younger. But now that I am in my early forties. Just beginning my journey to healthier me.


  19. Kathleen says

    We always use natural remedies first. But there is so much to learn and good resources are hard to find.


  20. says

    I so appreciate your balanced view on natural remedies. I’m in the same camp, but do wish to learn a lot more. I love it when something “natural” and actually good for me also solves a health problem, rather than helping the symptom but with nasty side-effects. I’m also very thankful for our traditional doctors and all of their experience and wisdom. I believe that God can heal and often he chooses to use one of these resources.

    Thanks for the chance to win the bundle!


  21. Virginia says

    Thank you for this information! I’ve been wanting to use more natural remedies, but feel so unsure as to what will/won’t work or what to even try…looking forward to having some recommended help at my fingertips!


  22. GLADY says

    I am so happy to see you spreading the word about natural healings. You can never learn too much about herbs and essential oils. I pretty much quit going to MD’s because all they wanted to do was write another prescription which I did not fill. They were not listening to ME. I found a naturopath doctor. She has me on one natural prescription for thyroid. I also see a chiropractor every two weeks for a general adjustment then get a massage. Life is good and I am healthy.


  23. Rachel says

    I have learned to have patience and trust that many times, my body knows how to heal itself with just a little boost from me via sleep, nutrition, supplements, essential oils, etc.


  24. Shelley says

    After some bad experiences with conventional medicine I have been trying to learn all I can to help my family and myself with health. This would be awesome to win!


  25. Jenny Z says

    I too have gotten interested in alternatives to just going to the doctor and paying a small fortune every time someone is sick!


  26. Tracie says

    Our family has had mixed results with natural medicine, BUT I feel the same about conventional medicine. So much is trial and error, on both sides. I have 5 major medicinal allergies, so I have to seek natural remedies. We have made slow progress with dietary and lifestyle changes, so we keep plugging along. Every year, I find we get fewer major illnesses, and seem to recover a little faster!:)


  27. Kristin says

    I have just started learning about how to use essential oils. With 6 kids we are very interested in learning to take care of ourselves in a more natural way!


  28. Lori says

    One thing I have used for earaches taking about half a cotton ball and adding 1-2 drops of Thieves essential oil in outer ear and letting it rest in there all night or as long as the child will allow it to stay in there. I use lots of home remedies like “cold kicker,” essential oils and homeopathic remedies. Very nice not to have to run to pediatrician with every ailment, like I did 18 years ago with my first baby!


  29. Amanda says

    Minus some basic stuff like homemade electrolyte solutions, steam for congestion, and cold night air for croupy coughs, I know nothing about home remedies.


  30. Kendra says

    I’m interested but always feel overwhelmed by the info and don’t know where to start. Maybe this would help…


  31. says

    I started my journey into herbs not too long ago. I’m still learning and have a long way to be called an “herbalist”. This binder is beautiful, thanks!


  32. Nedra says

    Thank you for this information. It is always helpful to read and learn more about natural remedies from trusted sources.


  33. Julia says

    I would love to win this. I’ve been dabbling in essential oils but I’m never sure what to choose to treat a particular illness.


  34. Jessica says

    Love learning more about this topic! Thanks for the great giveaway. I always wished for a handy reference guide and do appreciate you making and giving away the cute pages for notes! Now I can keep that stuff in one place!! I am really liking tea tree oil right now, for cleaning my house and cleaning my husband’s wound :( He just cut himself on a stick somehow (punctured his leg!) while trying to keep our well water going and now is limping everywhere. Poor guy, no complaining from him though! I always want to learn more so I am so glad to hear you are going to be delving into this topic. Also like honey as a natural cure as well:) God gave us some many amazing resources, I wish I had more time to learn about them all!!


  35. Kimberly in NC says

    I learned lots of home remedies when I had my first baby. Garlic in olive oil for ear aches, plantain from the yard for bee stings and diaper rash, red raspberry leaf tea while pregnant, etc.


  36. Mitzi Layton says

    My has been struggling with eczema too. We could really use this resources to find answers fast. Your blog has really benefited my family. Thank you.


  37. Sarah says

    I find myself overwhelmed by so much of the healthy side of things. You still have to be very careful even if it has the word natural. I would prefer to not be so “doctor” minded but it can also be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Thanks for all of your help and research that you do for all of us!


  38. Laura Robbins says

    I haven’t learned much, as I am just starting out, but I do know you must be careful with them so as not to produce unwanted side effects. This bundle would be such a great help!


  39. Amanda Pennington says

    I’m still just a beginner when it comes to home remedies, and my husband still looks at me funny when I bring home 1/2 a gallon of vodka for tinctures…but I think it’s not only effective, but fascinating!


  40. Brooke says

    Awesome! I love finding home remedies. Just last week I picked up ear drops for my 8 year old who was fighting an ear ache. Much more convenient, safer, and cost effective than going to the dr.


  41. Deanna says

    I have also be introduced to homeopathy. is an awesome website. She has an 8 week guided group study course for $47 plus shipping. A great way to learn at a great price.


  42. Rebecca S. says

    I am just beginning to look into essential oils. What I’d really like to learn about is using herbs. I love growing them, but don’t always know how to use them.


  43. Rhoda says

    I got started using essential oils about 2 years ago after my daughter was diagnosed with asthma looking for more natural ways to help her. I’ve wanted to learn more about herbal remedies as they work. I do use cut up onion when my daughter is wheezy at night, but that isn’t actually herbal. Thank you for the give away.


  44. Stephanie says

    I originally found your website while looking for eczema treatments. I hope you can touch on what ultimately worked for your on. Do you think weather may come into play at times?


  45. JoannaTopaz says

    This is a great resource and, I, too, am on the journey — just getting into essential oils, which have been working great to heal a cut on my ankle. Next, can you talk about how to find a natural doctor?


  46. Mary says

    I use a number of different herbal remedies and EOs. Two favorites of mine are turmeric and cayenne powder which I take daily as a preventative course (swirled in a little hot water, and down the hatch). I use a lot of coconut oil and lemon as well as eating a whole food diet. There is always more to learn. I would enjoy winning these resources. Thanks for the opportunity.


  47. Brenda Jahnke says

    I have a little granddaughter who had RSV when she was 2 and she has been borderline asthmatic ever since and she gets sick easier than her older siblings. Twice now, when she had an ear/upper respiratory infection my daughter waited to fill the antibiotic prescription and treated her with everything from a raw onion (cut in half and heated up in a skillet or in the oven until warm) held up to her ear to herbal tinctures and they work! It was incredible to see her go from crying in pain from her earache to having the pain completely gone in a matter of about 20 minutes!


  48. kentuckylady717 says

    I agree with everyone, would love to know more about healing with the oils, and cleaning, etc. I purchased the Lavender and Orange from Amazon, but of course no directions came with it, so not really sure to use them…. just heard the Lavender is good for sleep, so have been rubbing on the bottom of my feet for that and using them both a few drops on a cotton ball in the dryer, instead of dryer sheets… lots and lots to learn about the oils they have been used for hundreds of years…..but the really good ones are quite expensive…..but worth it, I have been told…..


  49. Kristy B says

    we had a brutal winter with three of four of us coming down with sinus infections and one of us being an overachiever and getting 2 really bad ones. So yes I was at the doctor a lot but I was delighted how much natural things helped and how my doctor did not think it odd when I listed essential oils as part of my cold care.


  50. Su Ann says

    I love and prefer home remedies to any “modern medicine” when possible. I use apple cider vinegar daily to aid with digestion. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. It would be such a blessing to win.


  51. Melissa says

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I’ve been looking essential oils more often lately and this would be such a blessing!


  52. Lori says

    I enjoy your blog and love hearing about your family. I’m a PK and now a PW. Ha! We have to keep our families well!


  53. M. says

    Oh, goodness! This bundle would be such a blessing to me as I learn to bring better health to my family!


  54. Jori says

    I don’t know much about home remedies yet. I would love to have some trusted resourses to refer to. :)


  55. Deanna says

    I always try to start with natural remedies for the kiddos and me. (The husband normally just automatically jumps to stuff from the store and I try to remind him that I do have other things he could try first if he wanted.) My new favorite use for bentonite clay – cold sores!!!


  56. lyss says

    I share the same philosophy as you. Natural first, but to the doctor we go if it’s needed. I’m amazed how wonderfully some home remedies work. Natural remedies actually took away ear infections, whereas with antibiotics it just came back.

    I’ve also found that with natural remedies, what works for one may not work for another. But the same goes for medication, too. And some things are just downright puzzling. How I wish I could find the root cause of my skin problems! : (


  57. Katie says

    I am learning more and more about how to heal my family at home. I can’t wait to dig into this bundle!!!!


  58. Barbara Powers says

    I’ve learned so much that it seems impossible to retain it all; and there’s more to learn! Glad for bloggers like yourself who ahare you journey and keep us informed.


  59. Olivia G says

    This giveaway looks great… there is so much to learn… I have come to realize as I research that God has placed so many natural things for us to use all around us, and it is great to know that we have options. My first answer is to look to Him in prayer, and then use the resources He has given (and hey… they are almost always free of side effects!! Unless you call getting better a side effect :)


  60. Donna says

    I use herbs, essential oils, homeopathy, and REAL food for our health and wellness. After years of being told all my health issues were in my head I sought out other solutions.


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