Answering Your Vanilla Bean Questions

Since I shared about the 20% Vanilla Bean discount going on right now (today’s the last day, by the way!), I’ve received several questions I wanted to address while the discount code is still valid.


1. Have the prices of vanilla beans gone up??

Unfortunately, yes. The owner of Olive Nation let me know several months ago that the price of beans was really skyrocketing. He still has the lowest prices for the best quality in my experience and research, but prices are definitely higher than they used to be – for everyone.

2. Does it actually save money to make homemade vanilla extract?

I had done the math several years ago when vanilla bean prices were lower and found that it did save money to make this extract at home. One of my readers was kind enough to do the math yesterday with current vanilla bean prices. Her findings are that it doesn’t actually save money to make it yourself right now.

3. So why make homemade vanilla?

Here’s where I land. First, I take advantage of a 20% off sale when Olive Nation offers it because that takes a nice chunk off the price. (They also always offer free shipping on their vanilla beans, no matter the size of your order.)

Next, I know that the vanilla I make is pure and rich – not watered down like most Vanilla Extracts on the market. Therefore, I know that I can easily use half the amount of vanilla called for in a recipe without compromising taste even a little bit. That right there makes the homemade vanilla go twice as far, which saves money overall.

Last, if the price of vanilla beans is going up everywhere, that means the price of commercial vanilla extract is also going to rise. I think in the long run, homemade vanilla is still going to save us money. And since the flavor is so incredibly amazing, I can no longer go back and use anything but homemade. I love it way too much!

I shared all the details here about how to make Homemade Vanilla Extract. This makes great Christmas gifts and tastes incredible. (You’ll also be surprised how easy it is!)

Last day for the discount

If you would like to try making homemade vanilla, be sure to take advantage of the discount Olive Nation is offering, which expires the end of the day today, June 15. Use the code SAVE20 on any order over $25 – and remember you’ll get free shipping as long as you don’t have anything but vanilla beans in your cart.

Have you made homemade vanilla before? Do you love it?

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  1. mml says

    Not sure about it not being a saving to make your own vanilla extract right now…
    Here’s the math based on how I make mine:

    To buy store bought vanilla extract: 4 oz of Simply Organic Vanilla Extract ranges between $5-$10 per 4 oz …so lets say $8 for 4 oz. That’s $256 for a gallon

    I buy the 8 oz of beans from olive nation(40-55 beans). right now the price is $64.95. With the 20% of that’s $51.96. With the 8 oz of beans I make a gallon of super dark, super rich , delicious vanilla extract by adding a gallon of organic vodka. The vodka can cost about as much as the beans- I look for sales. However, I think most will spend less on the vodka by buying cheaper non organic versions?… so total cost per gallon of homemade is around $100!

    That’s a savings of over $150. No where near the same cost.

    You can also reuse your beans once or twice and when they are spent I always throw some in a bag of sugar for vanilla sugar, then dehydrate and powder the rest for vanilla powder for baking.

    Also the last time I bought beans, about a year ago??? I spent about 10- 15 less?? Not really sure that the price has went up THAT much:)


    Laura Reply:

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing this breakdown! You’re right – it looks like we’re saving more than we thought even with the price going up! :)


  2. mrs.p says

    I reuse my beans and found no difference between the first and second. I have enough for years to come.


  3. Heather T says

    I just wanted to share that if you have a frontier drop point or can find one they have a pound for $138. I just opened the bag and they are wonderful looking and smelling. I know you love your supplier just wanted to let your readers know as well.


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