A Kid Friendly Meal: Sloppy Cornbread

You know how some of your kids like some of your meals some of the time…and all of your kids like some of your meals some of the time and none of your kids like some of your meals some of the time?

And the ones some of them like…the others don’t…and the ones the other ones like the first ones don’t?  

But you make them ALL eat it anyway because hello, we are not short-order chefs…but really it’s so much nicer when all of the kids like all of the meals all of the time.  

I have discovered a meal that all of my kids like all of the time

We call it Sloppy Cornbread.

I came up with this recipe because you know how when you have hamburger buns for your sloppy joes in the house some of the time…but not all of the time when you need them…and you don’t have time some of the times to make homemade buns…and the ones from the store are still at the store? That’s what happened to me one time.

But I really wanted to make sloppy joes and while some of the time we eat them without buns, we don’t do that all of the time and I really needed to fill my family up before a soccer game this time. 

And that’s how we came up with Sloppy Cornbread.

To make Sloppy Cornbread you need:

Spread the sloppy joes out into a 9×13 inch baking pan:


Spread the cornbread mixture over the top then bake for 2o minutes at 400°.   (You can sprinkle cheese on top before baking if you want to!)


All of us like this all of the time and some of the time there is some leftover but not all of the time because most of the time we eat the entire pan.

You should try it sometime.



  1. Tracy Compaan says

    You rock. I love your sense of humor. If we lived in the same town, I think we could be friends. :-) I was very curious about sloppy cornbread when I saw it on your menu plan previously. Thanks for posting the recipe. I love how you always have scratch recipes. I DID live in Turkey, and posted on your blog from there, but NOW I live in Thailand. Crazy I know. Not making it up. Anyway, can’t find convenience foods here either, and I don’t mind because I can cook from scratch, and it’s actually better to boot! I’ve also noticed that certain foods, such as goldfish crackers and potato chips gross me out now that I make so much other stuff from scratch.


  2. Julie S says

    Thanks for the recipe Laura! I was wondering about it last night when I saw your menu plan and was a little bummed when it didn’t have a link to a recipe. I guess God heard my minor disappointment and sent you a message. :) Thanks again for all your hard work!


  3. Serenity says

    Ok~ My pregnancy cravings are going insane (I just ate lasagna with red wine vinegar doused on it for breakfast)!!! This sloppy joe recipe is just what I am craving. I have been wanting a slopppy joe SO BAD and yours look awesome. Can’t wait to try in on my kiddos tomorrow!

    PS~ Do you think I can put red wine vinegar on it? That sounds yummy!


    Laura Reply:

    Mmm, I think the sloppy joe meat with red wine vinegar sounds pretty good actually…and I’m NOT pregnant!


  4. says

    Wow – those first two sentences make it sound like you’ve been a fly on the wall at my house! And I only have two kids (and a husband who has his opinion about meals!) This recipe sounds like a winner!


  5. Julie says

    Thanks for the recipe. I was going to make chili tonight but it is not a fan favorite. We have 3 boys here who I think would prefer this.


  6. jayme says

    ooooh. I gotta try this. :) And yes I so KNOW about how only some of the times some of the people like some of the meals. Sigh. :)


  7. says

    I make something like this called mexican casserole. It’s hamburger fried with minced onion add a can of chili beans. Pour that into the pan. Then over that pour a can of corn. Add a layer of cheese then pour the cornbread batter on. Then you bake, until the cornbread is done (probably the same time/temp as above). Yum yum. May have to make that tonight.


  8. Meredith says

    Question – to make this, should the sloppy joe layer be hot or does it not matter? Anything involving baking (like this cornbread) makes me need to ask 42 extra questions.


    Laura Reply:

    My sloppy joe layer is usually hot, but I don’t think it matters too much!


  9. says

    Ha! I can’t wait to try this sometime very soon. My kids love cornbread and they love sloppy joes. Seriously, what’s NOT to love in this dish??? Thanks for the idea. Looking forward to digging deeper into your blog for more great tips!

    Blessings to you!


  10. says

    My mom used to make a variation of this with taco meat and kidney beans–Mexican Cornbread. I think my kiddos would like the sloppy version better–thanks for the idea! :)


  11. Susanna says

    Just made this for the family for lunch. It is good, but it wasn’t a hit by any means (kids ages 4,6,7 and non-picky husband). I probably won’t make it again, but if I did, I would NOT double the cornbread recipe – just do a thin layer on top of the meat. And it’s very important for the meat to be hot so that it helps the cornbread cook on the bottom. It took closer to 30 minutes for this to cook (even w/ the hot meat.)


  12. says

    I make this all the time, although I grew up calling it “tamale pie”… we add whole olives to the mix, too. Very tasty.

    I make “sloppy cornbread” with leftover corn muffins, too – also a hit. :)


  13. Alison says

    This is an awesome recipe! My husband, three boys and I all loved it! Thank you for developing so many healthy, easy, fun and boy loving recipes. Everything I have tried from your blog my family has loved. Your hysterical sense of humor is icing on the cake! I shared this one on Facebook tonight.


  14. Dawn says

    This was a slam dunk with my whole family. It’s going into our regular dinner rotation. Although I think I will just try 1.5 times the cornbread recipe next time, double was really thick. Thanks for sharing such a great and simple idea!


  15. Kari says

    Yummo! I picked up a recipe like this at Trader Joe’s one day. They had two added layers, frozen veggies on top of the meat and then grated cheese. Then the cornbread (with jalepenos mixed in). The frozen veggies are a mix of edamame, corn, red bell pepper. One could use anything. Great way to put a little bit of vegetable into the meal!


  16. Rebecca H says

    ok- I made this twice now and the first time I forgot to sweeten the cornbread so I thought I’d try again. I loved it but my family thought it was too dry. but I did try your taco potatos and yumm yumm, they were awesome!!!


  17. says

    Sounds like a fun recipe! Just one question…I make your corndog muffins and that had a different cornbread recipe. Do you think that one would work too? The reason I ask is because I hardly ever just have buttermilk on hand, but all the other things I keep on hand so the other recipe would be easier.


    Laura Reply:

    Oh, I’m thinking another recipe would work too. As long as it sticks to the hotdog when you’re frying it (I’m assuming you’re talking about making corndogs, not the muffins). If you ARE talking about the muffin, then for sure it would work!


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