40 Real Foods Menu Plans Downloadable Packet


Need some inspiration when it comes to planning simple, yet wholesome meals each week?

The 40 Real Food Menu Plans Downloadable Packet includes 40 (of course) real food, real easy menu plans – 10 for each season of the year. In each menu plan, you’ll find ideas for all 3 meals each day for an entire week. No need to follow the menu plan to the letter. Change them as needed to fit your family’s schedules and preferences. You’ll find most of the recipes included in the menu plans here on the Heavenly Homemakers website (hyperlinks included on the pages!) or in the Oh, For Real Cookbook.

See some sample pages of 40 Real Food Menu Plans Here.

40 Real Food Menu Plans Downloadable Packet

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  1. Jenni says

    I don’t suppose you have a sample page to view before purchasing, just to make sure it’s something that will work for people? I have the cookbook already, as well as several of your ebooks, so I’m sure this is just as great, but it would still be nice to get a small peak at what I’m purchasing. Thanks for all your wonderful information and recipes! I always use your recipe in my meal planning.


    Laura Reply:

    I just got this completed and added a link on this page so that you (and others) can check it out!


  2. Susan Parker says

    I already have your cookbook, for all 40 menu plans that can be purchased, Are all the recipes in the cookbook or from cookbook and your blog? Just wondering if I would have to look up recipes from the blog.



    Laura Reply:

    The recipes are in both the cookbook and the blog (or both). Those from my blog are all hyperlinked so that as you are reading the menu plan, you can click right over directly from the menu page. :)


  3. Susan Parker says

    I will try these.. Been struggling with making and preparing menu plans. Gonna keep at it. Thanks Laura!


  4. Shonda says

    I needed this inspiration! I will be “copying” you for a few of these menus. I’m so overwhelmed with planning menus and trying to get ahead. You have done half the work for me. Thank you for this great resource!


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