33 Simple Summer Recipes and Tips (New Freebie for Simple Meals Subscribers!)

I thought it was hot here in Nebraska until my friend from Las Vegas told me about the temps they get there. Phew! What’s it like where you are?

You know me, though. I never complain about the heat because I love summer, sunshine, and being warm. I’m cold all winter so I embrace all the heat of summer while I can!

However, I don’t like heating up the house to cook or bake during the summer. Why run the air conditioner and the oven at the same time??

What should we do though because we all still eat three meals a day at home during the summer. Man shall not live on fruit smoothies alone. So what else is there?

Beat the Heat cover

Simple Meals members have already been enjoying Weekly Menu Planning Packets that offer mostly oven-free meal ideas for the summer. But what about breakfast and lunch? And what about snacks?

Beat the Heat has 33 Simple Summer Kitchen Tips and includes 49 real food recipes to use this summer that will keep your kitchen from heating up!

This resource is packed with ideas to get you through the summer. All real food ideas. Bunches of recipes. Oodles of tips for ways to have fun feeding your family delicious treats, light lunches, great snacks – you will love this!

This new eBook is a freebie for all of our Simple Meals Members. This is our only paid subscription (though super inexpensive!) offer here at Heavenly Homemakers and for good reason. Members get a thorough menu planning packet every single week! All the thinking and planning has been done for you. Your grocery list is made for you. You get bonus ideas, time saving tips, and extra recipes. This comes to your inbox every Thursday morning so you can plan for the next week. And the best part is that every single recipe and meal we suggest that you make is ridiculously simple.

Nothing complicated. All real food. All family friendly. Spend very little time in the kitchen. Endure no stress if you forgot to thaw meat (there’s a back-up plan for that!). Simple Meals really is making people’s kitchen lives easier!

All for one little dollar per week!

This week, members will get this fabulous Beat the Heat bonus resource along with all their regular menu planning info! We’ll send it out in this week’s regular Simple Meals Planning Packet email. Then to be sure we’ve caught all new members who want this, we’ll send it one more time on July 20. So¬†join Simple Meals before July 20 for sure so you can receive this Beat the Heat booklet in your inbox with your planning packets!

Get all the details about Simple Meals here!

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  1. Faith Dossett says

    I LOVE your Simple Meals subscription!! We are empty-nesters, but we do have our son and two teenage grandsons at least once a week for dinner. It is so nice to have meals already planned, and all I have to do is choose one. Usually, I have all the ingredients because the recipes are very basic. I’m so glad that I receive these every week. Thank you.


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