31 Days of Real Food Reality Re-Cap

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and interaction during our 31 Days of Real Food Reality! In case you’d like to go back and look through any of the posts for encouragement and information, I’ve listed them all for you here. (Now, what in the world should we do in February?)  :)

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Day 1   The Reality is, We Can’t Do This Without God’s Help
Day 2   One Step at a Time
Day 3   Let’s Talk About Fat
Day 4   God is Bigger Than a Free Range Chicken
Day 5   Real Food Menu Plan – Be Flexible
Day 6   Food is Nourishment. What a Concept.
Day 7   Tropical Traditions Real Food Package Giveaway
Day 8   Real Food Reality Resource Package Discount
Day 9    Stop Calling it Health Food
Day 10  Cheeseburger Soup for $1 Per Person
Day 11  What Healthy Food Should I Have On Hand?
Day 12  Real Food Menu Plan – Keep it Simple
Day 13  31 Real Food Breakfast Ideas
Day 14  Focus on Stocking Your Kitchen With Real Food Ingredients
Day 15  Sugar Should Be a Treat
Day 16  How to Always Have Fruits and Vegetables to Serve With a Meal
Day 17  Let’s Not Make This Difficult – Easy Orange Chicken
Day 18  You Are What You Drink
Day 19  Real Food Menu Plan – Branching Out and Eating a Variety
Day 20  How to Pack a Healthy Lunch
Day 21  Making Buttermilk, Kefir, and Yogurt is Easy
Day 22  Make Real Food Mixes to Save Time and Money
Day 23  Chocolate Cheesecake Pie – Real Food Ingredients Make Real Good Treats
Day 24  Want to Eat Right? Plan Ahead.
Day 25  You CAN Save Money on Whole Foods
Day 26  Real Food Menu Plan – Have Fun!
Day 27  What I Learned in Laura’s Kitchen (a Real Food Reality Guest Post)
Day 28  Drink Your Nourishment
Day 29  How to Roast Vegetables
Day 30  How to Feed Picky Eaters Healthy Food
Day 31  Real Food: Does It Even Matter?


  1. Colleen M says

    I just wanted to say thank you for the recap you posted with all the available links. I missed a few days along the way and I apprecaite seeing them all at once. I really enjoyed the series also.


  2. Kathy And Larry Curtain says

    Is everything okay? I havent seen a post from you since preparing chicken dishes for the freezer.


    Laura Reply:

    Oh wow, not sure why my new posts aren’t showing up for you. I’ve posted a ton since then! Try refreshing my site several times?


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