You Can Get a Free Gillette Venus Embrace Solo Razor

I am loving all these free items TopCashBack keeps putting out there. A few weeks ago, we got the Frozen DVD for free. Then they offered highly discounted Pyrex dishes. Then free tealights. Then a free gift card to Lowe’s. (Today is the last day to pick up your free Lowe’s gift card if you haven’t already.)  These deals are incredible. There is no catch – TopCashBack is simply a site that offers you cash back on online purchases. Many of the deals are completely free. I love this site!

What’s the latest freebie? It’s a Gillette Venus Embrace Solo razor. I was just thinking that I needed to invest in a better razor for summertime.  Perfect timing. With this offer, I don’t have to spend money. In fact, not only did I get a free Gillette Venus Embrace Solo razor, I got a bonus $0.21. Can’t beat it!

Free Gillette Venus Embrace Razor

This offer is available for both new and existing TopCashBack members. If you already have an account, you can just click through this link, read the details, then click on the orange “Get Cash Back” button to complete your transaction. You’ll then be able to pick up your free razor at your local Wal-mart.

Not a member of TopCashBack yet? Simply sign up for an account. Then, head over to the special purchase page for this free item. Click through the orange “Get Cash Back” button on that page so that your purchase will be recorded and TopCashBack will refund your money.

It is important that you ONLY put this particular item in your cart. Buy nothing else within this transaction or you won’t get your money back.

I’ve had complete success with this site following through on all their refund promises. They promise your refund within 30-90 days. I usually see the money in my account within 20-40 days. It’s awesome!

Take advantage of this free Gillette Razor deal by June 4, 2014.

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  1. Miranda says

    Hi Laura,
    Can you please advise how to contact TopCashBack–like, do you have a phone number or email address for them? When I try to sign up, it says my email address has been registered–I vaguely remember signing up there, but I don’t remember the password. I’ve tried several times to request a password reset, but I’ve not received any replies. If I go to their help/contact page, I have to enter my email and password first before I can get through! So far, none of the offers you’ve mentioned have worked for me in Hawaii (even this razor offer says it is “too heavy” for store pick-up–I wonder if knows that Hawaii is part of the U.S. and has five stores on Oahu alone), though I was able to get the Lowe’s gift card by having it sent to my mom’s mainland address (signed up my husband for that one so I’d have a known password). I realize this is a technical issue; if you’re not able to help me, maybe you could forward this comment to them with my email address so they can respond. Thanks!


    Laura Reply:

    Sorry it’s giving you fits! Try contacting them through this page:


    Miranda Reply:

    Turned out to be a problem with the way I’ve got my email set up–I had received password resets and couldn’t see them. So I’m all set now, at least for the offers that work in Hawaii. :) Thanks for your help!


    Laura Reply:

    Awesome, so glad that got worked out!!

  2. Bobbie says

    How do you find the cashbacks freebies. I can’t seem to find anything on my own.


    Laura Reply:

    I’ve not been successful finding them on my own either. But one of their media gals always emails me (knowing I have a blog audience to share with) each time they have a freebie offer. Anytime it’s worth sharing, I post about it!


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