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Connected – Matt’s Thoughts

Woven throughout our healthy marriage posts is the theme of connectedness.  A healthy marriage consists of two people connected to each other.  Marriages that honor the Lord consist of two people connected to our Creator. So, a healthy marriage that honors the Lord consists of two people connected to our Creator and to each other.

That is our aim and our desire for you. When I consider the periods of our life when we experienced this at its best, by God’s grace, it has been due to our times of worship together. I believe that is because worship is both humbling and empowering. Humbling because I’m interacting with the Creator of the universe. Empowering because I’m interacting with the Creator of the universe. What doesn’t bode well for my marriage is when I get arrogant or selfish, or conversely, feel useless or incompetent. I’m not the center of the universe, but the One who is the center of the universe is living in me!

Although we urge you to worship together in group settings with other Christians, we want you to also think outside the box…err building. My view of worship may be a bit broader than others, but when I consider Psalm 148, for example, and that the sun and moon, mountains and hills, lightning and hail, plants and trees, and animals and humans are all urged to praise the Lord, my view of worship expands.  God’s creation praises Him by being (and therefore doing) what they were created to be (and do).  What are the two of you created to be and do?

But What If… – Laura’s Thoughts

This is our aim and desire for you. This is likely your aim and desire also. What if, however, your spouse doesn’t feel the same way about pursuing a relationship with the Creator? Your spouse is not a robot. You can not program him/her to do and to be what you want.

Do not lose hope. God is stronger, more powerful, and more willing than we understand to do more than we ask or can imagine. Your personal worship and devotion to God can and will bring the light to your household that you desire.

Worship with your spouse is beautiful, but if this is not an option for you at this time, do not underestimate the power of your own personal worship, praise, and heart-cry to the Father. He is listening. He can bring about that connectedness you long for, both with Himself, and with your spouse.

Let your life be worship, with your spouse, without your spouse, all the time.

God will be glorified.

Ladies, we know you’re reading here more often than the guys. ;)  We’d love husbands to read this article as well. If you feel so inclined please send the link to your husbands, or if it’s easier, we’ve created a downloadable article for you to quickly print off and share. Healthy Marriage Tips from A to Z – Worship


  1. Bethany says

    I was told when I got married that a marriage is a triangle with God at the top, and each spouse at the bottom. As you get closer to God, you can’t help but get closer to your spouse, and as you get closer to your spouse, you can’t help but get closer to God.

    What a great reminder, thank you!


  2. says

    I really appreciate this series, especially since it includes input from both of you. As a young married couple, I am trying to absorb all the advice I can for a healthy, God-centered marriage. Thank you!


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