Win a $40 Gift Certificate from MadeOn Hard Lotion (Plus Get a 15% Discount!)


I emailed Renee at MadeOn a couple of weeks ago, letting her know that I was about to turn 40, that I am having a special celebration on my site, and that her BeeSilk Hard Lotion was one of my favorite products in the world. I asked if she’d mind offering a giveaway, and she said yes! (Not only that, she’s giving us all a discount too!)

Why are MadeOn products my favorite? Because for all of my life (before using these products), I’ve had dry, itchy, rough, bleeding, miserable hands – especially in the winter. I thought I would always just have to deal with the problem, since nothing I’d tried had helped. In fact, most of the lotions I tried made my hands worse.  Fun.

Within hours of trying BeeSilk Hard Lotion for the first time, my hands felt so much better. I thought it might just be a fluke. I kept using it though, and sure enough, my hands healed and have stayed soft and have felt great ever since. The best part? The hard lotion is free of chemicals and perfectly safe.

Now you see why MadeOn products are among my favorite things. I will never be caught without it.

In honor of my 40th birthday, Renee is giving one of you a $40 gift certificate to spend on any MadeOn products! Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win. I’ll draw a random winner on Monday, August 5. Be watching for a post stating the winner as you will be responsible for contacting me if your name is chosen.

And the celebration gets even better, because Renee is also offering all of us a 15% discount on any MadeOn order, now through August 15. Use the code Laurabirthday for the discount.

AND, if you purchase the Family Size Au Chocolat, you’ll automatically receive a free lip balm (no codes needed for this bonus).

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  1. Krista says

    MadeOn Hard Lotion was the only thing that saved me from having dry, cracked hands all winter! I didn’t think I’d ever find relief. Would love to get more.


  2. Mary Przybyla says

    I like the hard lotion during the warmer months (they are so few) and rely on BeeSilk Jr. at all times.
    Thank you for the chance to win a gift certificate!


  3. Erin says

    We love all the made on products! Especially beesilk jr and the second life hair cream!! My curly headed family with dry skin would love this!


  4. katherine says

    happy birthday laura! i would love to win your giveaway as my birthday is in a couple of weeks and it would make a great addition to my birthday.


  5. Tawna says

    I would love to win to try and fix my hands! They are always so dry and cracked! Thanks, and Happy Birthday!


  6. Tami says

    Happy Birthday Laura! My birthday was this weekend too (the 3rd) but I am a lot more than 40!
    I would love to win, I’ve wanted to try her lotion for ages.


  7. Shelley says

    I would live to try MadeOn. Thanks for the chance, and Happy Birthday! Enjoy those dishes! I have a special set that were my mom’s. We love to use them and remember all the great meals with her.


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