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I’m hoping you can help a girl out here. Actually, you need to help out my teenage son. His feet are growing quickly, go figure. It could have something to do with the massive amount of food he’s been eating lately…maybe?

Anyway, we live in a town with no shoes. Well, we do have shoes…but most of them were not purchased here. This is why our family does most of our shopping online. Driving an hour for shopping isn’t very feasible most of the time.  

Here’s where I need your help. We’ve been looking a little bit online and we can’t find any nice athletic type shoes for under $65. We MUST be looking in the wrong place, right? Tell me there are better prices out there for shoes! Please! Or, do I just need to come to grips with the fact that “big kid” shoes cost big bucks? (And yes, I know that for some people $65 for shoes isn’t that much…but we’d like to pay less than that.)

If it helps anything…he’s looking for this style, but he isn’t brand specific, he just likes the look of these.

If you have some great tips for online shoe shopping…do share. My sons feet (and our wallets) will appreciate it. Also, would you mind sharing what you feel is a good price to pay for shoes? 

Thank you all so much! Now, to do something about that appetite….

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  1. Kim says

    For these particular shoes, the prices are still a bit high, but if you ever need to buy shoes online then Zappos.com is the place to go. They are amazing. They carry tons of different kinds and shipping is fre and you can return/exchange tehm as much as you want before wearing them outside. So, you cna order one shoe in two different sizes and then send back the ones you don’t want. You have to initailly pay for 2 pairs of shoes, but they are quick about giving a refund. There are tons of reviews on their site as well. I just can’t say enough great things about them.



  2. Jill says

    Have you checked zappo’s? They have a large selection and free shipping and returns. My son loves DC’c and I can usually find them there for 65.00 or less.


  3. Jennifer says

    I second the Zappos suggestion by Kim. They are great to work with and sometimes you can catch certain styles on sale. I don’t buy big kids’ shoes (yet), but I do get the impression that they are more expensive. :(


  4. Elizabeth says

    I was going to say Kohl’s also. If you sign up to get their email’s you will get coupons for online shopping. That is the only place where we have been getting shoes.


  5. Rhonda says

    We have the same problem Laura. Usually if I do happen to be where there is a shoe store my son isn’t with me to try them on anyway! We like to order New Balance runners from JC Penny. Cost around $50.00 (often there are sales). Lasts longer than cheaper shoes. We end up paying more for sports shoes like soccer cleats or shoes for Tennis, but we are more likely to find hand me downs for these because they grow out of them before the next season (therefore they don’t get worn out). The New Balance shoes seem to last well for everyday shoes. Also the local JC Penny’s Catalog store doesn’t charge shipping which saves $ and returns are super easy if you order a couple of sizes and send one back. Pennys also has Adidas shoes on sale now.


  6. says

    hmm, just bought size ELEVEN shoes for our 14yo son this week. We shop the downtown type shoe stores b/c they know how to FIT the shoes, and they get higher quality shoes than dept. stores ~ and that’s all important to me for their everyday. Just sayin’… But I know what it is to have a young man impossible to keep clothed b/c he can’t stop groooowing! You don’t want to know what we paid, but we did NOT buy the $140 pair that my son knew better than to even try on. =) $65 would have been great for men’s athletic shoes.


  7. Ann Tomko says

    Free Shipping BOTH ways, which is great if you are unsure of fit or something. I often order a couple pairs and then send back the ones I don’t want. Almost as easy as going to a store!! Also, I am in Baghdad Iraq and they still usually arrive in less than a week! FAST SHIPPING WHOOHOOO


  8. Ashley says

    Search on eBay… and keep searching regularly if you don’t find what you want at first. I’ve found some fantastic deals on eBay.


  9. J says

    DSW.com. Join the free membership get free shipping and coupons. The best part is that for every dollar you spend, you get a point. Get so many points, then you get $10 to spend on your next purchase. They also send $10 on your birthday and they allow you to stack several coupons on the same purchase.

    These shoes look a lot like the ones your son likes. 44.95 before coupons. http://www.dsw.com/shoe/adidas+men%27s+samba+classic+sneaker?productRef=CROSS%3A&category=&prodId=62317&brand=dsw11brand3700002


  10. Courtney says

    I often find good deals on shoes for my boys at JCPenney – they frequently have sales and/or coupon codes available. I also love Zappos. Their prices may be a touch higher, but their service is second to none.


  11. Linda says

    We also live where there is no shoe store. We all wear wide shoes so that is a challenge too. We love http://www.shoebuy.com. They have very competitive prices and free shipping both ways. Plus they often have sales or discounts, especially if you register. I also appreciate the reviews so you can better know what to expect of a shoe.


  12. says


    they have TONS to choose from and they they pay for return shipping if they don’t work out!

    My suggestions would be to get a few and try them all on and return them all at the same time. This just saves time rather than finding out one doesn’t fit and waiting for the next pair to arrive.

    “A town with no shoes” sounds like it would make a good children’s book!


  13. Melissa says

    for school shoes, i usually give my 3 kids each a $40 amount and anything above that they have to pay themselves. they have learned to really scope out the bargains, and they rarely pay any extra themselves. my daughter found nikes this year for $30, and got herself a pair of $10 ballet flats in addition.


  14. Kim says

    Sears has these shoes that you have pictured for $39.99. Of course look for online coupons at retailmenot, and see if you can shop through ebates for extra discounts. I bought my 8 year old son a pair of well fitting addidas for under $20 in store a couple of weeks ago, cheaper than Target sneakers!


  15. Mary says

    I’ve used onlineshoes.com (my favorite), zappos.com and endless.com. I’ve liked all three. We’ve used Eastbay for sport shoes. Endless is some type of Amazon affiliate and you can use your swagbucks on endless. A great advantage in my book! We are a huge soccer family and my oldest son and daughter used to wear the addidas sambas. Those bring back memories. I am so old (56) that I remember when the first addidas hit Minnesota (where I grew up) and the shoes with stripes were all the rage!


  16. Jill says

    My son’s not around to ask, but I know he always likes MacBeths, which are similar to the picture. You can see a nice selection at the Journey’s website. I know Piperlime and Zappos have great return policies, but can be kind of pricey.
    My son just got a pair of Adidas that look similar to the macbeths. He just searches until he can find them cheap.
    sorry that I can’t be more help right now.


  17. says

    Kohls is good, most of the time their sales can be applied online too.
    The other “local” place I like is Ross or Marshalls- if you have one anywhere around it might be worth a visit, they have name brand stuff at greatly reduced prices.


  18. Joanna says

    I feel your pain. My husband’s size 18 is a real pain to find. Don’t laugh, but we found them on ebay. You might find them there.


  19. Heather K. says

    Ialso have ason who outgrowsshoes quickly. He is now 15 and wears a size 15. We have found that ordering online from JCPENNEYS has worked well for us. We can get name brand shoes(think he is wearing Nikes right now.) for under $50. They also carry some styles up thru size 15. Now, you can go to the store have the store order them. When they come in, he can try them on at the store. If they don’t fit then you return them right there and don’t pay return shipping that way.


  20. says

    Depending on where you decide to shop, you may be able to save some money by using one of these coupon codes:

    You can get 15% off all orders of $50+ at Footlocker.com by using the code AFEMMAFL.

    Shoebuy.com offer a 10% discount and free standard shipping if you use the code EMMA.

    Hope that helps!


  21. Edana says

    Have you heard of Tom’s Shoes, they are only priced a little less than what you orginally found, but for every pair purchased a pair is given to a person without shoes in a needy country, somewho who could never afford a pair of shoes. It is a great way to bless others while buying the things you need.


  22. Rini says

    Last two pairs I bought:
    ($6.xx) Brown multi-purpose, boys size 2, Payless
    ($8.xx) Converse style, men’s size 5, Payless

    But I can’t help you much with the online portion – I’m a stickler for trying things on, and we have the resources here. I do see a lot of coupon sites talking about 6pm, though.


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