What We Did To Help Our Son’s Eczema – Without Drugs

If you’ve had a child suffer from eczema, even a mild case, it can be incredibly frustrating to helplessly watch them suffer.

Our youngest son developed severe eczema when he was just two months old. We allowed one round of an oral steroid and half a tube of cortisone cream before learning that his condition was chronic and the drugs, if they were to get rid of the eczema symptoms, would be a permanent part of his life. So would be the terrible side effects of the drugs if we continued to give them to him.

So we chose to stop. We refused to give these life altering drugs to our baby. Eczema has been a part of his life for ten years now. Thankfully, we’ve found some answers and help.

We were learning more about nutrition, drugs, whole body health at that time. Through MUCH trial, error and prayer…we found a few things that helped him. There was NO quick fix because it has been a matter of healing his body from the inside out. Some of the things we did helped immediately (like changing detergents and soaps), but overall healing is STILL taking place five years later. I wish I could tell you otherwise.

I want to share these ideas with you…not because I’m just SURE they’ll help your child. Every child and every eczema case is different. Plus, I’m not a doctor…I’m just a mama.

What We Did To Help Our Son's Eczema - Without Drugs

Remember, we learned that eczema is not merely a skin issue…there’s much more to it than that. But, here are the best changes we’ve made and the best products we’ve found to help our son Malachi with his eczema symptoms:

  1. We began eating organic, natural and unprocessed whole foods. You’ll read more about all of this (all over my site), specifically in my Journey to Healthy Eating series. We specifically kept Malachi away from grains and sugar for quite a while to help his immune system and to help with his digestion.
  2. We found this fragrance and dye free laundry detergent from Shaklee to be the best and only one that would not make his rash worse. Many people have suggested that we make our own detergent, but I have yet to see a homemade detergent without borax as an ingredient, and I’m not convinced that borax is okay for our skin.
  3. We use only pure coconut soap from Tropical Traditions.
  4. Lotion in general just doesn’t offer much comfort for Malachi’s dry itchy skin.  After each bath we rub him down with BeeSilk Lotion Bar from MadeOn.   BeeSilk Lotion Bar is made from three completely pure and natural ingredients. We fully trust this product.   Straight coconut oil can also be helpful. 
  5. We started supplementing him with Black Current Seed Oil that we got from our chiropractor. Malachi takes it orally, plus we open up a tab and rub the oil onto his worst sores. This has been a HUGE help for his overall healing (digestive system healing) and I’ll talk more about it in my Journey to Healthy Eating series.
  6. Speaking of chiropractors, we try to take Malachi in for regular chiropractic adjustments. If his body is in alignment, he does better. Plus, our chiropractor focuses on nutrition, allergies and needed supplements.
  7. We limit the baths. The water seems to dry his skin more, so once or twice a week is his limit. Faithfully after a bath, we slather him with BeeSilk Lotion Bar. (Edited to note…we’re now experimenting with bathe him daily, let him have a good long soak, then immediately rub BeeSilk Lotion Bar on his skin. This seems to offer him quite a bit of itchy relief.)
  8. He wears mostly 100% cotton clothing so his skin can “breathe” better.
  9. We clean the house either with good old fashioned water and vinegar…or Basic H from Shaklee. We have NO toxic cleaners in our house anymore. Read here about all of the soaps and cleaners we use.
  10. Allergy testing…and desensitizing. Our chiropractor tested Malachi, then one by one he desensitized him for any allergies that he was showing a sign of. We were surprised that as he got older, different allergies showed up that hadn’t when he was tiny. It never hurts to try again. (P.S. The desensitizing process is super simple and painless…just a little different if you’re used to conventional methods of doctoring. Here’s a link my chiropractor directed me to, explaining more about this process. Not that I completely understand it. But it did help Malachi quite a bit.)
  11. I can’t say enough about this one:  SUNSHINE. We completely avoid sunscreen because it makes Malachi break out terribly. However, the sunshine makes his rash SO much better. Summer is our favorite time of the year. He always feels so much better in the summer when he’s in the sun. We just make sure he’s in the sun long enough to grab some good vitamin D…but not long enough to get a sunburn. We call it the “in the sun…out of the sun…in the sun…out of the sun…” method.
  12. Our natural doctor helps keeps his liver and kidneys functioning properly so that toxins will be taken out of his body the way they are supposed to, instead of coming out through his skin. Find a natural doctor close to you who looks at the cause of the problem, not just the symptoms!! We could not have helped solve this chronic condition without professional help.
  13. I found the information in the Parent’s Guide to Natural Remedies online course spot on for help with eczema. That information is a thousand times better anything I can share here, simply because it comes from professionals. I can’t say enough good about that course. You’ll find help for eczema and so much more.
  14. Prayer, prayer, prayer. God is the ultimate healer and we are so thankful to know that He loves Malachi even more than we do.

Ultimately, we have found that eczema or not…using high quality products in our home for cleaning and eating high quality unprocessed foods is best for all of us! We are so thankful for the changes we’ve made for our family…and for the relief Malachi has found as well!

Now that Malachi is older, his eczema is much better. The worst area is on his legs, and we’re hoping that once the sun starts shining a little more regularly again and he can be out in it…his legs will clear up more. His cheeks are now SO SOFT that I CAN’T stop kissing them. And he just lets me…great little accommodating guy that he is.

If you know of any other great, natural remedies for eczema, please leave a comment letting us know. I’d love for this post and all the comments to be a great resource for parents looking for answers!

P.S. If you’re interested in trying any of the products from Tropical Traditions I mentioned in this post, click here to read about how you can receive a free book from TT about the great benefits of coconut oil. I also highly recommend that you look into  BeeSilk Lotion Bar from MadeOn. It truly is a wonderful product and I am so thankful to have access to it!

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  1. Jill says

    we do eat almost all organic (meas, fruits, ect).
    i will try the GAPS diet and tell you how it go’s :) did this get rid of all your sons eczema?

    Thank you.


    Rose Reply:

    It did for a few weeks, but we stopped the diet. Now it’s a tad red in the arm bends for a while now. Just a bit, NOTHING compared to before. He itches about as a non-eczema person would right before he falls to sleep. Again nothing like the insane non-voluntary firey itch/scratch sensation as before. I think it would go back to complete dismissal if I was still doing a GAPS diet with him, but now we get a lot of grain and more sugar than before. We try to stay close to GAPS (outside of no-grain), but we just got so sick of it AND we are struggling financially.


    Bill Reply:

    I stumbled across your website researching the benefits of sunshine. I removed a stainless steel chain I’ve worn for a long time and I feel that helped my eczema condition a good bit. And then I experimented getting a little sunshine each day. And I started taking a multiple vitamin. Like you I want to stay all natural as possible.

    I particularly liked you mentioning prayer. I know that prayer works and believe that is a contributing factor to the actions I’ve taken. Thank you for your website & God bless!


  2. Anne says

    Vani cream is a completely hypoallergenic moisturizer than has worked wonders for all 3 of my kids with eczema. You can usually find it at Walgreens or drugstore.com, they also make sunscreen, the only one that didn’t irritate! Also bathe everyday!!!!!! The water actually hydrates the skin, short and sweet and not to hot. As they get older it will get better, it will flare up here and there but definetly better than when they were younger.
    You can also mix vani cream with a tube of aquaphor. This is the ultimate moisturizer when the skin is still damp from the bath.
    Hope this is helpful, it worked for us. I see you like to use natural things, but both of these products are pretty basic perfume, dye etc free.


    Leslie Reply:

    I have had a lifetime (60) living with eczema and
    Find that vanicream moisturizer and sunscreen
    products work very well and do not aggravate
    My sensitive skin. When my skin is extremely
    Dry I will use aquafor.


    Leslie Reply:

    I have had a lifetime (60) living with eczema and
    Find that vanicream moisturizer and sunscreen
    products work very well and do not aggravate
    My sensitive skin. When my skin is extremely
    Dry I will use aquafor.


  3. Gabrielle says

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. It’s so helpful to hear other mom’s experiences. My daughter is turning 6 years old and has struggled with eczema since she was 3 months old. I too went the steroid route – against my better judgement and have finally put my foot down! We recently started taking fish oil daily (it comes in children’s flavored pills). Our Dr. also told us to take dulcamara and pulsatilla pellets (by Boriron). You can find this in any health food store, but i would check with your Dr. first. We also just eliminated gluten from her diet. For her open sores (she scratches like crazy in her sleep ), we are trying calendula ointment. Her eyes are also pretty inflamed – for this we live my acquafore. THis doesn’t cure it- but at least gives her some relief in a safe way. NEVER again will i trust the dermo who tells me it’s safe to use Protopic on her eyes…wasn’t the warning on the box “CANCER CAUSING” enough of a deterrent???
    BTW- I too am all for organic, natural foods (minus the bright green ring pop i let my daughter have today in the 2 hour car ride – never said I was perfect). Lastly, vanicream sunscreen is fabulous. Only one that doesn’t irritate her.expensive but worth every penny.


  4. says

    My little guy Malachi has eczema too. I read your blog regularly and found this old post while searching the internet for info on eczema!

    We have added probiotic foods to our family’s diet and it seems to have been a helpful factor for his eczema too. We eat a lot of yogurt and water kefir and I want to try milk kefir, buttermilk, sauerkraut, and other things too.


  5. Mandy says

    “I’ve had enough criticism about our choices to last…forever.”

    This struck a chord with me, and I teared up. We are in the middle of severe eczema with our 7mo daughter. We aren’t using steroids, treating her skin flare ups with natural products (organic sunflower oil and aloe vera currently, as she’s allergic to coconut, olives, and Shea butter), avoiding all top allergens (plus, nightshades, coconut, olives, and beans), and healing her body with supplements and bioset allergy treatments from an acupuncturist.

    Friends, family, and even strangers constantly barrage me with criticism and unsolicited advice. It takes such an emotional toll just watching her suffer, doing my absolute best 24hrs a day caring for her skin (and keeping her from tearing it open every chance she gets), praying for her constantly, and then all of my efforts are attacked everywhere I turn. I just wanted to thank you for including that sentence because it makes me feel not so alone.


  6. Tina says

    I know the sun definitely helps my skin. I also keep an Aloe Vera plant in my room. I peel a leaf vertically in half everyday and rub the inside of the leaf on the area that’s irritated. It’s a little messy but dries pretty fast and helps relieves itching. I also use pure organic coconut oil usually right after the Aloe Vera dries. I massage it into my skin for a few minutes until its mostly absorbed. Like you say, it’s different for many people and these remedies only help a bit. But these two natural remedies usually help my skin pretty well. Water definitely irritates it but COLD water or ice also helps a lot. Witch Hazel is an old and simple product that I’ve found a bit helpful as well. Doesn’t irritate my skin, however I’m not sure what effects it might have on a child’s skin.. Diluted vinegar has also helped relieve itching for me however it can burn especially during a breakout. But it helps soften the thick, dry area. I’ve read that drinking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar a day can help in various ways internal and external (skin). I haven’t tried it yet but I’m going to give it a shot. I’ll post again if I find it helpful with time. Good luck and I totally respect that you guys choose natural choices as oppose to drugs and other unnatural products. It’s a tough route because so many products are unnatural that it is almost unbearable. So you going out of your way to use only organic products says a lot, rather than taking shortcuts and risking effects of long term uses. Kudos!


  7. Dyamond Booker says

    I really did enjoy reading this article. My daughter broke out with eczema when she was only 3 weeks old. She had taken her first photos at a photography studio which she was proped up on this block thingy but the photographer covered it with a rug looking cover. About a day or two after the pictures she had rash patches every where. I didnt make a big deal about it because i figured that maybe the rug that she layed on for her pictures may have not be cleaned properly before she was layed on it. I gave her warm baths and rubbed her down with a little baby oil and i made sure to keep her little tusshie and lady area powdered. As time went on it got worss so i took her to see her pediatrician and he couldnt give me any answers. When she was about 8 months my older cousin informed me that it was eczema, her youngest son had eczema so i got a lot of answers from her and i was relieved to have an answer to my main question what is tjis on my babies skin? Of course she has to use triamcinilone acitonide ointment which is pumped with steroids, desonide cream which is pumped with steroids as well and last year she had to use a new medication but i cant remember the name of it but i had to apply it around her mouth because she had yeast growing in the corners of her mouth (the outside only). Shes 6 now and she uses all of these medications less and less every yeat. Oh and let me forget that her pediatrician had her taking pure antihistime orally and i hated that because it kept her sleep all the time. Shes no longer on the antihistimine or using the medication for the mouth yeast. I currently live with my mom and her and her husband smoke inside the house. We all know this only bothers the skin and she begins to scratch very badly until her skin starts to bleed :(. My next step is to invest in an air purifier for her room. I dusty vaccum and wipe down every thing in her room to make sure shes comfortable. Im going to start using pure coconut oil which i heard was great for eczema and jojoba oil. She had eczeme in her scalp which made her hair fall out years ago but it cleared up and now she has a head full of long thick hair due to me keeping her hair clean, grease it and braiding it. I do not put rubberbands on her hair at all. I have been advised to start using organic laundry detergents, foods clothing also. Sorry about all the misspelled words, im using my phone to type this and its hard going back trying to correct everything. I will be sure to post again if i find anything that has helped her out. And to the person that posted this its a great thing you didnt make Malichi take the meds. Im against medication but i didnt know any better with my daughter, it was my first time being a parent so i did what the doctors told me, i went to medical school so i know a great amount now and i am constantly online researching for more answers in order to better help my daughter


  8. Ros says

    Thanks for this article!

    i am in the same boat as most of you – hurting as a mom whenever my little one scratches, or tries to, especially those hours before sleeping. i’ve said a lot of prayers and will say more. i would give and try what it takes for her to feel better and at least to bring some relief on her eczema.


  9. Jill says

    One of my friends gave me this moisturizing skin cream, it preforms miracle’s!!!!!
    But, I was lucky her mom worked for this place that went out of biasness!!!! thanks for all you advice.:)


  10. Tammi Cruz says

    Facial eczema is the worst! Try Made from Earth’s Three Berry Face Serum. I used to have it all over my face, and its the only face serum that when i applied it would take away the eczema. . .face saver


  11. bret stratton says

    I am now 60 years old and I am having my second episode of extreme excema right now. Like you, the sun does me very good and when the sun is not out, I do the tanning beds and get great result. I also heard that when you have excema, there is more bacteria on the skin then normal so I rub essential oils on my rash. I use cinnamon bark diluted to 1%, cinnamon leaf, ginger, and basil diluted to 3% and found good results with that too. You need to know how to use these before you use them. Cinnamon is very powerful and should be used with extreme care.


  12. Alex says

    A good remedy for skin problems like eczema is ACV dilluted in water (to lessen the stinging), but that only provides relief and doesnt address the real cause. Many people who are suffering with skin disorders and problems like ADD, Insomnia etc. have a compromised immune system/leaky gut, which happens because of poor diet, environmental toxins, stress and so on. Another issue that contributes to these health problems is mercury toxiciy in the body wheter through environmental exposure or mercury fillings. Many people have reported of being symptom free once theyve had their mercury fillings removed. Despite what many people have heard, healing onesself from ezcema or any other autoimmune diseases is possible. The road towards healing though may be long, hard, and very frustrating. The knowledge is there you just have to filter through the nonsense and apply what works for you through trial and error. Here’s a link to get you started.



  13. says

    Hi, I know this is an older post, but I wanted to tell you that borax is not something to be feared. There is a theory that eczema is caused by a fungus, and borax is a strong anti-fungal. In fact, I’ve been using it internally and externally, and it has completely cured my chronic candida, and furthermore, cleared up a rash I’ve had on my chest for YEARS, that was probably caused by candida overgrowth. It is drying on the skin, so I make a supersaturated solution for my skin, but follow up with a coating of pure coconut oil.
    If you still don’t trust it, try Pau d’Arco. It’s a bark that has strong anti-fungal properties as well, You can boil the bark in water and spray that on the eczema to see if it helps.


  14. Rachel says

    I am LOVING reading your health journey! Ours has always been in the works but we have gotten more serious. Our 2 year old had severe eczema starting at 3 months old. NOTHING I tried helped. Not cutting foods out of my diet, not the stupid steroid cream I tried, not NAET….NOTHING. We met someone who introduced us to Young Living Essential Oils. I can’t speak highly enough about them! We use the lavender to help with his eczema. Lavender mixed with coconut oil, lavender under his tongue, and lots of raw dairy right now to help with the good bacteria in his body. We’re working our way towards kefir also & hopefully soon will be fermenting foods! If you have any questions about the Young Living oils & how they’ve helped us, feel free to email me!


  15. KATE says

    anything that helps me detox and poo regularly, including natural supplements and exercise. avoiding Sweet things and avoiding wheat. Fermented foods are great for the gut, but during a flare up they are very high in histaimine. so treat carefully. Ice water is anti-histamine and brings relief. Keeping dust free because Im allergic to dust mites, and BAMBOO sheets are so cool and relieving/ But the very best, in combination with sunshine, but even better than sunshine is sea water, especailly 90 minutes +. in the sea water.It changes my skin like nothing else. I love org extra vergin coconut oil on the body and also do oil pulling with it every morning to help with toxins.


  16. says

    I hope this gets read by everyone who is suffering from eczema. I truly want to help because my daughter had eczema from infancy and finally after 26 years, she is practically cured (99% clear!). After years of breaking out from more and more foods, she is also finally able to eat those “allergy” foods! The ultimate answer for her was a strict anti-yeast diet plus supplements to support healing of her intestine and proper digestion.

    We tried every ointment and lotion, allergy-testing, Ayurvedic treatments, rotation diets, steroids, etc. Two years ago over half of my daughter’s body was covered with eczema, from legs to face. Her naturopathic doctor suggested the GAPS diet and we tried it, along with the BED diet. Her skin did improve, but not even close to 90%.

    I then found this website and watched some videos. http://www.drjasonuchida.com/video.html Please watch to understand what is probably the root cause of your eczema or psoriasis. I learned about “leaky gut” long ago, but buried my head in the sand because I dreaded the thought of putting my daughter on a strict no sugar/no starch diet. We went to see Dr. Uchida and he gave us the diet specifics and also 4 different supplements which are essential to killing the yeast and healing the gut, as well as aiding digestion.

    You MUST heal from the inside and steroids and ointments DO NOT heal you. I do recommend Aveeno Eczema Therapy Lotion and Champori ointment for temporary relief.

    Please feel free to ask me for more details because we’re so thrilled with the results this regimen that I want to help others. We do not benefit in any way from my posting this, nor are we related to this doctor except as a patient. As a parent I understand the suffering involved with eczema. The diet is tough, but WORTH IT.

    Email me at colleenimmg@gmail.com, but please watch at least one of the videos first so I don’t have to repeat what can be learned there.


  17. Huda says

    It’s so amazing to read how supportive you were fpr your child during eczema.
    I had eczema on my inner arm fold as a child.
    Now I’m experiencing probably mod twenties hormonal skin which grts dry and red. One thing that helps is pire extra virgin olive oil from any store. I lather just a teensy bit on and it helps hydrate it.


  18. Adrienne says

    Two of my boys have mild eczema. They both respond really well when I give them a quality fish oil supplement. Fermented cod liver oil is even better but quite pricey.


  19. Elisha says

    Get your son tested with a real allergist (chiropractors are not qualified for this), and then avoid the allergens that come up in the real test. Eczema is an allergic reaction to something, most of the time food, but sometimes pet dander as well. Getting my son off the dairy and soy eliminated his eczema. When my secnd son started showing signs of allergies (eczema and chronic runny nose), we eliminated dairy for him and now his rash as gone. So simple.


    Laura Reply:

    Yep, we did that too and nothing showed up in all those hours of testing. His eczema ended up being a bigger, deep down digestion issue so we have been working with our doctor to get his liver and kidneys functioning properly. We’re so thankful for the progress he’s making!


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