What Do George Muller and One Child Matters Have in Common?

Ever struggle with worry over God supplying all your needs? You need to read about George Muller. Ever wonder how God can be using you to serve, give, and care for others? You need to read about George Muller.

george muller

This is for sure one of my favorite books I’ve read to our kids. Geoff and Janet Benge do a fantastic job writing about the lives of missionaries, and their book about George Muller is no exception. What an inspiration!

George Muller was a man who dedicated his life to caring for orphans in England during the 1800’s. He relied completely on God to supply everything needed to care for his own family and for thousands of orphans. The two biggest lessons I came away with (and tried to impress on our kids) while reading this book are:

1. Ask God

Anytime a there was a need – and there were definitely plenty of needs with houses full of hungry orphan children – George prayed. He had complete faith that God would provide, and God always came through. George’s faith inspires me to pray with confidence and with trusting belief.

2. Listen to God

Each time George asked God for help, God used a person to meet the need. Time and again, people would arrive at the orphanage doorstep to say, “I couldn’t sleep last night. I can’t rest until I give you this _____________.”  Oh how God worked through people who were listening and open to serve! Money, food, cloth, tools – whatever it was that George and the orphans needed, God used His people. Not only do we need to trust God to meet our needs, we also need to listen to His call for giving and service.

As the boys and I read this book, I was so inspired to get on a plane (um, boat? hello, 1800’s) and head to England to help George. What could I give? How could I help? What can I share out of our abundance? Obviously, helping George with his orphanages is no longer an option, but I have definitely felt challenged to seek more ways to be a part of a godly change for children.

Remember this little sweetheart?

gladis head shot

This is Gladis, the little girl from Honduras we sponsor through One Child Matters. It barely costs us anything each month. It’s really not much of a sacrifice. I believe our family needs to continue to be open and listen for God’s call to serve and give in more ways than just this simple act.

But after reading George Muller, I’m so grateful for this simple opportunity offered through One Child Matters to bless a child in need. I’m grateful that Gladis is not an orphan, but rather a child with a hard working family who simply needs a little additional financial support. Our family can be a part of that. Us! The Coppingers! What a blessing! And what else, Lord? Help us to be open and to listen to your call.

I really want to encourage you to join our family in sponsoring a child (or two or three) from One Child Matters. I want to snatch up them all. There are so many children with needs we can help meet. Together – your family and mine – we can help and make a huge difference! Please pray about joining our family in this ministry.

And never forget to ask God to meet all your needs, and to listen to the ways He is directing you to give and serve. God always answers His people. What a mighty God we serve!


  1. Hanneke says

    Gods timing is perfect as this book is on our reading list for TODAY. (We use sonlight). Can’t wait to read it to my girls. We’ve just finished missionary stories with the millers another excellent book on missionaries!


  2. says

    Thank you for this! What a needed, encouraging reminder. My husband and I, along with our 4 children, are missionaries (currently raising support) and I admit that sometimes I struggle with feeling a little anxious or overwhelmed at the thought of depending on others for our family’s provision–although I do know it is actually God who is our provider and He is the one that turns hearts our way. It’s still not easy though!
    You know what’s really great? We have this exact book! I started reading it to my oldest daughter last year, but we only made it a few chapters in…I don’t remember exactly what happened, but I think it was probably when my youngest was born a year ago that it fell by the wayside and has lain forgotten ever since. So thank you for reminding me!!

    Just 2 days ago my husband and I were talking about how to get our children more involved–and I think reading this book may be the answer! They may be young (8, 6, 2 & 1), but they can pray and believe! And I know it will help my faith as well. :)
    So thank you, Laura! Our God is a mighty, wonderful, loving, personal God! Thanks for allowing Him to speak through you. Many blessings to you and your sweet family!


  3. Laura says

    This is the best book ever!! We read it a couple of years ago and still talk about it. We all want to have faith like George Muller. We just finished Nate Saint. Tonight we started Corrie ten Boom. We don’t homeschool. My children go to public school. We love to read this book series together as a family.


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