Weddings, Guns, and Green Fingernails


Nothing much usually goes on around here, so I always have a hard time knowing what to talk about. Life is so boring. (She says, as she looks at her to-do list and passes out.)

We’ve been running and running and running since the Youth Rally in January. Life is full, life is fun, hard stuff happens, and I am forever behind. While I’ve known this for a while, I am absolutely convinced now that loving relationships are more important than keeping a perfect house or staying ahead of laundry. This is my sweet and precious way of saying, “wow my house is a mess.” Slowly but surely, we’ll get caught up. (You know, since life slowed down and we have nothing to do.)

I thought I’d share some of the fun events of the past couple weeks, and guess what? Thirty or so thousands of years after most everyone else on the planet, I am finally on Instagram! Please come follow me and you’ll be rewarded with something amazing like one photo from my life every month or two.

So what’s been going on in my life? Well, for the past few weeks, our family has been working hard preparing for an annual church event – Leadership Training for Christ. Our boys have been studying for a Bible Bowl, working on some individual projects like photography, speech, and sculpture, and getting together with groups to prep for choirs and dramas. Below you’ll see Malachi (in blue) painting a car for the “Terror 2000″ – part of the roller coaster the 3-5 graders are using for their drama.

malachi ltc

All the kids loved how it turned out, though one of the boys came in later and suggested, “It’s okay, but I think it would be better if we painted on a skull.” Yeah. I’ll get right on that.

Two weekends ago our family traveled to Kansas where our middle two boys competed in the NDII Homeschool Basketball Tournament. We spent three days cheering for our kids and having a blast with friends. I went all out and painted my fingers and toes green in support of our team. I felt a little sheepish about it as I pulled out my fingers to show one of the other moms at the first game. She smiled and pulled out her fingers WHICH WERE THE SAME COLOR! #momsofboys #gogreenorgohome

tourney weekend2

My dad and his wife met us at the tournament – such a blessing to have their love and support! Then my brother’s family surprised our boys and came to watch their final game. It was fun to see the boys’ faces when their cousins walked in!

tourney weekend1

tourney weekend3

The very next week, we had not one but two weddings that we were highly involved in. I had our schedule carefully mapped out so we wouldn’t miss anything and we were blessed that both couples worked around our schedule so we could make it work. The craziness began on Thursday with a bachelorette party, then a rehearsal, then a bridal shower.

So the bachelorette party. Who goes to a shooting range to celebrate her upcoming wedding? Only my friend Jen. She loves all things sports and guns. Good friends that we are, we went shooting with her.

What do you think? Do I look almost ready to shoot a gun?

wedding weekend4

There. Is that better?

wedding weekend2

wedding weekend3

I had fun for about 20 minutes, then I announced, “Ok. I totally need to go bake something now.” I don’t know why everyone laughed. I was absolutely serious.

The weekend went fabulously while we celebrated with our whole hearts the marriages of our friends. I have very few pictures so far of either wedding, but what I do have…

We took this picture of Jen to send to her almost hubby just before their ceremony started. Really, Jen we just feeling warm and opening a window to get some air. But it looked like she was scared and making a run for it, so out came the camera. ;)

wedding weekend1
After three full days of running and celebrating, as all events were drawing to a close, I asked a friend to get a picture of my true love and me. I love this picture so much I can’t stop staring at it.

my heart

This man is my best teammate and serving with him is my greatest blessing and joy in this life.

Thanks for allowing me to share a snippet of my life the past few weeks. I’ve been trying to rest the past few days while catching up on everything I’m behind on. As always, my boys have been rock stars helping me out and in general, putting up with me when I can’t finish my sentences as a result of too many days with too little sleep.

Dare I mention that soccer season began about five minutes after basketball season ended? My life is blessed, full, and God is ever showing me His strength through my weaknesses.

Care to share what you’ve been up to this month? I’d love to hear!


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  1. Suz says

    OK I have to say – that second of your shooting pictures made me think of my new ID – I had actually smiled (like your first picture) when the lady looked at me, deadpan, and said “No smiling.” Something about “facial recognition software works better if you’re not showing teeth”… ?! So I am frozen in time with that slightly sideways, vaguely distrustful look my dog gets when she’s not quite sure what you want her to do.

    Love your pics – you and hubby look so happy!


    Laura Reply:

    When people say “no smiling” I start laughing. I’m terrible at the “look tough” thing. ;)


  2. Jill says

    Assuming the man in the white shirt is your brother – holy cow, do you two look alike!!


    Laura Reply:

    Yes! I didn’t think we looked alike when we were growing up. Now that we’re “old”…well he’s old. I’m still young. (He has me by 14 months.) :)


  3. says

    I feel so ‘normal’ when your new post shows up in my inbox with half the pictures upside-down!!! lol!!

    Thanks for a fun post and a welcome laugh on this Friday morning :)


    Laura Reply:

    Ugh, those pictures!! When I take them on my phone, half of them turn out upside down. They are right side up on my blog, but my newsletter sends them that way. I am so talented!!


  4. Amy says

    Love this! Love your candid description of the good and crazy; love how busy you guys are with fun and service (reminds me of my family!); even loved the upside down pictures. :)

    I’m a wee bit jealous of all the wonderful friends your boys boys have. We are hugely involved in a tiny church, and I homeschool. There’s no one for a few of my children. :( Fortunately, my children are as comfortable with adults of all ages as with their peers, and I welcome to godly interaction with so many wonderful people. I do occasionally wish they had more children their age to interact with.

    Thanks for the post!


    Laura Reply:

    I grew up in a very small church, so I relate to your situation! I am constantly thankful for all the kids’ in my boys’ lives. It’s nothing short of amazing. I know God will provide just what your kids need, just when they need it. :)


  5. Carol says

    I love that picture of you and Matt, too. All of your pictures and stories are great. And it was fun for me to see my daughter-in-law with you guys at the shooting range!


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