We Welcomed Fall With Pumpkin Muffins and Apple Bread. Oh…and Hot Cocoa.

Yesterday, with the weather finally cooling off and the leaves falling all over the yard, I could do only one thing:  Bake

Well, actually, I did more than one thing because we’re also switching out our summer clothes with winter clothes. Do you know how many loads of laundry that amounts to? Me neither, because I didn’t keep track. And I’m still not done. But hey, I sure am thankful God has provided so many hoodies for my boys. Seriously.

Also, before I could bake, we needed to finish our school work. And lunch had to be made. Right after lunch, Matt and I had a meeting. Then I had a workout with Jen.

Then Malachi had a soccer game, and Justus had two games to referee.

And by the time we got home from the games we were starving (and frozen) so I made a quick dinner.

But not before I switched out the laundry and started yet another load.

And thenI finally had my chance to bake. Ahhhhhhh.  Seriously, baking is a great way for me to unwind at the end of the day. I know. I’m weird. But just try putting some Applesauce Bread into the oven in the evening and tell me that smell of apples and cinnamon won’t relax you. Uh-huh

I made some of the Applesauce Bread into mini muffins, then made some Hot Cocoa (because after being home from Malachi’s soccer game for over an hour and a half, I still hadn’t thawed out).

While the rest of the bread and some Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins were baking, we all sat down in the living room with our mini muffins and hot cocoa while I started reading the latest book in the Ralph Moody series we’re reading.

We’d planned to stop at one chapter, but who can stop with one chapter? So we continued to read, deciding to stop at two chapters. But at that point Ralph was lost in the mountains, and even though we all knew good and well that he would make it out alive because he had lived to tell about it many years later when he wrote his books, we still couldn’t rest until we had read a third chapter and knew that he was home safe and sound.

I’m telling you, you’ve got to look into the Little Britches series, by Ralph Moody. And you should also do some baking. It’s very relaxing. (So says the crazy lady with sprinkles of flour all over her shoes.)

 This morning, Matt built a fire and we had Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins with milk and sliced pears. I love fall.

If you didn’t get them already, be sure to download your free fall recipe cards here, which include both of these recipes. Of course, you can simply click on the above links for the recipes too.

Did  I mention that I thought I was completely out of cinnamon at one point in the midst of my baking?  Yes, there I was with apples and pumpkin – and an empty cinnamon jar. Tragic!  Not to worry, I found a hidden jar of cinnamon up on a different shelf. Sheesh. 

What do you love about fall?


  1. karen says

    on the topic of cinnamon–you have to try the cinnamon from Costco. It makes me want oatmeal three meals a day. And at $4 for 10 oz, you can’t go wrong.


  2. mrs. p says

    Then I weird too. I love to be in my kitchen. This week I have made your vanilla muffins, cinnamon muffins (my daughter been eating them for breakfast), I have made two batches of yogurt using the cooler method. Right now I making your recipe for soft pretzels (for the kids supper ) with tomato soup. I get to go out the girls tonight. Hubby will have a salad. Sunday I planning on making some cookies and your poptarts. Trying to cook and bake healthier.


  3. Katie says

    I love fall, too. The beautiful leaves, crisp mornings, cozy sweaters, flocks of geese, apple cider, pumpkin muffins…


  4. Lyndsay says

    I am loving the cooler weather, and am just itching to bake something. But boy #5 finally arrived last Friday, and I am still in that blurry eyed, sleep deprived state of having a newborn baby. Wouldn’t trade it for anything, but my baking will have to wait until after I nap…a lot!


  5. Maureen says

    Thank you for the inspiration! I love your recipes…I have made your applesauce bread and it is the bomb! My kids love it and I love that it is so healthy – no chemicals – all real food! I didn’t know about the Redmond salt…thanks for the info.
    Well, I am going to bake my heart out tomorrow. I have organic buckwheat flour from Azure Standard (my kids like it better than ww flour?? and there is no gluten).

    You are a huge blessing! I appreciate the pictures because I know that the only way I can get one of those fabulous muffins is..I have to make them…and when I get started – I will be filling up the freezer with all of your recipes – I am not kidding! Thanks again.


  6. says

    Bless you for posting the link to the hot cocoa recipe today. I’ve been dying for a cup, and every recipe I seem to see calls for things like “instant dried milk” and “nondairy creamer” (ew.)

    We live 15 minutes away from the grocery store, and I just couldn’t justify making a half hour round trip with three kids (youngest is 2!) for a cup of cocoa.

    But… all the things in your recipe, I’ve got. One cup, coming up!


  7. Brighid says

    I love it when the sun is shining, the air is just a bit crisp and the leaves are crunching under my foot. I love baking too. Perhaps mini apple pies will be on the baking list this weekend.


  8. Karen says

    I’ve made a big pot of cranberry applesauce, a smaller pot of regular applesauce, yeast herb bread, and three loaves of your applesauce bread with the regular homemade applesauce. I just love the autumm baking smells.


  9. Shari says

    This salt assortment looks fantastic. Would especially like to try the mixtures.

    Thanks for offering this opportunity.


  10. Dione says

    I love that my canning is almost done and that God has blessed us with full freezers and jars once again to keep our winter food costs down. I love the smells (and flavors) of all of the fresh baked goods with the fall produce. All of the spices in the air make our home feel cozy.


  11. Ashley says

    Wow! I just made the pumpkin muffins, and they are great! I used half coconut oil, and half applesauce. I also used honey with just a little bit of brown sugar. The only difference in my recipe was my husband bought a can of pumpkin pie not just regular pumpkin, which I found to have a wonderful flavor! I did use chocolate chips! Yum! Yum! Yum! I’ve also made your applesauce bread it’s great to! I made it for a Ladies Night at church and topped it with cream cheese frosting! Not calorie friendly, but delicious! This was perfect for after coming from the rainy and cold outside! And my house smells like pumpkins :)


  12. Shannon from VA says

    Thank you for encouraging us to pick up the Ralph Moody books. We are in the midst of Little Britches and I am loving it!! I read ahead before my son reads each chapter to my husband aloud and I am always laughing out loud while reading, so I know my son gets interested in what he’s going to be reading. I hope you guys have read Patricia St. John’s books, but wanted to tell you about them if not. Twice Freed, Treasures of the Snow, and Star of Light are the ones we have read so far. These are fabulous books with the gospel message throughout, told in such beautiful language children really can grasp. Thank God for authors who write about noble character. Thanks Laura!


  13. Susan F says

    I’m not a huge fan of fall but I love baking and reading. :) The muffins in your photos look so delicious!


  14. says

    Oh man, can I come over for some muffins and reading, please? :)

    We live in South Louisiana, and everyone at church today was talking about how cold it is today. It’s our first cold day, and it’s about 70 degrees out! I’m sure that sounds warm to you!

    I sure do love fall, though. And baking! I’ve just found out that I can’t have sugar, and I really miss baking. I haven’t figured out how to do good sugar free muffins and breads and such.


  15. says

    The better question is what don’t I love about the fall? The list would be much shorter. A shortened list of favorites: baking breads & muffins, reading, sipping hot tea, everything pumpkin, cozy fleece blankets, warm apple cider & the beautiful colored landscape!


  16. mgmama says

    I love pumpkin muffins! They are one of my favorite stand-bys! I even make them when its not Fall, although there is something more wonderful about them in the Fall :)

    I have a question about using sucanat in baking. Does it completely dissolve? I used “rapadura” (that’s what its labeled in the bulk bin) in my chocolate chip cookies recently and found that there were granules that did not dissolve. I didn’t mind them, but my husband was not a fan. Does sucanat propose the same problem?


    Laura Reply:

    Sucanat and rapadura are basically the same thing. I do have trouble with it completely dissovling sometimes, but in baking recipes like these muffins, or in hot cocoa, I never have any trouble with it. :)


  17. says

    Just had to tell you I so agree about baking! I made some zucchini bread before dinner, but the eggs got a little overwhipped in the Kitchen-Aid while I was cutting veggies for spaghetti sauce. So it is kind of a like a zucchini meringue bread ;) Still getting devoured by the boys, though :)
    We will look into those books!


  18. says

    I totally agree. I bake to escape from reality. I think it’s a homemaker’s way to eralx and de-stress. The Pumpkin Muffins looks so delicious. Christmas is fast approaching and this is a perfect addition to the dessert menu. Thanks for the post.


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